Thursday, 1 June 2017


AA Gill in Lebanon.

From 1990 to 1995, the writer Adrian Anthony Gill was married to Amber Rudd.

Amber Rudd at Auschwitz.

Amber Rudd is currently the UK Home Secretary, the government minister responsible for MI5.

Amber Rudd's mother became the Marchioness Conyngham when she married Frederick Conyngham, 7th Marquess Conyngham.[3]

AA Gill's father was the BBC television producer and director Michael Gill and his mother the was actress Yvonne Gilan.

Michael Gill served in the RAF in Intelligence during World war II.

AA Gill (right) at school

In the 1980s, AA Gill, then in his thirties, was treated for drug problems and alcoholism at the Clouds House addiction treatment centre in East Knoyle.

AA Gill's younger brother Nick, a chef, disappeared in 1998.

AA Gill died in 2016, aged 62.

AA Gill (right) with friend.

AA Gill wrote for Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times.

Some critics have suggested that Gill's novel 'Sap Rising' shows a strong interest in young girls.

AA Gill (right) in Moscow with a friend.

AA Gill once shot a baboon during a Tanzanian safari.

Gill shot the animal, he explained, "to get a sense of what it might be like to kill someone, a stranger... naughty fun. "

AA Gill.

AA Gill - Africa.

AA Gill claimed that he was a Christian.

AA Gill's sober truths

AA Gill wore a ring bearing the image of an owl.

His home contained Haitian voodoo dolls.


  1. "AA Gill (right) in Moscow with a friend."

    The friend is Jeremy Clarkson

    1. And the other friend appears to be Bob Geldof

    2. Bravissimo !That's right. Two scores out of two,
      the winners are going to visit 4 Reich in Antarctica and - most likely - drive new Audi
      there ;-)

    3. You're right.
      The other picture with him and another friend, is Bob Geldof

  2. A true victim


  4. From sober truths article:

    "When he went to register the twins’ birth in 2007 he sneaked in extra names Pyramus and Thisbe."