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Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey.

Why is X-Men director Bryan Singer trending on Twitter?


Kevin Spacey's father, Thomas Fowler, 'was a white supremacist Nazi, who raped his own son, Randall Fowler.'

Kevin Spacey's father was a Nazi child rapist brother says

Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment 

Both Kevin Spacey and Donald Trump have been friends of Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly supplied young people to the elite.

Jeffrey Epstein

Sources say that Peter Mandelson, the close friend of Lord Rothschild, has been a close friend of Kevin Spacey for many years.


Anthony Rapp

The gay Kevin Spacey has come out as gay and apologized to Anthony Rapp

The gay Anthony Rapp played the part of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of Rent in 1996.

Anthony Rapp in Precious Sons in 1986 alongside Ed Harris and Judith Ivey.

Donald Trump has strong links to Hollywood.

Macaulay Culkin and Donald Trump

Hollywood is a bit Jewish?

Below is what we wrote earlier:

Brad Renfro (right) in Apt Pupil. Brad died in 2008 at the age 25

According to IGN, "Bryan Singer was raised Jewish but, as an adolescent, belonged to a 'Nazi Club' formed by himself and some non-Jewish friends."

Featured Filmmaker: Bryan Singer - IGN

Singer reportedly drew on these experiences for his film Apt Pupil.

Ethan Hawke (centre)

In 1988, Singer wrote and directed a film called Lion's Den, starring his boyhood friend Ethan Hawke.

Ethan hawke and son.

Singer directed Apt Pupil.

In a 1997 lawsuit, several underage actors claimed Singer forced them to film a shower scene in the nude.

In Apt Pupil, high school student Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro) pals up with Arthur Denker (Ian McKellen), a Nazi war criminal.

Daley and Black

Dustin Lance Black is to be called as a character witness in the sex abuse trial of X-Men director Bryan Singer.

Daily Mirror

Dustin is the boyfriend of the 19-year-old Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Dustin up surrounded by Mormon culture and military bases.

Tom Daley's lover 

Alex Burton

"Alexander Burton, the actor who played Pyro in the first X-Men film, was a plaintiff in a 2000 sexual abuse lawsuit against Marc Collins-Rector. / Alleged Bryan Singer Associate Was Sued In 2000 For ...

"According to Alex Burton, the unknown who played Pyro in Singer’s first X-Men blockbuster, he was given the part after a hot-tub session with the director at a Hollywood party."

Brandon Routh (second from left), Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer 

Brandon Routh was cast as Superman in Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer.

Brandon Routh (left)

Child actor Jonathan Brandis (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2003, at the age of 27.

Child actor Christopher Pettiet (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2000, at the age of 24.

Child actor River Phoenix (above left) who died in mysterious circumstances in 1993 at the age of 23.

Cory Haim, who died in 2010.

"Snuff films are done when a sex slave/prostitute/call boy, has gotten slightly haggard and past their 'sell by' date or has pissed off the wrong people.

"There is a huge market for these satanic sacrifice films among the exclusive, connected and wealthy circles i.e. the demonic Illuminati."

Insider Exposes Hollywood's Satanic Underside

The US military and Hollywood promote Satanism.

"Hollywood isn’t even trying to hide the Illuminati-Freemason Satanist Agenda but instead they are just coming out with bold and undisputed occult narrative pushing in film and TV projects."

Satanic Secrets of Hollywood's A-List

Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen Bomb

For some twenty years, Edward Teller advised Israel on nuclear matters in general, and on the building of a hydrogen bomb in particular. 

(Edward Teller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert wrote: 

"I encountered Paula, the wife of one of 'Ed Teller's Boys'... in Denver, Colorado, Christmas of 2007...

"Paula poured out her heart regarding the horror that her former husband, Jim Shaw, had endured after being forced from childhood to become one of 'Ed Teller's boys' that Teller used in grim SABBATEAN SATANIST rituals, not ONLY in the BOHEMIAN GROVE, but also in other Jewish Sabbatean satanist rituals nationwide, as well as in Hollywood."

