Tuesday, 1 August 2017


According to a July 2017 survey from Gallup:

Vermont residents give Trump the lowest approval rating of any state, at just 26 percent.

Trump Country: President's Approval Ratings Show He's Less Popular in Election Swing States

Massachusetts 29 percent approval.

California and Maryland 30 percent approval. 

Trump's home state, New York, 31 percent approval.

In the swing states:

Ohio, 48 disapproval and 47 approval.

Pennsylvania (52-43), 

Wisconsin (52-43), 

Michigan (52-42), 

North Carolina (53-42) .

Trump's approval rating in the reliably Republican state of Texas is just 42 percent.


  1. Top 15 internet news outlets of the world in online traffic, July 2017

    yahoo news
    google news
    huffingtonpost com
    cnn com
    nytimes com

    foxnews com
    nbcnews com
    dailymail co uk
    washingtonpost com
    theguardian com

    wsj com
    abcnews go com
    bbc co uk
    usatoday com
    latimes com

    aanirfan blogspot co uk (just kidding)


    30 biggest media owners of the world by revenue

    Alphabet - Google
    Walt Disney
    21st Century Fox - Sky

    Bertelsmann - Germany, UK
    Baidu - China
    News Corp

    Advance - Condé Nast
    iHeart - formerly Clear Channel
    Grupo Globo - Brazil

    Time Warner
    Asahi Shimbun - Japan
    CCTV - China Central TeleVision

    JC Decaux - outdoor advertising, based in France
    Axel Springer - Germany - Bild, Die Welt
    Mediaset - Italy, also Spain
    ITV - UK television
    Fuji Media - Japan

    Hubert Burda Media - Germany
    Gannett - USA Today
    ProSiebenSat - Germany, Austria Switzerland
    Yomiuru Shimbun - Japan



  2. It nauseates me to hear, see, or even peripherally sense the word, the name, the being... called TRUMP. And, in conjunction with your Chuckie picture above Aang, that in some way ALL of this angst for DJT is 100% very intentional, a fact even known to himself (even though the end game has certainly not been revealed to him). So what is this ultimate psychological game of hate and blame going to matriculate into? It's obvious that he has incensed and alienated the entire country, but what is the end goal and/or catalyst for something bigger? False flags are in semi-decline, Isis and Syria are being usurped by trump's cabinet turmoil and the russia memes are being slowly turned.

    I've had my gauge on the pulse of the conspiracy zone and it seems everyone is in this exponentially expanding realm of anticipation, agitation and anxiety. Usually when this amount of tension builds the dam is expected to break.

    Like JFK in Dallas, it feels like something big is going to happen.


  3. 'As Trump's Ratings Hit Record Low, New Poll Shows He's Still More Popular Than Hillary Clinton'


    Macron's popularity sinking like a rock in France as well

    Greeks are just totally in despair after the Syriza sell-out the other year, they have no desire or energy left to trust the promises of any politicians at all anymore

    Though UK people have the 'hope' bug again with Jeremy Corbyn ... who, curiously enough, says he would go Hard Brexit, because cheap immigrants are destroying UK working class wages

    Corbyn is doing classic Marxism actually, Marx & Engels themselves talked about 'induced migration' as an oligarch tool against the workers ... in the 1800s UK factory owners were importing Belgians