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Israel destroyed this 400 AD Palestinian Christian church.







"The Israelites were never in Egypt."

This is according to "the world's top Egyptologists", including James Henry Breasted, Donald Redford, Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Ze'ev Herzog, the head of archeology at Tel Aviv University .

Prof. Ze'ev Herzog wrote, in a 1999 article in Ha'aretz:

"The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel."

Ze'ev Herzog.

According to the Egyptian scholar Dr Ashraf Ezzat, the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia.

The Old Testament fabrication. / Download a copy of Dr. Ashraf Ezzat book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

In the 3rd century BC, at the Library of Alexandria, seventy Jewish scribes translated the Hebrew bible from Aramaic to Greek. 

They thus produced what is called the Septuagint Bible.

This has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since.

These Jewish scribes apparently moved the story of the Jews from Arabia to Egypt and Palestine.

The Old Testament fabrication that the Israelites ...

Brabantian comments on the work of the Egyptian physician Dr Ashraf Ezzat:

"Ezzat marshals a great deal of evidence that the stories of the Bible ... involve a group of devious Arabian bandits who became 'the Jews', falsifying their ancient tales with new locales in Egypt and Palestine..

"The oldest vesions of the Old Testament Bible we have, are apparently not the 'Hebrew' texts - a revised concoction of post-Masada Jewish rabbis - but the text composed in Greek, the 'Septuagint', an alleged Greek 'translation' of Hebrew texts in Alexandria ... which perhaps re-located Jewish tales into great ancient Egypt to give them more lustre

"Ancient Egypt had voluminous records ... but essentially zero about the Jews ... it seems 'Pharaoh' was not even an Egyptian word, but a later imposition upon the history of Egyptian kings."

Zion is said to be the homeland of the Jews.

In 1977, the Saudi government published a comprehensive list of thousands of place names in Saudi Arabia.

Kamal Salibi, who is Christian and one of the world's top historians, noticed that many place names in Saudi Arabia relate to the Old Testament.

Salibi wrote:

"I was simply searching for place-names of non-Arabic origin in west Arabia, when the evidence that the whole Bible land was here struck me in the face.

"Nearly all the biblical place-names were concentrated in ... Asir and ... Hijaz."

The Saudi monarchs are reputed to be secretly Jewish.

In 1985, Kamal Salibi concluded that Zion was not located in Israel but in Saudi Arabia.

According to Salibi: The kingdoms of David and Solomon were in the Saudi provinces of Asir and Hijaz.

Nearly all the biblical place-names were concentrated in what are today Asir and the southern part of the Hijaz.

Salibi's book is entitled The Bible Came from Arabia

Asir, Saudi Arabia.

According to Salibi:

The land God promised to Abraham is in Saudi Arabia.

Moses led the children of Israel across one of the Asir's flash-flooded valleys, not the Red Sea. 

Ancient Jerusalem is the present-day Saudi village of Al-Sharim.

The City of David, further South, is on a ridge which today has the name Qawat Sian - the Hill of Zion.

ISIS is said to be the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

According to the archaeologists:

"Modern-day Israel has been extensively dug over for decades without yielding any incontrovertible evidence, in the form of Hebrew inscriptions referring unambiguously to events, people, or places named in the Old Testament."

Was Kingdom of David really in Arabia? -

Most of the Jews in Israel are not the original Jews of the Bible, but people who converted to the Jewish religion.

At the Huffington Post, James Dorsey asks Is Zion in Saudi Arabia?

According to Dorsey:

1. The Saudis, afraid of Salibi's discoveries, "bulldozed dozens of villages which contained buildings or structures from Biblical antiquity."

2. Writing in The Times of Israel, journalist Jessica Steinberg noted that:

A vibrant Jewish community had populated 3,000 years ago areas that today belong to Saudi Arabia and that the cities of Medina, Khaybar and Taymar hosted large numbers of Jews in the 6th and 7th century.




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At 15 October 2017 at 06:51 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

On a chunk of the theological spectrum are Christians proposing Zionism. They’re often in the same section as historical-textual apologists and young-earth creationists and/or intelligent design advocates. The hypothetical evidence of Zionism of course, is the self-fulfilling prophecy and 1948. The other lines of thought are about archaeology and science. More recent and popular addition to this list is the seek and discovery of Genesis 6 reckoned, hidden living giants and entities, found ‘physically’. An unfolding aka apocalypse. All wrapped in mapping and gaining faith, in and through, geopolitics seen seemingly in Biblical-proclaimed prophecy. What’s common, is the desire to validate the Gospels through hidden mysteries or contemporary news made manifest. Through something ‘provable’ and outside claims. If only “we could find the ark” they’d be diving down to the alter etc. Without labouring-on m’blab: Arguments for, or against, independent from the Bible-evidence that it’s pure fiction or otherwise, isn’t conclusive. For both sides, there’s reasonable uncertainty. And for Christians, should be an ideal opportunity to graciously engage in the arguments, but suggest isn’t to defend the Book. Rather, take interest in… well… the interesting. Aka respectful evangelism when opportunity-invites and appropriate. Faith in Christ isn’t blind, including looking away from these demanding challenges and presented lack of objective evidence of authenticity. What Jesus stuff is about though, and faith cometh by, is try relate to and directly, with loving claims and the alive one. Pre/assume, jus’ say, Bible/face value. Read and talk to, who said, to be about. All a long-winded holla; always learn a ton on Aangirfan posts. Must respectfully follow through links and vids. Get educated.