Sabbatean Edward Teller

Child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove in California.

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert wrote: 

"Paula shared how, from the time Jim Shaw was turned over as a child to Edward Teller, he was used for pornographic and pedophilic purposes, and especially in JEWISH SABBATEAN SATANIST RITUALS, forced to sacrifice babies under Teller's orders and control, and used sexually in such rituals as well.

"She also revealed Jim's firthand account of how he was introduced to Teller's many Jewish friends in HOLLYWOOD, and passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well."Sabbatean Edward Teller refers (spring festival time) to Henry Makow's article about the Sabbateans who pre-date the Freemasons. 

Sabbatai Zevi, 1626-76, who lived in the Turkish empire, was the founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement, 'based on a satanic strain of Cabalism.'

In 1666, he proclaimed himself to be the "Messiah".

He 'pretended' to convert to Islam.

Reportedly, his followers now include the Rothschilds.

Illuminati 666 A-ok Sign all seeing eye.

Reportedly, the Sabbatean 'satanic cult' has infiltrated and subverted most governments and religions.

Forty-one years after Shabbatai Tzvi's death, in 1717, the Sabbateans reportedly infiltrated Masonry guilds and established Freemasonry. (Cached)

Reportedly, the Sabbateans encourage licentiousness.

Reportedly, 'religion is ultimately meaningless to them, although they use it to manipulate others'.

Reportedly, 'the Sabbatean sect has indulged in wife sharing, sex orgies, adultery and incest for more than 350 years'.

Many Sabbateans live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the Iberian peninsula and developed an underground culture, merged with the Sabbateans in Turkey, and they developed a spring festival.


Cathy O'Brien wrote (Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brien): "One of our primary mind control programmers was Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino.

"He was with the psychological warfare division of the US Army and founder of the occult 'Temple of Set' that is proliferating on our military bases under the guise of a religion.

"He doesn't have any religious beliefs that I ever saw, but he used occultism as a trauma base for mind control.

"The only Satanic power that I ever experienced by Aquino was in the form of a stun gun.

"The high voltage that he administered to both my daughter and I, compartmentalized memories of programs for later access by certain government leaders and ClA-sanctioned drug lords that had the codes, keys and triggers to that program."

Noreen Gosch wrote ('Why Johnny Can't Come Home'): 

"It was reported to me and given in Federal Court, February 1999, by Paul Bonacci, that 'Michael Aquino ... called the Colonel' was in fact the man who came to Iowa, paid the kidnappers for taking Johnny, then took Johnny with him.

"This took place 14 days after the kidnapping.

"Bonacci stated this under oath in Federal Court.

"Judge Urbom ruled Bonacci was telling the truth."

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At 30 October 2017 at 09:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

30th October 2017

"Labour's Chris Bryant says when he was a young vicar a friend told him he had been raped by a senior member of the clergy. The friend was suicidal. The senior clergyman had protection, including from certain members of the royal family."

The Guardian

At 30 October 2017 at 17:10 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

From the femen protest in Paris against Roman Polanski on Monday, a useful acronym

'VIP = Very Important Paedo-criminal', seen in photo on bare back of femen protestor

At 31 October 2017 at 01:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it never ends

At 31 October 2017 at 04:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 31 October 2017 at 05:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

check this out

At 31 October 2017 at 10:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good shot !
Thanx for sharing...brilliant, brave girls.

At 31 October 2017 at 11:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for this link about (Un)hollywood...

Bastards, most of them. And for long.
Public secret was it, isn't it ?
And easier to connect dots now, for many of us.

Ppl r waking up.

At 31 October 2017 at 15:40 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Jeff F Brown - How Can Western Capitalism Beat This?
That's the Rub, It Can't

Video -

China's system is leaving the West behind. Ed Balls said the other day in a Positive money discussion about banking that the less the government is involved in the economy, the better. This is the theory of neoclassical economics which underpins neoliberalism, but this theory is obviously completely wrong.


