Tuesday 7 November 2017

Paradise Papers

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At 8 November 2017 at 14:17 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Paradise Papers like Panama Papers like Pentagon Papers ... the usual suspects, including the very Israeli-tied ICIJ International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

ICIJ - "Yossi Melman, Israel, is a security and intelligence commentator for Maariv Daily & the Jerusalem Report ... He wrote 'Spies Against Armageddon', a history of Israel's intelligence community"

ICIJ - "Uri Blau, Israel, is an investigative journalist specializing in military and political affairs, started his career in 1994 at the Jerusalem weekly Kol Hai'r & in 2005 joined Tel Aviv's Haaretz"

In the above video, Israel-shielding Amy Goodman of 'Democracy Now' ... very well-known 'limited hang-out', junior female Chomsky type, sells us the big story

Knocking the tax havens ... a perfect lead-in issue for global financial surveillance ... 'tax the rich, don't let them hide, let's make sure the rich do their fair share' ... Maybe a one-time 25% global wealth tax, which will be cheered by the world ... but in the end, global common people will be under the boot, & the oligarchs will laugh it was all so easy, & cost so little


Real versus fake (or half-fake or 'carefully selected truths')

Every now & then we can be still be surprised by a new argument that something big is a hoax

Of course we have long known people who argued the Holocaust was fake ... such as the Jewish witness, a rabbi's son, who was with the Russian advance troops who liberated places like Auschwitz, 'Joseph Ginzburg - Joseph G Burg, direct interrogator of Auschwitz etc survivors' ... Burg said the Holocaust was an exaggeration, a fraud fabricated by Zionists, he wrote books on this, & had many of those books burned by the modern West German government

There are Turks and others who argue the Armenian genocide of the World War I era, is an exaggeration, a fraud to demonise Muslims & Turks who were successful rebels against Western powers ... tho recently Turks saying this are being rather well scrubbed from Western internet searches

But less well-known -

In 2012, Israel Shamir wrote a quite striking CounterPunch article after his travels in Cambodia, saying that locals repeatedly told him the Cambodian genocide was largely a hoax, cooked up jointly by the Vietnamese invading Cambodia (a country they have tried to dominate on & off for centuries) ... & by the West & USA & Anglos, who wanted a big story to help distract from the horrible war crimes of their decades in Vietnam

The Pol Pot Cambodian genocide story made the West look as if it was somewhat justified in making war on 'SouthEast Asian barbarians' ... Shamir claimed he really couldn't find locals who supported the 'genocide' story, tho everyone agreed some thousands were killed in political purges etc

Recently, Sputnik News carried a piece on the theme that the Holodomor or deliberate Ukraine famine Stalinist genocide of the 1930s, is a hoax ... this is a recurring argument by some people. In 1987, a writer in Western Canada, Douglas Tottle, gathered material in a book, 'Fraud, Famine, & Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth'

But even a critic of Sputnik & Tottle, Cathy Young, writes: "One sensational account on the [Ukraine] famine in the Western press, a 1935 series in the Hearst papers by Thomas Walker, was demonstrably fraudulent: Walker (aka Robert Green), a con man & convicted forger, claimed to have witnessed starvation in Ukraine in 1934 & used photos from an earlier Soviet famine in the 1920s. But his malfeasance doesn’t disprove the Holodomor any more than Binjamin Wilkomirski’s phony memoir of surviving as a Jewish orphan in Auschwitz casts doubt on the Holocaust."


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