At 15 October 2017 at 11:24 , Blogger steve said...

Well what can i say the letter j was only invented in the 15th century so the real name can not be jesus , Yeshua is the correct name i feel when people are praying to jesus they give
some of the energy away , it would be nice not to fall into the paradigm of religion . if we all loved god life would be great . we need unity , not division ,
i like that upto now your the only person , that has picked up that weinstein was exposed as a sacrificial lamb for his involvement of Miral , Maybe God is calling on satanic jews, to repent , as mistral is by no means a israeli propaganda film ,

At 15 October 2017 at 12:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve I really like your comment at 11.24
I would just like to add that however we spell the name, when we sincerely take the Son of God into our hearts, minds and souls, we become more like Him who sent all of us to Planet Earth.
Peace and Blessings to you and all our ex-convent girls at Aangirfan xx

At 15 October 2017 at 12:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eternity, The Promised Land and Heaven are in the here and now, as Quantum Physics is starting to understand.
We become our choices...

At 15 October 2017 at 19:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We don't stand a chance with a few guns and grenades."
  "So what are we supposed to do?"
"We bide our time. We seek out and locate their signal and shut it off. Wake people up!"

Off topic...

Serious increase in censorship recently:

All my comments are being disappeared on ThereAreNoSunglasses and plenty here too. Most recent one below there.

The real war is an epistemic war. The target is the mainstream media, epicentre of lies.

Wake people up, all of them. Let them see what vile liars the mainstream talking heads really are, and we win.

Despite the vast numerical superiority of normal humans over "them", the media magnates who lie through their teeth, it remains to be seen who will fight and who will just give up.

The fate of the human species depends on it. We are either free or cattle.

And if the rich start WW3, they won't fight: They live. We die.

Anyway, the comment:

I've been waiting on any information on ballistics.

Given the high rates of fire and the need for unnoticed mobility and concealment, the shooters would need to have small, acquirable guns, avoid reloading and so have high-capacity magazines.

Two facts I find of note here:
1) Mr Palermo was hit with a .22 round.
2) Shots were coming from ground level, presumably from at most a couple of hundred meters.

The clear choice of weapon for such a "strategy of tension" attack on civilians would be something like the Calico M100. This has a helical feed magazine that can take 100 .22 rounds. It takes quite a while to load one magazine; clearly this would be done beforehand.

But the magazines are surprisingly compact, even light, and you could easily fit several, say 3-4, into a small backpack along with the M100 itself.

The M100 is also very easy to acquire on the public market in the US. It's one of the weapons Dianne Feinstein and friends wanted to ban some years back. The billionaires have special permission to murder you and your children with "assault rifles", but oddly they're not keen on you returning the favour.

A single spread-out fireteam shooting from cover could inflict this sort of evil and be difficult to locate if equipped with suppressors. Particularly if they are using short bump-fired bursts.

One other noteworthy thing about this mass murder was the symbolic aspect. The entire blood sacrifice took place before a (fake) pyramid and the gaze of a (fake) sphinx. And a beside a (fake) obelisk.

Interestingly, these pharaonic artifacts, the real obelisks, seem to find themselves spread around the world at the centres of malevolent empires: Luxor, Cairo, Rome, Istanbul, Paris, London, New York. As if some ancient evil is slowly, over millennia, making its way around this Earth.

And of course the most famous fake obelisk is in Washington.

The core of the plutocracy, almost certainly behind this pitiless slaughter, like to think of themselves as gods of this Earth. Just as did the pharaoh Khnum-Khufu. Better known as Cheops, who commissioned the Great Pyramid of Gaza.

One of the globalist plutocrats, and a primary backer of Hillary, György Schwartz, even admitted as much in one of his books. He thought of himself not just as a god, but as the God.

Forty grains of lead suffice to disabuse him of this blasphemous notion.
He also gets to confirm or disconfirm the notion of hell.
From a fake world into a real inferno; an odious destination for a fake god.

Yes, he shall see. Karl Popper would be proud of him: falsifiability, the austere beauty of the scientific method.

A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

At 16 October 2017 at 01:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"centres of malevolent empires"

So can u name a "benevolent" empire?

At 16 October 2017 at 16:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if to prove a point, the comment below disappeared also. Trying a second time.

(By the way, if Yeshua were here, he'd probably want you pray only to the One God. After all, didn't he say, "Only God is good"?)


It appears the Jews, at least the Zionist plutocracy, risk becoming the very evil that tried to destroy them. They control the US government and have weaponized international finance to their own ends. And clearly, deluded by arrogance and hubris, intend to use their instruments, like Trump, to dominate the world.

This is what we're going to do: I'm going to count to three and I'm going to move the coin.


But the future is not set in stone. They have a choice.

They can choose the sword, attempt world domination, ending in invasion and near obliteration. Like their predecessor.

Or, it is possible, they can still become a light unto the nations. It is a choice.

"between rage and serenity"

At 16 October 2017 at 16:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm... Empire of the Sun?

  We are the people that rule the world
  A force running in every boy and girl
  All rejoicing in the world

Are you gonna leave me now?
Can't you be believing now?


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