Tuesday 6 February 2018


1. Former CIA agent John Kiriakou has revealed that the CIA provides children to the elites for sex.

According to Kiriakou, Donald Trump has not only continued his predecessor's crackdown on whistleblowers, but ramped up the effort.

Google is hiding this post entitled: THE CIA RUNS THE PEDOPHILE RINGS

Georgi Rosenblum, aka Sidney Reilly

2. Georgi Rosenblum, aka Sidney Reilly, was a British spy.

Reilly (Rosenblum) liked to hint of his connections to the 'Occult Octopus,' which may be the Kosher Nostra.

Reilly 'spied for four different countries, including Germany and Russia, and sold weapons to Germany during WWI.'

In the early 1890s, Reilly was arrested by the Czar's secret police for helping a group which was trying to bring about a revolution.

Later, Reilly faked his own death and headed to Brazil.

Margaret Thomas.

In London, Reilly began an affair with the wealthy Margaret Thomas.

Reilly (Rosenblum) married Margaret Thomas after her husband died in suspicious circumstances.

Rosenblum then changed his name to Sidney Reilly.

Working for MI6, Reilly made a reconnaissance trip to Csarist Russia to report on its oil reserves.

In Czarist-controlled Manchuria, then under threat of Japanese invasion, Reilly is said to have stolen the defence plans for Port Arthur.

Reilly reportedly gave the defence plans to Japan, thus allowing Japan to launch a successful attack.

Reilly, a Jew from Ukraine.

Next, Reilly, 'having boarded Lord de Rothschild's yacht at Antibes, persuaded oil magnate William Knox D’Arcy to sell his rights to oil fields in Persia to the British Government'.

The English Rothschilds took a strong interest in Persia's oil.

Reilly, while spying in Germany, got a job in a factory in Essen, where he stole designs and murdered a factory foreman.

Reilly was said to be involved in a plot to kill Lenin and depose the communist Government.

The plot failed.

Reilly used a German passport to return to London.

During the First World War Reilly is said to have run an armaments business from New York, selling weapons to both Germany and the Czar's Russia..


Some believe that Reilly faked his own death in 1925, in Russia.

"One of the founders of the Apostles, which was termed by members as 'the Higher Sodomy' and 'a sort of gay Freemasonry,' was Sidney Reilly.

"Reilly was also part of the Rhodes Round Table group at 120 Broadway in New York that provided funding for the Bolshevik revolution."

Saucers of the Illuminati

"After prolonged deliberation, I express willingness to give you complete and open acknowledgement and information on matters of interest to the OGPU concerning the organization and personnel of the British Intelligence Service and, so far as I know it, similar information on American Intelligence and likewise about Russian emigres with whom I have had business."

- Sidney Reilly, letter to Felix Dzerzhinsky (October, 1925) .

Brigadier Gordon Kerr, who is said to have run murder squads in Northern Ireland.

3. Gordon Kerr.

Freddie Scappaticci, codenamed Stakeknife, reportedly worked for the UK security services and for the IRA.

Scappaticci reportedly murdered dozens of people.

Scappaticci's boss was Brigadier Gordon Kerr of the Force Research Unit (FRU).

"Kerr, whose military intelligence unit in Northern Ireland colluded with terrorists who murdered civilians, should be questioned as part of a police probe, the families of victims have said."

Scot who ran double-agent Stakeknife in Northern Ireland should be questioned.

On 3 February 2018, Scappaticci was arrested and questioned about dozens of murders as part of Operation Kenova, an investigation into the activities of Stakeknife and collusion by the security forces.

The probe is led by Chief Constable Jon Boutcher, from Bedfordshire Police.

The SNP’s Northern Ireland spokeswoman insists that “no one is above the law”.

John Finucane, 37, was eight-years-old when two gunmen burst into his home and shot his father dead.

Pat Finucane, a prominent human rights lawyer, was killed in 1989 after alleged collusion between Kerr's officers and paramilitaries, including Brian Nelson, a former soldier who became head of intelligence for the terror group the Ulster Defence Association.

Scot who ran double-agent Stakeknife in Northern Ireland should be questioned.

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At 6 February 2018 at 03:41 , Blogger Kaivey said...

A really interesting interview which exposes the lies of Russiagate. Under Yeltsin the West looted Russia of 100's of Billions, but when Putin stopped that the West made him out to be the bad guy.

The Military-industrial banking complex is making serious money building up to WW3. It's tax payers money they are robbing. They always have to have a 'Bad guy' to fool people into paying for their diabolical weapons. It's a sick world run by psychopaths.

There are a lot of decent people among the one percent and the conservatives. They hate the ruling elite like we do. Charles Ortel, a top banker, is after Clinton and her Clinton Foundation. He's fur her nailed. We can win, we can get this rotten elite out of power.

Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and anti-Russia sanctions: Interview with Alex Krainer


Published on 27 Nov 2017·The Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and Russophobia: Interview with Alex Krainer

Interview with Alex Krainer, hedge fund manager and author of The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder's Dangerous Deception. Bill Browder is the man responsible for much of the anti-Russian sentiment in the West in recent years through his lobbying for the Magnitsky Act, which sanctions individuals believed to have been involved in the death of Russian "lawyer" Sergei Magnitsky in 2009. Browder told his story in a book called Red Notice, in which he paints himself as a totally innocent victim of a Russian campaign to destroy him. But Krainer dissects Browder's account piece by piece, showing that he was anything but an innocent businessman.

In addition to deconstructing Browder's self-serving lies and rampant Russophobia, Krainer gives a concise history of the crisis Russia went through in the 90s, how a handful of Russian oligarchs and Westerners like Browder siphoned the country's wealth, and how Putin turned all that around in the years after he came to power in 1999.

Due to pressure from Browder's legal team, Amazon censored the book by delisting it. Krainer has made it available for free here and here.

At 6 February 2018 at 04:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6 February 2018 at 04:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Before "Islamophobia" we lived through a psy-hate campaign against the Irish peoples, run in concert with the "terrorist" events you highlight above. Makes one wonder how much of Irish so-called history has been manufactured.

dīvide et imperā

At 6 February 2018 at 08:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the fake potato famine for starters. There was no potato famine in Ireland.

The British had Ireland under siege, stole all their food and starved them to death.

To be fair though - after starving 30 million or so to death in India and proving it a success - may as well starve the Irish to death then brand them terrorists.

Hmmmm ISIS, IRA et al had something in common. All run by British Military intelligence.

I digress a little. Let's put Cambodia under the microscope. Operation Menu started in March 1969 and ended in May 1970. During this short period the Septic Tanks dropped 2.7 million tonnes of munitions on a country they were not at war with.

2 million tonnes were dropped by the allies during all of WW2 for perspective. May as well blame Pol Pot for the resulting massacre.

Yup in short the terrorists ate Crypto-Khazars that have taken over the world and start fake wars and murder civilians in their tens of millions because they are Satanic Paedos.

In a nut shell.

At 6 February 2018 at 16:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6 February 2018 at 16:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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