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Martin Richard

The Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen wrote about the Boston Marathon attack of 2013.

Cullen wrote that Bill Richard took part in the marathon.

Cullen wrote that Bill Richard's eight-year-old son Martin Richard hugged his dad after he crossed the finish line.

Cullen wrote that Martin then went back to the sidewalk and then the bomb went off.

Cullen wrote that Martin was killed. 

According to WEEI (sports radio station), Bill Richard did not run the Marathon in 2013.

Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen fabricates details of Marathon



1. The government's 'star witness' used the fake name 'Danny'.

The anonymous Danny allegedly claimed that Tamerlan confessed that he and his younger brother did the bombings.

Danny did not appear in court.

And thus Danny was not cross-examined.

The Danny story, as it emerged after the bombing, kept on changing and the key part about the confession looks like an invention by the authorities.

Photo-shopped. Notice the pixelization along the back of the alleged bombing suspect. Was it Photoshopped to remove the backpack? a single photograph

2. There are photos apparently showing Dzhokhar and Tamerlan at the Boston event but there is no evidence that they set off any bombs.

Nobody saw them set off any bombs.

Agents of Craft International, a private mercenary and special ops agency, were observed acting suspiciously during the Boston event.

They carried backpacks which may have contained the bombs.

3. A Homeland Security training exercise just happened to be training at the exact same time and place as the so called terrorists on that Boston Marathon day.

In Boston the military and special ops personnel assembled en-masse instantly on the scene after the marathon explosions.

Helicopter footage of Dzhokhar emerging from the boat.

4.  Dzhokhar allegedly made a confession written in the dark on the inside wall of the boat he was hiding out in.

The FBI said that Tamerlan was killed in the shootout with the police.

"Dzhokhar was supposedly laying there nearly bleeding to death from the alleged gunshot exchange with police a few hours earlier.

"Yet on video footage the young man is seen emerging unassisted from the boat appearing bloodless and uninjured only to be admitted minutes later to the emergency hospital room in critical condition suffering from a deeply sliced neck wound that prevented him from speaking for weeks."

"With a bomb strapped to his chest, one of the Boston Marathon suspects was killed early Friday after he and his accomplice brother robbed a 7-Eleven..." Boston Marathon suspect is killed, second on loose after extraordinary firefight. NO WAIT, THE POLICE APPEAR TO HAVE 'LIED'. "Police said Friday the suspects didn't hold up the store." Boston Bomber Manhunt: Shots, Suspect Cornered. "Margaret Chabris, the director of corporate communication at 7- Eleven, says the surveillance video of the crime was not taken at a 7-Eleven and that the suspect that did rob the 7-Eleven does not look like Tamerlan or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "'The suspect in the photos for that particular 7-Eleven robbery looks nothing like the suspects,' Chabris says. 'The police or someone made a mistake. Someone was confused.'" 7-Eleven robbery not related to Boston...

5. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reportedly employed by the FBI to keep an eye on the Muslim and Chechen communities.

In 2012, Tamerlan travelled to a meeting of the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus, an event that was organized by the CIA.

The uncle of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan was married to the daughter of CIA career officer Graham Fuller, the brains behind the idea of using Moslems to do the work of the CIA.

 Allegedly the top photo shows Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Although it could be Sunil Tripathi, his double. 

6. All the potential defense witnesses were constantly harassed, deported, jailed, and even killed.

7. "Boston was used as a guinea pig litmus test for assessing how a large US urban population of over a million people would react to a first practice, simulation dry-run of martial law in America, conveniently prepping us for what's to come."

In Boston "a massive police state-army dressed and armed for war against its own people without warrants entered thousands of homes with automatic weapons drawn..."


8. The receipts for bomb-making materials allegedly found in Tamerlan's pockets were almost certainly planted.

The bombs used in Boston were highly sophisticated and unlikely to be home made.

"Three times the feds changed their tune on traces of the bomb material being found in the apartment... These discrepancies consistently went unchallenged by the defense during the trial."

9. The FBI claim linked Tamerlan to the triple murder case in Waltham, Massachusetts that took place on September 11th, 2011.

Only during the trial did it come out that there existed absolutely no evidence that Tamerlan was involved.


10.  A flood of photographs were posted by the public on the internet.

"They clearly depicted multiple mercenaries, some of whom wore the insignia for Craft International.

"Some photos detailed a backpack left on the ground by one of the operatives depicted in the photos.

"Almost immediately, the FBI staged a press conference to tell the public not to look at any other photos and declared that ‘no other suspects should be considered’.

"The FBI claimed they did not know the names of the two men, or that they were even brothers..."

