Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Above, we see 'Yulia Skripal', in May 2018, and 'Yulia Skripal' before she got 'poisoned'. 

Yulia Skripal: 'We are so lucky to have survived assassination attempt'

Above, we see Selena Gomez and her look-a-like Sofia Solares

This is Meghan Markle.

Who is this?

Above, we see Samuel Chatto and Todd Carty

Samuel Chatto's father is Daniel Chatto, previously Daniel Sproule, a British artist and former actor.

Daniel and Sarah Chatto

Samuel Chatto's mother is Lady Sarah Chatto, born Sarah Armstrong-Jones, the daughter of Princess Margaret.

Todd Carty and Samuel Chatto and Todd Carty.

Todd Carty was born to parents who worked as a nurse and an engineer. He grew up in Kilburn, West Hampstead and Harrow on the Hill, London.

Samuel Chatto and Prince Harry.


  1. Repeat after me: We are all individuals.

    Hey Aangirfan,

    You forgot your umlaut in doppelgänger.

    Don't know about you, but the John Lennon photos look like the same person to me, as do the Yulia Skripal photos.

    Time and circumstance happen to us all. Every person is many people. A flowing river.

    Look at the difference between Jet Li in The One and in Ocean Heaven, for example.

    And I'm sure Justin Bieber can tell the difference between Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares without too much trouble.

    Anyway, what makes us unique, what makes us us, you will not find in the face. You will find it in every tiny thing in the human heart.

    I'm not!

    1. Keep dreaming, mate! Celebs have been replaced under our very eyes since long. Lennon is no exception. The real Jacko was killed while stil in his early 20's. From then on, we saw a string of doubles/imposters. Yulia Skripal appears to be the same, but Lennon not. Even a blind can notice that. Do u have a logical explanation for which Lennon's face changed so much, considering he newer was fat? Perhaps u can tell us how Paul McCartney suddenly became taller and appeared to have a head transplant since 1966?

      "Time and circumstance happen to us all. Every person is many people. A flowing river."

      Yeah, keep tellin urself lies as I said. U are naive, to put it elegantly.

    2. "Anyway, what makes us unique, what makes us us, you will not find in the face"

      Get real, sometimes we do!

    3. So long ago
      Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
      I know, yes I know
      Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me


      It's probably it's just my naïveté here, but I can't see what sense it would make to go to all the incredible effort of arranging a doppelgänger for John Lennon --- fooling the public --- only for that Chapman guy to shoot him when he was sensibly and influentially arguing against the insane Vietnam war.

      Does that sound even remotely plausible to you? Even remotely remotely plausible?

      Maybe, just maybe, it's more plausible that an exceptional musician, and a father and a husband and a friend of peace and love, was gunned down for no good reason --- leaving his children without a father and his wife a widow.

      Peace be upon him and the innocent departed, making their way to the next world.

      And, woman, hold me close to your heart
      However distant don't keep us apart
      After all it is written in the stars

  2. Starting to sound like Chris Spivey, maybe he really is onto something despite the attempts to destroy him and his family.

  3. "Repeat after me: We are all individuals."

    Exactly because we are individuals, shouldnt repeat after u. U are contradicting urself.

    1. "Can I just stop you right there for a second; when people do this [air quotes], I don't really know what that means. You were saying:"

      Anonymous, it was just a quote from...

      [Looks askance.]

      He's absolutely right.

      Sorry about that.

      And I appreciate individuality so much, that when I'm big I too want to be an individual --- just like all my mates.

      Anyway, again, you're quite right. My apologies.

      "I'm "sorry"."

  4. HAHAHA...very likely many celebs were replaced, but photos of Lennon aren't convincing for me because...i prefer to think he was the same till the end.

    Few very good things in France, and one is an expression :' Intelligent mind observes itself' ;-)


  5. <drīppīng-sārcāsm>

    Sūrēlȳ yōū mūst īnclūdē Prēsīdēnt Dāvīd Rēné dē Rōthschīld ... ōōps, Ī mēān Prēsīdēnt Ēmmānūēl Mācrōn ... īn yōūr līst ōf fēw vērȳ gōōd thīngs īn Frāncē.

    Hē's thē ōnlȳ Frēnch Prēsīdēnt whō hās bōth wōrkēd fōr Rōthschīld ānd whōsē nāmē īs ālsō ā scrīpt dīācrītīc. Ān hīstōrīcāllȳ ūnprēcēdēntēd ōccūrrēncē.

    Ōthēr ūnfōrtūnātē cōūntrīēs hāvē tō mākē dō wīth lēādērs whō ārē mērēlȳ lāckēȳs ōf vāmpīrē squīd, Gōldmān Sāchs.


    Anyway, I wasn't being serious above, of course. I'm not an overwhelmingly huge fan of the Zionist-slave politicians.

    But I don't know how to express subtle nuance, like dripping sarcasm, in writing. If only there were like an HTML tag for that or something.

    Oh, and by the way, there are very many other very good things in France.

    For one, paix-de-nonnes. And Indila.
    And crème brûlée. Not to mention Indila.
    And of course pain d'épices. Add to that Indila.
    Small Parisian boutique chocolatiers. Also Indila.
    Pêche Melba. Et bien sûr, l'Indila délicieuse.

    Hmm... mostly Indila, really.

    Anyway, it pains me that sweet France, like much of the world, is suffering under the bloodied thieves of Zion.

    Oh ma douce souffrance
    Pourquoi s'acharner tu recommence
    Je ne suis qu'un être sans importance

    1. Hahaha...of course i didn't mean crazy politicians
      ( I invented the expression ' politichiens' which means literally 'political dogs', instead of official word :politicians ).

      Just came back from Tax office. In France, you know, many people are kind, weather is so good in the south...( Update : this spring was a bit weird, loads of wind, rains - in May -, so Med sea still not warming up...

      Woman are pretty etc.
      Too much of giving bad names for France last times.
      Of course, govt is one the most diablical in Europe. Still 'la douce France' somehow goes further, somewhere...
      ( Dunno where, though )

      Nature is beautiful here, this was what i mean as well. Regardless of sociopolitical uhmm mess,
      strikes, unrest, breaking of quasi-socialist welfare system , you name it...


  6. gosh they all look alike to me just dif ages in life?

  7. "Somebody call the fire department now! Help!"
      "Is anybody in that building?"
    "We think there's a kid stuck on the second floor. Hey! Where are you going?"


    Spoke too soon. Gotta add to the list.

    They call Mamoudou Gassama the "Spiderman of Paris". He didn't even hesitate; just climbed right up there; to save the little boy.

    The moniker doesn't do him justice: the fictional character is just a pale reflection of the selfless and awesome real spiderman.

    A good deed shining like a light in this world.

    Peace be upon you, Mister Gassama, protector of small children.

  8. If you're curios who killed John Lennon, Brian Jones, Micheal Jackson, Janis Joplin, Peaches Geldof, her mom, ROBIN WILLIAMS, and others check this out:

    Direct blog link here:

    What do they all have in common? Jewish partners, the Jewish "lucky 13" and serpent "19"; this is conspiracy MATH, not theory, except to coincidence theorists.
    Big shocker I know!