Wednesday 14 March 2018



Rupert Younger and Frank Partnoy, two staunch believers in capitalism, have written in the Financial Times about Karl Marx.

Rupert Younger and Frank Partnoy point out that Karl Marx was correct about growing inequality.


Rupert Younger and Frank Partnoy point out that, today, economic in­equality is rising.

"By the start of our 21st century, we are faced with the extraordinary fact that the top one per cent of the world’s population own the same resources as the remaining 99 per cent.

"Those at the bottom are less upwardly mobile than in previous generations.


"Entrance to wealthy gated communities is blocked, not only by private security forces, but also by the increasingly prohibitive costs of healthcare, technology and education.

"There is the dominant force of mass incarceration, with millions of poor, minorities and powerless walled off from the rulers they might threaten.

"The Haves have never in history held so much advantage over the Have-Nots."

According to Rupert Younger and Frank Partnoy, the original Marx Manifesto has some good points.



Was Karl Marx Homosexual?

Biographer Robert Payne refers to Marx having had a homosexual relationship with a man while he was attending the University of Bonn between 1835 and 1836.




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At 14 March 2018 at 17:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He woke from the old world.
His questions answered.
A young man again.

In gentle sunlight. Birds.
Through gardens strolling.
Beside quiet waters.
A new world.

And he would meet us there.

As he pondered the miraculous creation.
Not of stars.
Not of worlds. But of souls.

  "What are you writing?"
"Look what we made."

At 14 March 2018 at 18:37 , Blogger Sensiblesidney said...

Well, what a surprise (not), fancy a film coming out about nutcase Karl Marx who has a lot to answer for, for his way of thinking is what the evil so-called "globalists" are aspiring to. Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx, came from a long line of occult rabbis and was hell-bent on bringing about the downfall of society to serve his masters ends. Not only did he believe the family should be abolished and that all children should be raised by a central authority (google "Daily Mail Bad Parents" and see all the BS stories about how useless parents are and how compliant the DM are in all this mess). The old loon expresses his attitude towards God by saying: “We must war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.” Well, what would you expect from his lineage ?

At 15 March 2018 at 01:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commie biographies, sign of the times? First Trotsky, now Marx, rings any bell?

At 15 March 2018 at 11:47 , Anonymous Gabreal Jones said...

Marx as most rabbis did not come to know the Spiritual Apex of Existence, the X, therefore fled in denial of the Obvious into societal theories, dogmas (Das Kapital is Talmud in disguise) like all rabbis.

Old toilet (WC, Western Culture ?) text in University of Amsterdam.

God is dead (Nietsche)
Nietzsche is dead (God)

Stephen Hawkin (‘one of the greatest minds of our time’) is said to be as of today finally dead:

At 16 March 2018 at 18:38 , Blogger Sensiblesidney said...

Yes, make no mistake, this is all deliberate, as we are living in de facto Communism and the dopey sheeple do not even realise it (made dumb with trivia and nonsense from the mainstream media outlets, another Commie tactic/order). Bella Dodd, a high ranking defector from the US Communist Party, wrote a great book, "School of Darkness" (1954) which revealed that Communism was a hoax perpetrated by financiers "to control the common man" and to advance world tyranny. Of course - well what would you expect - this important book is out-of-print and not in any bookstores. However, it is now on PDF and in eBook form from Amazon. There is nothing that beats "straight from the horse's mouth".


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