Thursday 1 June 2017


Deported Christian Indonesian Arino Massie

In May 2017, the Trump regime deported a group of Christian Indonesians who came to the USA seeking asylum from persecution around 20 years ago.

Christian Indonesians who sought asylum in US for persecution

Friends of the CIA and Mossad are suspected of being behind a string of bombings at churches across Indonesia on Christmas Eve 2000.

Bombs went off in 11 cities which left 19 people dead

The Indonesian military and its friends in the ISIS-linked Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)

In February 2001, the Indonesian newsweekly Tempo published a cover story suggesting the involvement in the church bombings of the Indonesian military, the TNI, whose top generals are close friends of the CIA and Mossad.


The CIA's Allen Pope during his trial in Jakarta, 28 December 1959.

The CIA secretly bombed Christians in Indonesia, in order to topple President Sukarno.

MOSLEMS defend CHRISTIANS against the CIA/MOSSAD false flag terrorists who attack Christian churches.

Trump's friends in Indonesia are behind the jailing of the Christian politician known as Ahok.




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Trump exposed indeed.

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U.K. GE 2017 POLLING DATA - Latest



1. Many assume there is a well-coordinated script for "Theresa May General Election Victory", the T.M.G.E.V. script. BUT WAIT. In light of the polling data reported above, can we be certain the T.M.G.E.V. script is real, or, if it is real, that it will prevail through to the coronation of Ms. May against a possible rival script or a genuine 8 June upset?

2. Might a "Jeremy Corbyn General Election Upset" script (J.C.G.E.U. script) prevail over the presumed T.M.G.E.V. script, or be the real nature of the T.M.G.E.V. script which will only become apparent nearer to 8 June?

3. Is a *genuine* general election upset possible, or are these new shock polling revelations the pre-planned twists and turns of a formulaic movie unfolding? In other words, are rival elite factions warring to "fix" the election result - OR is this new "shock" polling data just a cliff-hanger scene in the ongoing movie - OR is there an external spanner gotten into the works (such as too many voters proving surprisingly resistant to media programming?) ?

4. But, let us not forget the key question: Does it actually *matter* whether we see a T.M.G.E.V. or a J.C.G.E.U. in the final act? After all, if a legitimately just and moral individual "somehow" achieved political high office, he or she would simply be neutralised before they could change anything much (see: human history). But the unfolding movie - if movie it is - is interesting nonetheless, if only because by figuring out what the elite are doing (and how, and why), we increase our understanding of how to stop them. (Here's a clue: there ain't NEVER gonna be a real/effective "political saviour" leading a country. Social justice can't be handed down from the top, it can only be seized from the bottom by enlightened individuals within mass movements of raised consciousness).


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