Thursday 12 April 2018


Be the nice kid.

Social anxiety is very common and is curable.

"Within the USA, Asians report lower rates of social anxiety; whites report the highest rates."

The Strange, Surprisingly Effective Cure for Social Anxiety - The Atlantic

Good people will like your imperfections. No one is perfect. 


Social anxiety disorder is a fear of social situations.

Symptoms include dreading every day activities like starting conversations or answering the phone.

Sufferers may also avoid eye contact and have low self esteem.

Some may also feel sick, sweat, tremble or have palpitations or panic attacks in social situations.

Sufferers may have cognitive behavioural therapy.


Don't be afraid to smile and be silly.

What I noticed about some South East Asians -

1. They are more likely to be brought up by a large extended family, and not just by a Mother who might suffer from social anxiety.

2. They are less likely to be bullied about sexuality, unless there are fundamentalists in the community.

3. They are more likely to be brought up to be friendly, fun-loving and sociable.

4. They are less likely to think about themselves as individuals. They are more likely to think about the welfare of the group to which they belong.

5. Social anxiety increases when 'Western' or 'fundamentalist' culture is introduced.

Have fun.

How to deal with Social Anxiety?

1. Switch off 'concern for yourself' and concentrate on making other people happy.

2. Laura L. Smith, Ph.D. suggests you might consider these coping phrases when you're in a self-absorbing situation:

Everything isn't all about me.

So what if a few people have negative thoughts about me?

Mistakes just make people human.

No one is going to remember what I did a week from now.

What matters is where my heart is, not how I perform.

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At 12 April 2018 at 02:10 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Nice sentiments, and very beautiful to give children the sense of being 'OK' as in the above photo

Interesting statistic in the news from northeast Europe ... over 50% of Europeans who marry other Europeans get divorced

But when Europeans marry SouthEast Asians, divorce rate is under 10%

Some counterpoint to the article, in one social arena -

In sexual attractiveness and relationships - thinking of the Western world especially here - women are overall not attracted to 'nice guys' - tho they might claim otherwise

This is proven over and over again - just consult the various 'manosphere' dating sites, where men share countless stories of finally winning female attention and ending sexual loneliness, after they overcome their habits of being 'nice'

Men find they need to stop acting like 'nice beta' men, and at least pretend to be 'alpha' males, who 'do not give a f-ck' ... and then they get girlfriends, women who want to marry them

It is said this is biology ... women are driven to like the strong, aggressive male who seems like he can protect offspring

The 'game' men find productive, is to pay some attention to a woman, but otherwise be somewhat uncaring, flippant, dominant

Instead of telling the girl she is pretty, tell her she has ugly shoes ... the girl then is intrigued, esp. if the male has a good 'look' about him

Rich and powerful is one way ... but 'acting like a jerk' turns out to be a way for men to be 'exciting' for women ... dating sites full of practical stories confirm this approach ... people even post copies of their online chatting sequences to show success via 'uncaring negativity' in near-real-time

Terrible murdering male criminals get many love letters

For those who want to confirm this, look at the sites that women also study - tho often making women angry when reading - sites such as Château Heartiste, or Return of Kings

This is politically significant now ... Nice 'politically correct' guys in the West are not getting girlfriends ... a 'pro-feminist male' YouTuber recently committed suicide, not winning female attention as he craved, despite his serving 'what women say they want'

But young guys acting rough and joining the right wing and 'putting women in their place', get sex and girlfriends ... The newest 'Generation Z' is in process of a 'Revolt of the Betas', saying things like, 'The more feminism there is, the more miserable women and men both are.'

At 12 April 2018 at 02:11 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Should be 'northwest Europe' in the previous comment

At 12 April 2018 at 06:42 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last – They Get Girlfriends

There are a lot of rules from so-called pickup artists on how to get a girl. Most of them involve insulting the girl, being a bad boy or just compromising your values. But even a gay man can tell you that’s not right. For every guy who’s ever wanted a girl, and does not want to act like a jerk, this is the way to do it.

At 14 April 2018 at 21:58 , Blogger Cynthia Bashar Al Zawi MacKenzie Rumplestilskin said...

Anxiety is a fundemental component of the programming.


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