Sunday, 25 March 2018

Happiness Lessons



  1. Doesn't half say a lot about where we ...I'm, at -- and reaction. Must shape up and see this as right-on. Without qualification. Good leads to... Of course, then these little ones, can/turn the screens on. And the battle begins. No two-ways about evil inc. wants hate and war. Not natural and happy. Which some schooldays, esp. go-back decades, characterised by unhappiness and senior/some teacher's led. All that does what? This a good clip and antidote to the onslaught that soon comes on strong and teens. This earlier age a last refreshing vision of human hope and sense. While seeing a backlash against "let 'em have it" screen-time. Here and there. Not sure we overestimate this element and challenge. Pre-screen-days; School was often worse than today through negligence. Did much harm. Now there's some counter the crap within it but the wolves prowl about by design. State one-hand smiles, other scowling takeover and... Oh, leave it/for now. Best try and do their 'happy' lesson.

    1. Good comment, mark.

  2. Happiness = freedom and satisfying basic needs. Everything else is a lie and hypocrisy.

  3. wonderful!

  4. "What is happiness?"
    "Laughing so hard you cry"
    ... BOOM! :D
    (unfortunately little man, some us adults need a dose of Ayahuasca to achieve that)
    ... Just teach our kids 'Natural Law'... everything else will fall into place.

  5. People have been giving me all sorts of shite advice the past few years... yoga, meditation, mindfulness...
    All you need is to live within 1/2 mile of a primary school, and listen to kids play at playtime!
    The sound of children playing in the distance is the most relaxing sound ever!
    "Children should be seen and not heard"... not true! :D
    "that I am the greatest inventor on Earth" :D ... put him in touch with Randell Mills!