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Above, we see Abdul Hamid, an 8-year-old, shot by the Israelis.

Between 8 July 2014 and 10 July 2014, the Israelis killed at least 18 children in the Gaza Strip.

The Jewish religion is based on the ancient Canaanite religion, the ancient Babylonian religion and other 'pagan' religions.

The Canaanites, and others, went in for child sacrifice.

One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years.
One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days ...

Contrary to what you may have been told, there is Child Sacrifice in The Bible.

King David agreed to seven of Saul's sons being hanged. (2 Sam. 21:4-6)

David picked two of Saul's sons and five of his grandsons. 

They were hanged on the mountain before God, at the beginning of the barley harvest. 

(2 Sam. 21:7-9)

This child was killed by the Israelis (who are mainly gangsters from New York, Eastern Europe and Khazaria), after the false-flag KIDNAPPING OF ISRAELI TEENS.

King Solomon built a place for Molech.

And so he did for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and sacrificed to their gods. (1 Kgs. 11:7-8)

King Ahaz burned his son in an offering.

Many kings of Judah burnt their sons in offerings.

One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years. One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days ...

Ezekiel says God made the Israelites offer their children by fire.

Speaking through Jeremiah, Yahweh threatened to make the Israelites eat the flesh of their sons and daughters.

"And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and every one shall eat the flesh of his neighbour in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them." (Jer. 19:9)


Apparently, when a new building was erected, a child might be killed and buried in the foundations.

Joshua said:  "At the cost of his first-born shall he lay its foundation, and at the cost of his youngest son shall he set up its gates." (Josh. 6:26-27)

One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.
One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days ...

"Judaism is not a religion because its God is not universal...

"And the Cabala (one important form of Judaism) does not renounce worldly desires, such as lust, greed and power."

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult? - Henry Makow

Sacrifice of a Christian child, 1493.

"Is it possible ... that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion, which has subverted humanity using Freemasonry as its instrument?"

Respected Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem said that Jewish Sabbateanism (a Satanic adaption of the Cabala) is the basis of Hasidism (a branch of Orthodox Judaism), Reform Judaism, and freemasonry.

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult? - Henry Makow

Of course, the Moslems and Christians have a problem, as their religions are based on the Jewish religion.

Palestinians driven from their land by the Israelis.

Too many of the Israelis are gangsters, terrorists and child murderers.

Most of the Israelis are from places such as the USA, Russia and North Africa.

Palestinian child recently bombed by the Israelis.

The original Jews of the Kingdom of David are most likely the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are most likely the original Jews

Many of the current 'Jews' are converts to the Jewish religion.


Many of the so-called terrorist Moslems are actually crypto-Jews.


Edward Teller

Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen Bomb, is typical of the 'bad' Jews.

As a child Jim Shaw was used by Teller in Satanist rituals.

These Satanist rituals took place at Bohemian Grove and in Hollywood.

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert interviewed Paula, the wife of Jim Shaw, one of Edward Teller's many boys:

(Sabbatean Edward Teller)

"Paula shared how, from the time Jim Shaw was turned over as a child to Edward Teller, he was used for pornographic and pedophilic purposes...

"In Jewish ... rituals, he was forced to sacrifice babies under Teller's orders...

"He was passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well."


In April 2005, five boys, ages 9 to 12, in Krasnoyarsk in Russia disappeared.

In May 2005, their burnt bodies were found in the city sewage.

Some Russian nationalist groups claimed that the children were murdered by a Jewish sect with a ritual purpose.


Flier in Kiev, 1910: "Christians, take care of your children! It will be Jewish Passover on March 17." 

One thousand years ago, the Jews in England were not very popular.

(They know that they are still not very popular)

The Jews are reported to have arrived in 1066 with William the Conqueror.

According to From Domesday Book to Magna Carta (1951):

(The Edict of Expulsion of 1290, expelling the Jews from England):

"The ostentation, which possession of great wealth enabled the Jews to display, and their unconcealed contempt for the practices of Christianity, made them an object of universal dislike.

"As usurers, moreover, they had gained a strangle-hold on the recently founded monastic houses whose splendid buildings they had financed, and on many of the smaller aristocratic families..." 

The Kosher Nostra Jews are generally hated around the world.

The story of Simon of Trent (1475) 

In a church in Norfolk, there is a painted rood-screen depicting the ritual murder of St. William.


In 1144, in Norwich, a twelve year-old boy was crucified at the time of the Jewish Passover.

His body was found in a sack hidden in a tree.

A converted Jew, called Theobald of Cambridge, confessed that the Jews took blood every year from a Christian child.

