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Anonymous 4 January 2018

Roy Moore.

Allegations are not proof.

Innuendo is not proof.

There may be a lot not to like about Roy Moore, but he has run for office many times over the years.

Why is it now that the allegations of sexual assault come forward? Allegations of sexual assault against politicians is nothing new.

"Dating" females who are above the age of consent may be seen as objectionable, but it is not illegal.

My cousin, who has been married for more than 50 years, married at 19, had been dating her husband, who was 10 years older, since she was 16. That was not unusual in the 60s.

As for Moore not believing in evolution, only a fool would.

To believe that all life forms that have ever existed on this planet, possibly started from a lightning strike, somewhere on earth at an unknown time, which itself came from an explosion of an unknown mass, in an unknown place, at an unknown time, caused by an unknown force from an unknown source, and the one celled life form created from the possible lightning strike, procreated itself and evolved to be millions of species of both plants and animals, is a whole lot less believable that David Icke's lizard people.

Anonymous 5 January 2018


More likely, the American state and their Israelis backers have something compromising on Bannon and they ordered him to write this book of lies in return for immunity from prosecution.

This kind of trash only makes Trump look better, as the people making these claims are obvious scum who are clearly 'protesting too much'.

Anonymous 5 January 2018

Madeleine McCann

Your first link in this piece of propaganda is to an article by Vee 8 in his (Nigel Nessling) exposing the myths blogspot. 

The Zapata cadaver dogs were never discredited, moreover a judge erroneously threw out the dog evidence but after Zapata confessed to the murder of his wife in February 2008, quite clearly the dogs did a perfect job back at the crime scene in the 70s. 

Nessling is a McCann supporter and was recently convicted for having child sex abuse images. 

Why would you continue to spin this blatant disinformation from a McCann supporting pervert?

HPrice 5 January 2018

Madeleine McCann

I'll try again. I did post something about this yesterday, but I'll have another go.

The sniffer dogs were taken to a number of places, and only found cadaver odour in the apartment the McCanns were using. That points to the idea that a dead body was in the flat at some time.

There was blood found in the apartment which points to the idea that Madeleine may have been hurt, and then maybe died in the apartment.

The McCanns have been extremely strange in their interviews. They have never seemed like parents who actually grieved for their child. The McCann's book is full of strange details, and language. Nothing in there says that Kate McCann was a loving mother.

There is much more to suppose that Madeleine was used for nefarious purposes (see the pics where she is wearing makeup and posing strangely ... very creepy), and either killed intentionally, or killed accidentally.

Also look at the testimony, and interviews with friends. All of them are strange/creepy and misleading (ie they lie through their teeth) in some way or another, and nothing in the stories that they give about the day that Madeleine goes missing adds up ...



2. "The scent of bodies remains detectable for years. The scent could have come from Kate McCann's contact with corpses during her work as a doctor."

3. What about the traces of blood?

"BLOOD traces found in the holiday apartment did not come from the missing girl.

"The forensic results show the blood came from a man.

"A male guest is known to have injured himself while staying at the apartment after Madeleine disappeared."

Blood found in apartment 'didn't come from Maddie' - The Scotsman.

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At 6 January 2018 at 01:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4 January 2018 - Sure lets celebrate anormality and call it normality, why not?

At 6 January 2018 at 05:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange that the Birmingham,FFS had informed Portugal PJ by letter,that they "Only had"21 days to contest the DNA being"destroyed"on Health grounds,especially as it had found that it may not have belonged to Madeleine McCann in the second report, months apart?
Surely this must be a "First Time UK Police allow the Destruction of DNA on a still missing person" or just Top Flight UK Police Work-No Evidence?

At 28 January 2018 at 15:54 , Anonymous Anurag Thakur said...

Nice post


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