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Crossdresser Dudley Clarke, who helped to create the SAS in 1941. Dudley Clarke, Cross-Dressing creator of the SAS

The SAS, Special Air Services, is the UK's top elite special forces regiment.

One of the founders of the SAS, in 1941, was a cross-dressing colonel called Dudley Clarke.

PressReader /  Dudley Clarke

Bill Fraser.

One of the key officers in the early SAS was Bill Fraser, a homosexual.



One of the founders of the SAS was Paddy Mayne, who had a serious alcohol problem and who was 'probably gay'.

A cowboy, a one-eyed boxer and a parachuting priest.

Robert Blair 'Paddy' Mayne, a militant Ulster unionist, had 'volcanic bouts of brutality - perhaps a by-product of furiously repressed homosexuality'.

SAS: Rogue Heroes

David Stirling.

Sir David Stirling, the main founder of the SAS, preferred the company of men to the company of women.

Reg Seekings

Reg Seekings, an early top man in the SAS, killed an injured young boy.

A cowboy, a one-eyed boxer and a parachuting priest.


There is a belief that the military is run by extreme right-wing sadistic homosexuals.

Does the UK have an army of sadistic homosexual child rapists? / UK MILITARY / Most Military Leaders are Sadistic Gays? / NAZIS

Randolph Churchill

Randolph Churchill was an early member of the SAS.

"Randolph Churchill's behavior displayed signs of bipolar disorder.

Winston Churchill's Brilliant But Troubled Son, Randolph

Jock Lewes

Jock Lewes, the SAS co-founder, was a Nazi sympathiser.


The first SAS operation, in 1941, was a disaster.

Of the 56 who parachuted into the desert in the midst of a storm, only 21 came back.

"Some died on landing, while others, unable to unclip their parachutes in the gale, were scraped to death along the jagged desert floor.

"Several were too badly injured to walk and were left to die of thirst."

A cowboy, a one-eyed boxer and a parachuting priest.

In 1943, the leader of the SAS, Colonel David Stirling, was captured  and sent to Colditz.

A cowboy, a one-eyed boxer and a parachuting priest.


The SAS has been linked to the death of biological weapons expert Dr David Kelly in 2003

The SAS has been linked to the 1984 shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy.

The SAS .

David Stirling, set up an organisation called Greater Britain 1975 (GB75), whose members included a Jersey-based arms dealer.

Stirling was described by his biographer as "well to the right of the Conservative Party"


Greater Britain 1975 was said to have planned to topple the government.

The SAS .

Ampleforth College, where David Stirling was educated.

David Stirling "was so lazy his comrades nicknamed him 'the Giant Sloth'.

"He was impertinent, indolent and often half asleep after nights spent drinking, gambling and playing billiards in smart London clubs.

"The hospital nurses knew him well, for he frequently popped in during the morning, whey-faced and liverish, to request a blast from the oxygen bottle to cure his hangover.

"Since being posted to Egypt with the British Commandos, he had spent much of his time in Cairo’s bars and clubs, or gambling at the racecourse...

"Senior commanders thought him incompetent and profoundly irritating. A cowboy of a soldier, he was under investigation for malingering."


(Left) Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling who founded the SAS. (Right) Stirling's cousin, the boy-loving Gavin Maxwell. The Stirlings, the Frasers (Lovat) and the Maxwells are all related. Website for this image

"In a short life, the aristocratic David Stirling had tried and failed at being an artist, architect, cowboy and mountaineer...

"His mother was the daughter of Lord Lovat, the chief of Clan Fraser, and his father a distinguished general, an MP and master of a 15,000-acre estate...

"He was sent down from Cambridge after misbehaving on a lavish scale and spending more time at Newmarket racecourse than on his studies.

"Stirling went to Paris to become an artist... but displayed little talent for painting.

"The same went for architecture, his next choice of profession, as well as his ambition to be the first person to climb Mount Everest, even though he suffered from vertigo...

"He relaxed only among men...

"His boisterous exterior belied a lonely man prone to periodic depressions and inner turmoil..."

Keenie Meenie Services, also known as KMS Ltd, was a private military corporation set up by ex-SAS officers in the 1970s. KMS has been linked to Iran-Contra Keenie Meenie Services - Wikispooks.

"The first SAS operation in November 1941, code-named Squatter, ought never to have taken place, given that 30-knot winds were predicted - twice the maximum speed for safe parachuting.

"But Stirling himself took the decision to go anyway...

"Operation Squatter had been an unmitigated disaster.

"Of the 55 men who had parachuted into the gale on November 16, 1941, just 21 had returned. The rest were dead or injured, missing or captured.

"What was really devastating was that the SAS had lost most of its strength without firing a shot, attacking the enemy or detonating a single bomb.

SAS: Rogue Heroes - The Authorised Wartime History by Ben Macintyre dailymail

Murdered by Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.

The SAS helped the Khmer Rouge.

How the SAS gave Pol Pot a hand - New Statesman.

"Every account of the British army and the SAS in particular will not mention the torture mass rape and pillage in Kenya which included roasting people alive over open fires.

"Also missing will be accurate accounts of the terror used to deny democracy and support slavery in Aden."

SAS commander Blair Mayne's reputation

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Gordon Duff suggests that Trump antics & Trump / anti-Trump controversies, are all merely a clever distraction from intensified looting by the USA oligarchy that was well in process under Obama ... from Veterans Today:

« Might it well be that while Trump “tweets” & buffoons his days away, the looting of America is hitting high gear?

The more the media focuses on Trump's buffoonery, the more buffoonish he becomes. What isn’t reported is how what is going on behind the scenes is eroding the lives of everyday Americans.

Billions are made when an incompetent president shares power with a 'bought & paid for' Congress.

With a controlled Supreme Court willing to overrule the Constitution at will & a rigged Congress guaranteeing that no president could change the makeup of the court, as we saw with Obama, an oligarchical system was permanently enthroned in Washington, renting out government to special interests.

If the media is controlled by the same powerful corporations that enrich themselves from Washington corruption, now rampant under Trump 'de-regulation', then why is the media at war with Trump? Is the media really at war, or is the media war on Trump 'sitzkrieg'? ... The media circus is very much a part of it all, playing side against side, easing off when told, heating one thing up when another needs to be watched. »

- Gordon Duff

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