The Sheriff, refused to bring anyone to trial.

(The Edict of Expulsion of 1290, expelling the Jews from England

The local people came to call the boy St. William.

Apparently, some Israelis cheer when they murder a non-Israeli child. 

In 1160, in Gloucester, the body of a child named Harold was found with the wounds of crucifixion.

(Recorded in Monumenta Germania Historica, vol. VI (Erfurt Annals); Polychronicon, R. Higdon; Chronicles, R. Grafton, p. 46.) 

In 1181, in Bury St. Edmunds, a child called Robert was sacrificed at Passover.

(Authority: Rohrbacher, from the Chronicle of Gervase of Canterbury.)

In 1232, in Winchester, a boy was crucified.

(Mentioned in Hyamson's History of the Jews in England; also in Annals of Winchester; and conclusively in the Close Roll 16, Henry III, m.8, 26.6.1232.) 

In 1235, in Norwich, Jews stole a boy and hid him with a view to crucifying him.

(Haydn's Dictionary of Dates of date 1847; Huillard Breolles, Grande Chronique, III, 86; also Close Roll, 19 Henry III, m.23.) 

One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years. One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days ...

In 1244, in London, a child's body was found in the cemetery of St. Benedict, with ritual cuts. 

(Social England, vol. I, p. 407, edited by H. D. Traill.) 

In 1255, in Lincoln, a boy called Hugh was kidnapped by Jews and crucified.

The boy's mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew.

King Henry III ordered the investigation of the case and the Jew was executed. 

Hugh was locally beatified, and his tomb can be seen in Lincoln Cathedral 

(According to Haydn's Dictionary of Dates (1847 edition) "They [the Jews] crucify a child at Lincoln, for which eighteen are hanged" Hyamson's History of the Jews in England devotes Chapter IX to "Little St. Hugh of Lincoln,") 

This child was killed by the Israelis (who are mainly gangsters from New York, Russia, North Africa and Khazaria), after the false-flag KIDNAPPING OF ISRAELI TEENS.

In 1257, in London, a child was sacrificed. 

(Cluverius, Epitome Historiae p. 541.) 

In 1276, in London, a boy was crucified. 

(Authority: The Close Roll of the Realm, 4, Edward I, m.14, 3.3.1276.) 

In 1279, in Northampton, a child was crucified. 

(Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, 1847, says: "They [the Jews] crucify a child at Northampton for which fifty are drawn at horses' tails and hanged."; Reiley, Memorials of London, p. 15; H. Desportes, Le Mystére du Sang.) 

In 1290, in Oxford, a boy was murdered. 

(The Patent Roll 18 Edward I, m.21, 21st June 1290, contains an order for the jail delivery of a Jew, Isaac de Pulet, detained for the murder of a Christian boy at Oxford.) 

In 1290, King Edward I issued an edict expelling all the Jews from England. 

Now that was going a bit too far.

But couldn't we expel from Parliament all those people who are friends of Israel?

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At 9 April 2018 at 03:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 April 2018 at 04:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My personal favourite from Henry Makow is...

:D ... Although the antichrist is of Jewish origin originating from an island nation, quite possibly Britain, according to Islamic traditions, his ascension will manifest from the east.

At 9 April 2018 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 April 2018 at 08:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 April 2018 at 13:24 , Blogger Kaivey said...

When I was a boy I loved Star Trek and I thought mankind was manly good and we were moving to an enlightened future. I think the producer of Star Trek believed this too. I would have never have dreamed that people, I.e. politicians, would drive society into an opposite direction, into a hell hole.

This is downright evil and the elite do not care that the West is being deindustrialized and the good jobs being lost. A happy, high educated society, with good services, like in Scandinavia is not what the US ruling elite care about and they have millions of poor white people agreeing with them. I think they get brainwashed in their right wing, evangelical Christian Churches.

80% of the US population will be driven into poverty, and how will that get people to accept this, by using the propaganda of the protestant work ethic, I.e, no one owes you a living. And so conservative leaning people will vote for low paid, more insecure work, less unions, less social provision, more privatisation, for instance, private prisons whose owners want them always full, harsher policing, etc. This is the ideal 'you're own state' libertarians dream about. It's like Blade Runner. Read all about it here:

The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools

At 10 April 2018 at 14:38 , Blogger Toby said...

"One of the confusing things about religion is that people go into it for different reasons. There are some who are attracted to religion in order to approach mystery, while there are others who are attracted to religion in order to escape from mystery. " from FURTHER ALONG THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED by the late Scott Peck


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