Thursday 3 August 2017


Model Chloe Ayling was forced to flee the Paris terrorist attack.

Chloe Ayling is the 'model kidnapped in Italy'.

She was involved in the Paris terror attack.

"Chloe Ayling, 19, had arrived in Paris for a photo shoot and was walking along the Champs-Elysées when the incident unfolded."

Paris terrorist attack: Brit Page 3 model forced to flee

The chief kidnapper is supposed to be Lukasz Pawel Herba.

Chloe says she met Herba in Paris, a few months before she was kidnapped.

Kidnapped British model tells of trauma of waking up in car boot .

Above, we see the original Marc Dutroux, with a snub nose. MADELEINE McCANN AND MICHELLE MARTIN

Chloe was reportedly sent by her UK agent from Paris to Milan for the photo shoot on July 11, 2017.

British model, 20, was kidnapped

The man who kidnapped British model.


Google is accused of censorship.

Victim of the US military.

The US Army released chemical clouds over six US and Canadian cities.

Army records noted that the compounds used over Winnipeg, Canada, where there were numerous reports of respiratory illnesses, involved cadmium, a highly toxic chemical.

Germ War / Germ War: the US Record - Counterpunch

Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida were the targets of repeatedArmy bio-weapons experiments.

Army researchers released millions of mosquitoes on the two towns in order to test the ability of insects to carry and deliver yellow fever and dengue fever.

Hundreds of residents fell ill, suffering from fevers, respiratory distress, stillbirths, encephalitis and typhoid.

Army researchers disguised themselves as public health workers in order photograph and test the victims.

Several deaths were reported.

Germ War / Germ War: the US Record - Counterpunch

The United States worked with Britain and Australia to massacre around 1 million Indonesian peasants, workers, intellectuals, and activists.

America's Record of Murder and Mayhem Since 1945


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