Yet, the FBI did have files on them.


One of the shooters in Norway - Breivik's double.

The real Breivik, with larger ears and wider nose.

23 Apr 2013 - According to Ruslan, Misha 'claimed to be an exorcist who is fighting with demons... Tamerlan was absolutely in his possession.' dailymail. Anonymous comments: The Armenian link - On the night of the gunfire and grenades, I was listening to the Boston police scanner. The cops said they were going to set ...
1 May 2013 - Tamerlan Tsarnaev's CIA friends. Страница 207 - KavkazChat. Tamerlan. alleged BostonBomber. In Dagestan, the Russian military has killed Shakrudin Askhabov a member of the CIA-linked 'Abu Dujan' jihad group. Reportedly, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the CIA-linked 'Boston Bomber', has met Shakrudin ...
24 Apr 2013 - "The body appeared to be a male in his twenties and had 'been in the water for a while,' said Commander Thomas Oates of the Providence Police Department... "The Rhode Island medical examiner's office is trying to determine if a body pulled from a river is missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, ...

"Samantha was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni) for 3-4 years, and they lived in Bishkek for one year where Samantha was working for Price Waterhouse on privatization projects. "They also lived in our house in [Maryland] for a year or so." Former CIA officer: link uncle to Boston suspects, Agency. 'Boston Bomber's' ...

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At 21 April 2018 at 16:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 21 April 2018 at 16:40 , Blogger Ian Leslie said...

Yup, Boston was all rather comedial Aang....

At 21 April 2018 at 17:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this where he drops the fake bomb??
Please explain
You say a real event carried out by connected people??
Is that false flag??
This looks real to me

At 21 April 2018 at 23:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boston Bombing. The pressure cooker bomb was said to be full of ball bearings and nails weighing over 15 kg according to Associated Press at that time. I not only screen shot from the FBI's own site the younger brother with an off white back pack casually slung over one shoulder.. but I duplicated this. For a video I showed house bricks on my bathroom scales with 15 kg weight. Then I put them into a back pack and my friend assisted to put it on my back. It didn't work. Too heavy and the back pack needed a metal spine. Which the young brothers back pack did not have. My screen shots on the whole event from videos of the event, including the fake leg falling off and having to be put back on .. were so good a lawyer checked them out. We KNOW it was corrupt because he never used one photo or piece of evidence from my FB site. Currently FB have blocked me access to my own FB preventing me from replacing photos that somebody has and is removing. I have the no blood photos then minutes later red paint or photo shop 'blood'. Nano second by nano second I have it all. Sooo fake it is unbelievable they got away with it. Not only that the Associated Press front page photo of the 'cowboy' wheeling the fake legs just blown off guy down the road. NO TORNIQUEt. He had a pretend one crossed over mid air - nope that would not stop the blood with TWO legs supposedly just blown off. And you NEVER put a legless victim in a wheelchair. It hastens the flow of blood and would be too painful. You put the victim on a stretcher. So FAKE. All of it.

At 22 April 2018 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To u, exactly, but not to the rest of us.

At 22 April 2018 at 02:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks!

At 22 April 2018 at 06:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Allegedly the top photo shows Tamerlan etc. … ”

I have a problem with the full picture. In the one above, Aangirfan showed only the injured head of the corpse.

From Wikipedia: “Year 2009 - An aspiring heavyweight boxer, Tamerlan Tsarnaev trained at the Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts Center, a Boston club. In 2009–10, he was the New England Golden Gloves heavyweight champion, winning the Rocky Marciano Trophy. In May 2009, he fought in the nationals in the 201-pound weight class, but lost a first-round decision.”

Where have all the muscles gone? How can anybody -having that unremarkable muscle mass- survive more than 20sec in a semi-professional Boxing Competition?

At 22 April 2018 at 23:43 , Blogger El Roy 13 said...

The guy w his legs blown off, I'm 99% positive, was out of the hospital within a week and throwing out the first pitch!

To prove this was a comic affair, around the very same time, a little girl was RELEASED after two months in the hospital after losing her legs in a lawn mowing accident. (I think possibly s. Carolina or Georgia, USA if memory serves me). TWO MONTHS! And this guy was out within a week!

At 22 April 2018 at 23:46 , Blogger El Roy 13 said...

OK. I just google it. The throwing out of the first pitch was just over a month later. Still. **though, I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

At 7 July 2021 at 02:30 , Blogger Rogowskibubba said...

The maddest Moslems are the Salafi/Wahhabi Moslems!
"Are our own intelligence agencies, with clear Government complicity, involved in grooming muslim terrorists?"🤔 #KniveAttacks #LondonBombings


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