Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Three polls on 2 April 2018, Gallup, Harvard, and Investor's Business Daily, show Trump with an approval rating between 38% and 44%.

A combined average of polls give Trump a 41.8% approval rating.

Trump Approval Rating .


A stunning $63.3 billion flowed out of U.S. stock funds in the first quarter of 2018, the second highest quarterly outflow ever.

Stocks have second biggest outflow ever in first quarter


  1. But what about the ONLY poll that counts, what does Jew Inc think of Tubby the Grifter?

  2. The Rasmussen polling people have been more accurate in the USA, as for example with the 2016 election there

    Per Rasmussen yesterday -

    Eight years ago, on 2 April 2010, Barack Obama was at 46% popularity

    Yesterday on 2 April 2018, Donald Trump was at 50% popularity, 4 points higher than Obama at the exact same point in his presidency

    As is noted, the mainstream media adored Obama, but constantly bash Trump ... yet Trump is more popular despite most major media bashing him

    For average white people in the USA or Europe, the increasingly leading political issue is migrants migrants migrants

    And this sentiment grows despite pro-migrant media

    The right-wing sites are now celebrating how Trump has just 'persuaded' Mexico, into breaking up a caravan of 1000+ Latino migrants - most from Guatemala and Honduras, technically violating Mexican immigration law - heading toward the US border in an NGO-supported 'migrant march' ... Soros-type induced migration seeking to imitate the million-Muslims-to-Merkel trek

    Here, the Trump - Obama popularity graphs - hover cursor over date to get statistics for that day



  3. I've had to put this out anonymous, Aang, see what you think? Absolutely shocking!

    More than Taboo



    "Because of the myth of the "good war" millions have been pointlessly murdered by needless interventionism. Without the Holocaust narrative WWII is nothing but another colonial resource war. That is why no one can talk about the holocaust. it is illegal in Europe and Canada and career suicide in America."

    (As the uploader, I (mrasgar) just want to clarify that there are things that I disagree with in this video. If you'd like to discuss or debate any of the points raised here please feel free to submit your comments below and they should be responded to (alternatively you can contact rys2sense as well, who couldn't get this video up

  4. Huh I thought everyone had the opinion that the Rasmussen polling company was a joke. Just a Trump supporting non-poll company. Huh ... well I suppose I could be wrong (whispers: doubtful though.)

    There is going to be such a tidal wave in November. The Republicans are going to be decimated. It has started already looking at the number of special elections that have been won by Democrats. And the number of Republicans not standing in coming elections ie they've seen what is going to happen, and they don't want to be a part of it. It's like a sort of rats fleeing a sinking ship. They're just doing it more under the radar.

  5. ...Eyewitnesses said the entire episode took about 30 seconds. Some had assumed the shooter, whose face was covered, was a man.

    “I was in the courtyard and we heard the gunshots, then saw him,” Salahodeen Abdul-Kafi, a YouTube product manager, wrote on Facebook. “He had a shooting mask on, full body armor and was calmly walking and firing a handgun. We jumped to the floor then ran as fast as we could.”

    Sounds as though the latest gladio event at youtube went off at half cock


  6. EXCLUSIVE: Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation


    "That bombshell revelation is made in a footnote to the House Intelligence Committee’s newly released report on Russian interference in the presidential campaign."

    "During that meeting, Waldman says that Jones revealed that he was working with Fusion GPS. Jones also said that a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros” were funding the project with Fusion GPS, according to Waldman, who testified to the Senate Intelligence panel on Nov. 3."