Monday 21 May 2018


In the mid 1960s, the CIA got the Indonesian military to put General Suharto into power in Indonesia.

Around one million Indonesian civilians were murdered by the military and the CIA's Islamists.

In 1998, the CIA got the Indonesian military to topple Indonesia's President Suharto, who had fallen out with the CIA.

The military dressed up young soldiers, and various criminals, to make them look like rioters.

13 May 2018 - False Flag terrorism continues - CHURCHES BOMBED

Suharto's top generals, trained in the USA, are still in power -

1. General Wiranto, formerly Suharto's top general, is currently the government minister in charge of 'security'.

2. General Hendropriyono is a key government minister.

3. General Prabowo hopes to become the next President of Indonesia.

Suharto's old business cronies are still in power.

In Indonesia, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow.

CIA 'People Power' keeps the elite in power.

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At 21 May 2018 at 23:43 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

So the ex-CIA director Mike Pompeo, now US Secretary of State, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, have formed a pro-Israel alliance asking Iranians to leave Syria ... which will then be even more at the mercy of Israel

The tragedy of Russia's enhanced 'deal' with Israel, solidified during Netanyahu's visit to Moscow on 9 May, is movingly covered by Israel Shamir, who writes of how savage new attacks by Israel, killing many, began immediately after that meeting, along with Putin's cancelling the deployment in Syria of the S-300 defence system. Shamir adds:

« Since that fateful May 9th day, Russian media has been treating Israel very cautiously. Even the Gaza massacre didn’t bring many condemnations in the Russian media ... The official state agency RIA reported that Israeli soldiers shot at “especially aggressive individuals”. The second state news agency TASS minimised its reporting about the massacre. »

Photo of Putin & Netanyahu together on 9 May in Moscow, both smirking quite conspiratorially

ZeroHedge, normally inclined toward Putin, has recent articles re Putin 'greenlighting' Israeli attacks on Syria, and also asking Iran to leave Syria as 'part of departure of all foreign powers' ... which would leave more sway for Israel, and for local jihadis backed covertly by foreign powers not 'officially' there

At 22 May 2018 at 04:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time people realised that Vladmir is a crypto else would you explain his close mateship with the Jewish oligarchs who OWN Russia.
This fact is nothing examination of Merkel,May and Macrons background shows that ALL THREE of them are crypto Jews.
"Crypto Jews" are NOT a conspiracy theory....their presence in 15th Century Spain is well documented....
At the last French election....(but one) it was Sarkozy vs Hollande BOTH JEWS.In Britain it was Cameron vs Milliband BOTH JEWS.
It is an effective jewish it makes absolute sense the Jews would employ the same in other countries...specifically Russia.
Jews are renown for their cunning for good reason....they ARE very deceptive people.
They sold the West on "the anti Semitic"....Stalin....infact Stalin was just assisting the Zionists be "persuading Russian Jews" to emigrate to Israel.
Stalin was a Georgian Jew....and the re are proportionally many Jews living in Georgia.
The proof???....while Stalin was in power the USSR WAS THE FIRST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TO RECOGNISE ISRAEL.
So all this stuff in Syria is an absolute smokescreen....the Jews are after the land....and their first objective is the Litani River in Lebanon....
The liars have long term objectives....bit by bit....they have got the crypto jew TRUMP to build the U.S. in Jerusalem....another minor advancement.....they are destroying European countries by third world immigration....etc etc.
The Windsors are crypto Jews make no mistake....

At 4 May 2019 at 22:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not rattling good with English but I find this very
easy to understand.


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