Thursday 7 June 2018



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Another piece of the puzzle put into place for the impending reversal of Brexit (not that one would wish to defend Dacre's journalism or moral code, but his support for Brexit and Theresa May has been a major obstacle to the Remainer camp):

At 8 June 2018 at 18:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detach from station
And may God's love be with you


Something nice in the news for a change...

Some astronauts, from Russia and America, have presented the Catholic pope with a papal space suit.

The destiny of the human species is offworld. God willing, we will make it before we ruin this Earth that was gifted to us.

Maybe we will not ascend into the heavens in our current inconvenient mortal form. But whatever form we take, the important thing is we preserve everything that is beautiful in the human soul. And bring with us cherished life from this spheroidal blue paradise.

Yet some people believe our species to be just an insignificant speck --- lost in space.

But seen as integrated information, other people believe the human soul to be the brightest star of all. Something eclipsing by far mere quasars and supernovae in our tiny observable universe.

A thing most beloved by God.

Los fieles que concurren a la mezquita de Amr, en el Cairo, saben muybien que el universo está en el interior de una de las columnas de piedra querodean el patio central... Nadie, claro está, puede verlo, pero quienes acercanel oído a la superficie, declaran percibir, al poco tiempo, su atareado rumor...

At 26 June 2018 at 08:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, soul is brighter than ' a thousand suns'.
And soul means consciousness.

Plus let pope goes to space, he is a stooge anyway, doing fake 'renovation' on unreparable catholic corporation.
Jesus is ashamed of such a 'church'.

Ommmm :-)


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