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In the UK, on 2 August 2017, the 'Three Musketeers' were found guilty of planning a UK terror plot

'Vincent' is an MI5 officer involved in the case.

On 24 February 2016, Vincent wrote to a colleague: 'It's nothing we ain't seen before … usual bollox we planted it all and fitted em up!'


Defence lawyers, having discovered Vincent's message, claimed that the Three Musketeers were framed.

In 2010, Rahman, one of the Three Musketeers, was approached by MI5.



The Three Musketeers case was a False Flag?

In 2011, two of the 'Musketeer plotters' travelled to Pakistan 'to attend a terror training camp', but abandoned their plans and flew home after speaking to their families.

Ali was one of the accused and a 'bomb' was said to have been found in his car

Ali's defence barrister Stephen Kamlish QC cross-examined Vincent and said:

“Nobody in their right mind who actually believed this was a real bomb would have moved it … the only reason you did it was because you knew this was not a real bomb.”

Kamlish said of Vincent: “We are accusing him of being an underhand criminal operative in order to secure convictions … He’s been put into this position in order to bring a corrupt case against my client.”


The above manor house at Ashby St Ledgers, in England, is where the 'Gunpowder Plot' was planned.

The Ashby St Ledgers estate was owned by Robert Catesby.

Four years before the 'Gunpowder Plot', Robert Catesby, was imprisoned - after he became caught up in 'a failed rebellion' against Robert Cecil, Queen Elizabeth's spymaster.

Robert Catesby was recruited by Robert Cecil.

Robert Cecil and Robert Catesby met on three separate occasions in the period leading up to the execution of the 'Gunpowder Plot'.

Prior to the plot, the plotter Thomas Percy was seen coming out of the house of Robert Cecil.

After the 'Gunpowder Plot' was revealed, Catesby and Percy were executed.

The 1605 Gunpowder Plot was an inside-job.

Just as the London Tube Bombings and 9 11 were inside jobs.
The 'Guy Fawkes plotters' Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy and Francis Tresham were all working for the government.

King James I's spymaster, Robert Cecil, blackmailed Robert Catesby into organising the plot.

The purpose of the plot was to discredit Catholics, so that the elite could continue to take money and land off catholics.

The plot involved pretending to try to blow up the British parliament on the 5th November 1605.

On his death-bed, there were statements by Robert Catesby's servant that Robert Cecil and Catesby met on three separate occasions in the period leading up to the events of the night of 5 November 1605.

Prior to the plot, Thomas Percy was seen coming out of the house of Robert Cecil.

Catesby's fellow plotters were Guy Fawkes, Thomas Percy, Francis Tresham, John Wright, Christopher Wright, Thomas Wintour, Robert Wintour, Everard Digby and Thomas Bates.
Some of the plotters were 'patsies'.

Confession made under torture.
After the plot was 'discovered', Catesby, Percy, Christopher Wright and John Wright headed to a house outside London, Holbeche House in Staffordshire.

On the 8th November 1605, government troops arrived at the house and shot dead the conspirators: Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Christopher Wright and John Wright.

Digby, Robert Wintour, Thomas Wintour, Bates and Fawkes were executed in January 1606

It was widely rumoured that Francis Tresham was poisoned while being held captive in the Tower of London.

In his book The Gunpowder Plot: The Narrative of Oswald Tessimond, Francis Edwards claims that Francis Tesham escaped from the Tower of London, probably with the help of the Government, went abroad, and changed his name to Matthew Bruninge.

Robert Cecil - the king's spy master.

The 'Gunpowder Plot' involved an alleged tunnel used to move gunpowder under the Parliament building.
R. Crampton, in the book The Gunpowder Plot (1990) explained:

"If Guy Fawkes case came up before the Court of Appeal today, the... judges would surely... acquit him..."
"First no one has ever seen the attempted tunnel. 
"Builders excavating the area in 1823 found neither a tunnel nor any rubble.

"Second, the gunpowder. In 1605, the Government had a monopoly on its manufacture... The Government did not display the gunpowder and nobody saw it in the cellars.

"Third, these cellars were rented by the government to a known Catholic agitator...

"Fourth, the Tresham letter. Graphologists (handwriting experts) agree that it was not written by Francis Tresham."

"Guy Fawkes attended a wedding of Cecil's niece, along with Cecil AND King James.
"Why didn't Fawkes kill the King there, and isn't it mysterious that all figures in the plot went to a wedding together?"

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At 3 August 2017 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 August 2017 at 16:41 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Current Polish assassinations - good movie trailer

One important ill-understood area is current Polish politics, where a large number of political & journalistic figures are mysteriously dead

But with Poland one can't sort things out easily because the propaganda on the web is so hugely intense ... important things are clearly being masked

A curious aspect of the propaganda game re Poland, is that the US & Russia are sometimes on the same side of propaganda, sometimes opposing

A major flash-point topic is the killing of Polish President Lech Kaczyński when his plane crashed in Smoleńsk on 10 Apr 2010

With both major media & some alt-media too, furiously denying there is anything to question about the crash at Smolensk / assassination of Kaczynski

Here is a very good 3 minute movie trailer to the 2016 Polish film 'Smoleńsk' - English subtitles - that shows how much is in question there ... and much to the film's credit, the trailer suggests the USA knows what really happened too, but is helping to hide it, alongside the Russians & some of the Polish establishment

Smoleńsk (2016) movie trailer, 2min53s

At 11 August 2017 at 11:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some claim that the flight never happened - maskirovka in Smolensk and internal coup has actually happened in Poland.

Look at Hangar 21 at Okecie Military Airport


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