It has been reported that six super-high skyscrapers, such as the 739-meter-tall H700 Shenzhen Tower and a new 600-meter-plus Kingkey Oriental Regent Hotel, will rise up in Sungang in the next five years.

Seven super-high skyscrapers in Shenzhen in the next five years. Let that sink in for a long, thoughtful minute. During your reflection, the imperial-capitalist West will have bombed, massacred, starved and sanctioned untold numbers of poor, defenseless people around the world. Can the contrast be any starker?

In June, 2017, an instructive meeting took place between California Governor Jerry Brown and Chinese President Xi Jinping. While talking about climate change, the topic of high speed trains (HST) came up. Governor Brown supposedly lamented that his state has not been able to build even one puny HST line, since his governor-father began pushing for it back in the 1950s.

Why? While China is zeroing in on 30,000km of HST track, more than the rest of the world combined, along with hundreds of architecturally inspiring train stations to serve them, California has 2,000 lawsuits fighting its proposal. Why? Greedy capitalists and their purchased government employees and representatives are fighting each other for the loot, like cannibals in a kill pit of corruption, while selfish citizens are putting their individual interests ahead of the greater good. The latter is called NIMBY, Not in My Backyard.

In the West, NIMBY is worn like a badge of honor to express Euranglolanders’ sense of freedom and independence. Meanwhile, with communism-socialism’s mantra of harmony, sharing, cooperation and stability for the greater good, the Chinese are laughing all the way to a much higher standard of living and better quality of life.

Western capitalism talks and Chinese communism-socialism walks – no it flies at 350 kilometers per hour in a bullet train.

At 31 October 2017 at 17:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tory Party is VERY gay? 11 out of 40 MPs (27.5%)

1. Conor Burns MP
2. Alun Cairns MP
3. Nigel Evans MP
4. Michael Fabricant MP
5. Michael Fallon MP
6. Liam Fox MP
7. Daniel Kawczynski MP
8. Mark Menzies MP
9. David Morris MP (bisexual?)
10. Chris Pincher MP
11. Will Wragg MP

At 6 November 2017 at 03:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’ve done an investigation of paedophilia in Hollywood (a link to it has already been posted here...):

Here’s a list of some of the proven paedophiles in the movie industry:
1) Woody Allen (friend of Jeffrey Epstein);
2) Roman Polanski;
3) Martin Weiss;
4) Jason James Murphy;
5) Ezel Channel;
6) Bruce Robinson;
7) John Duigan;
8) Bruce Spence;
9) John Bell;
10) Jacki Weaver;
11) John Derek;
12) Rob Lowe;
13) Errol Flynn;
14) Nicholas Ray;
15) Frank Sinatra (friend of JFK);
16) Charlie Chaplin;
17) Stephen Collins.

If you’re interested in the rampant paedophilia in Hollywood, see the 100 minutes documentary “[I]An open secret[/I]”. Released on 14 November 2014 (but never reached the theatres):

What’s also interesting is that “special” cover-up artist Robert Mueller III has been involved in both the “Franklin cover-up” and the DEN paedophile ring (which involved Bryan Singer).

Why do we see all of these stories about sexual abuse in the movies?
It’s just another cover-up…
Corey Feldman exposed one of the main paedophile perpetrators in Hollywood, without naming him, in 2013.
The description of this A-list movie personality is: A big star in 1985, when [I]Lucas[/I] was filmed, and still one of the biggest stars in 2013; born in 1942/1943; never came out as gay, with a reputation of a family man and children of his own.
Here’s a list of the 50 biggest stars from 1942:
Here’s a list of the biggest stars from 1943:

You really don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out who it is...
I couldn’t find a single article or video on the internet that exposes this “A-list” paedophile!

In the original story the link to “**.satanic-secrets-of-hollywoods-a-list-warner-bros-initiations/” doesn’t work, probably because it has been taken off the internet...


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