Saturday 21 April 2018


How does the Deep State control the USA?

According to the New York Times: Israeli and other foreign intelligence have the goods on pedophile D.C. politicians.

Prostitution rings are providing young boys to top people in Washington.

These prostitution rings 'are selling information about their clients' sexual preferences to foreign intelligence services, a private investigator, Dale Smith, has testified.'

Dale Smith works for the New York State Senate's Select Committee on Crime.

Dale Smith learnt that Israeli and other intelligence services have bought information from several 'call services' in Washington.

Smith has said that an accountant for five call services had told him about the sale of information to foreign agents.

Smith has said that call service operations in Washington are connected to organized crime in New York.

Smith has described how boy prostitutes, between the ages of 13 and 16, are shuttled between the cities.

A Washington detective has testified that she had uncovered a six-city prostitution network that used 12-year-old boys and allowed customers to pay for sex with credit cards.

The cities involved are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Houston, said the detective, Anne Fisher of the Washington Metropolitan Police.

"You could call a number in Houston from Washington and have a young boy brought to your room in Washington," the detective said.

Lindsey Graham

According to Wayne Madsen, Israel uses Senator Lindsey Graham's homosexuality to blackmail him.

Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn, who reportedly ran child abuse rings for the CIA.

A new investigation by Buzzfeed News has revealed that FACEBOOK is providing a space for gay men to advertise for houseboys and domestic slaves.


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In the 1980s there was a massive child abuse ring which involved George H.W. Bush and Satanist Michael Aquino. The Franklin affair started in 1988 with some 40 million dollars embezzled by the Franklin Credit Union. During the investigation a large amount of child pornography was found, including some high officials. At the end of the 1980s some 80 young people testified they had been sexually abused, most of them withdrew their testimonies. This includes information on sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove and Colonel Michael Aquino.

This affair was described in a number of books, notably “The Franklin cover-up” of John DeCamp (please note that DeCamp is part of the cover-up):

Child victim Paul Bonacci testified that at 6 years old he became part of the group that was sexually abused by (the customers of) Larry King and Alan Baer.
Bonacci was sexually abused at Bohemian Grove in California (not named in DeCamp’s book), where he witnessed the murder of a “boy”.
In the following video Bonacci tells he was repeatedly sodomised by Congressman Barney Frank. He he saw (then vice-president) George H.W. Bush at several parties. He saw a white boy from Washington DC and a black boy from Omaha perform oral sex on Bush Sr.
He also saw the daughter of Ronald Reagan at the parties (not engaged in sex though):

Eulice “Lisa” Washington (Nelly Patterson Webb), was sexually abused from 15 years of age (1985) at parties in Washington, Chicago and New-York. Lisa was a foster child in the family of Jarrett and Barbara Webb (related to Larry King and Jarrett was part of the board of directors of the Franklin Credit Union).
When she was underage, Lisa was put on display on a table at a party in Chicago in 1984 wearing only a negligee, when she saw George Bush Sr. pay King money, who then left the party with a nineteen year old black boy named Brent:

The best information I found on the Franklin scandal is from former FBI agent, the late Ted L. Gunderson:


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