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Both Morocco and Oman are friendly with Iran.

Iran Morocco / Oman Iran

So, both countries are now being destabilised by the Kosher Nostra?

Thousands rally across Morocco's Rif / Uneasy sits Qaboos upon the throne

The UK and Qatar are other countries apparently being destabilised because of their reluctance to support the Kosher Nostra over Iran.

The UK security services help train the security services in Oman.


Oman decided to keep Omani forces out of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and decided not to join Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. in severing ties with Qatar.

On June 11 2017, CIA director Mike Pompeo, and deputy national security advisor General Ricky Waddell paid Sultan Qaboos a 'secret visit'.

Yemen War and Qatar Crisis Challenge Oman's Neutrality .

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At 8 July 2017 at 05:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Natural Gas Wars Begin: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and the USA

...interesting piece!

At 8 July 2017 at 05:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok lol

At 8 July 2017 at 09:00 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Interesting piece. More out of hope than reality, however, I hope your wrong. Having travelled extensively in both countries, it is a sad indictment to which the nefarious powers wish to extend their reach. Evidently not satisfied with the current mess in the Middle East and North Africa.

The ultimate goal goes beyond financial interests or even geopolitical ambitions. The goal, should it be achieved is about full spectrum dominance and the negative energy that abject misery vibrates to. Money and political interests alone are not the only goal of those who seek to dominate every aspect of human life on the plane(t).

Oman is of strategic importance to the Arabian peninsula and as such Khasab and the Musandam Governate sit at the very tip of the south side of the Straights of Hormuz (a handful of kilometres) from Irans backdoor. The Americans are already present in Thumrait in the empty quarter in South West Oman. The air base has been there some time and am fairly sure it will provide a great staging post to smash the Yemenis when required and project airpower in the region (Iran).

Being an Absolute Monarchy I figured this would be the insulator to the chaos that has become the Middle East, with near neighbours Qatar being ostracised by the other wilful idiots in the region. Oman is an enclave of stability in a volatile neighbourhood. The politest, nicest and most genuinely peaceful people. Muscat is set up with a similar infrastructure to any modern 1st world country with roads, hospitals and desalinators et al. If it wasn't for the local Arabian dress, the malls and suchlike would have you believe you were in a Western Country.

Although, not an expert in regional affairs, I have seen the country up close and personal and been on a strange journey in a strange land. Moving from the Northern regions to the Southern region of Dhofar Governate - a cultural change is evidential. I travelled as far along route 47 through Mirbat, Salalah and to Jebel Al Qumar (moon mountain) to the Yemeni Border. Mirbat being popularised in SAS fokelore for the Battle of Mirbat which fought off Communist Guerilla insurgents from Yemen almost 45 years to the day - 19 July 1972. Only problem though - there were no Communists. A narrative to establish a forward operating base to quell a popular uprising against the Sultan at that time. It was also a useful opportunity to do a bit of looting and thieving from the locals (popularised by The Feathermen).

Sorry, I digress. The militarisation was all too evident during my visit to Jebel Al Qumar. I got stopped by a heavily armed outfit ensuring the border with Yemen was inaccessible. A little bit of explaining was required why me and the misses were travelling with a Bangladeshi national. A true story - we picked him up hitch hiking in the desert - he was wearing a shirt, tie and trousers and never spoke a word of English. It was 50 Celsius outside and nothing for miles.

As we had no reason to be in the region, as such, we dropped of our mate from Bangladesh at a nearby town and decided to head back to Salalah. In a volatile region, being made more volatile by Al Saud, the Septic Tanks (Yanks) and their regional partners, the clear target it would appear at this stage is Iran and a reason to further militarise the Straights of Homruz and from there, flank the Iranians.

Sadly, your assertions would appear to be somewhere near the truth. The location alone of Oman doesn't help. Unfortunately the Septic Tanks feel the need to export freedom and democracy to every nation on earth and with that, no doubt, a Central Bank. Just what the region and the earth needed was more American freedom.

At 9 July 2017 at 04:43 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Another aspect here is that in the war in Yemen - where Saudi Arabia & Abu Dhabi (Dubai is part of it) are 'allies' to crush the native Yemenis & Houthis -

The Saudi mercenaries & Dubai mercenaries, are actually fighting & killing each other at times, for control of what they think will be eventual 'spoils of war'

The back-story here, a likely reason for the Yemeni war, is that the Saudis are really running out of their own in-the-ground oil, and the Yemen region is the last Arabian onshore area with still large oil deposits

There is a story that Trump, Putin & China along with Israel, are all setting up the Saudis to collapse, hence egging them in the disastrous financially-draining Yemen war, plus recently in the hostilities with Qatar

Which will all help the decades-old Israeli Oded Yinon plan when Saudi gets Balkanised


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