Monday 7 May 2018


23-month-old Alfie Evans died after spending more than a year in hospital, in Liverpool in the UK.

Was Alfie Evans murdered?

How Alfie died

Brian Gerrish

Brian Gerrish‏ @briangukc May 2

"Being told that little Alfie Evans was a vaccine damage case.

"If true then it is easy to understand why Alder Hey hospital would be desperate to help support government guidelines that compensation for vaccine damage can only be paid after 2 years old."

How Alfie died: all the facts - La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana.


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At 10 May 2018 at 08:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am kind of tired of all this commenting on Alfie. Read an article today claiming that he was not normal from the very start. Could never lift his head and had epileptic seizures.So the parents opted for several chemical treatments by specialists in that hospital. And again this article speaks about Anti Biotics for babies, not even knowing how dangerous those are. Euthanizing children on the sole decision of specialist has become legal in Belgium a few years ago. This concerns children already having entered the deathprocess and in severe pain, agony. Medical interventions prolonging life can be a great thing, but can eradicate the body's inherent knowledge on how to die. Here in the Netherlands we had a beautiful docu of a young adult cancerpatient choosing this way of dying, no food, no fluids, as he did not want to end his life by a lethal injection, but wanted to still allow his body to make that decision A beautiful docu and a beautiful process, with immense love of his family all around him. Of course he was painmedicated. Recently also we have had outcries of parents taking care of seriously ill children. A day job, totally exhausted parents and the question whether you should want that for children. As far as i understand the hospital never arrived at a certain medical diagnosis. And of course it is impossible for most parents to make that decision to end all lifesupport and thus end the life of their beloved baby. Now with mandatory vaccinations coming in the Netherlands in 2020, already having passed 2nd chamber of Parliament, without me having any knowledge about that, vaccine injury and corruption of producers should be addressed with worldwide protests and spreading research and info as well as the many stories of babies dying or seriously ill/handicapped after a vaccination. But the way the world reacts to this one child feels like a witchhunt Whilst the same people most likely do not even know about Fallujah and Birthdefects, causing more than 50 % of all pregnancies there to end in miscarriages or heinous birthdefects. Since then the city destroyed, all evidence most likely erased. Once a parent decides to consult specialists in a hospital all decisions are made by that hospital and if a parent wants to leave you risk childprotection taking away your child. Once possibly a good thing, in case of Jehovah witnesses refusing bloodtransfusions for children, it can also turn into abuse of power, denying a parent to make decisions for their child, guaranteed by law.In the case of Alfie i simply lack the facts. It is not only his life but also the pregnancy, celltowers near his house, exposure to second hand smoke, which can cause SIDS and many diseases, fluvaccination of the mother whilst pregnant, environmental pollution, molds, etc. etc. etc. We have enough on our plates to be manipulated into withhunts making us emotionally upset and keeping us busy, wasting our time. And yes if specialist cannot keep a child alive. and his brain is gone, the child already entered the deathprocess, i do support specialists making the decision of euthanasia, believing parents should be spared such grief. It concerns not only Alfie,but also babies born with heinous genetic defects. Many pregnancies end up in miscarriages, something being wrong with the foetus and in my genealogy line many babies died, often to be replaced with the next one bearing the same name. Or mothers died in childbirth or soon after.Meanwhile at least 15 syrian children died after there was a measles vaccination programm by the UN in that area.


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