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Celtic is a football club in Glasgow, in Scotland.

Jimmy Savile with Jock Stein, manager of Celtic football club.

There is a belief that Celtic football club is linked to a powerful child abuse ring that has operated among top people in Scotland and the USA.

15-year-old Lawrence Haggart, a Celtic youth football player, was murdered on 16 march 1996, two days after the Dunblane school massacre.

Alleged abusers Jim McCafferty (left) and Jim Torbett (right)

Anonymous writes:

"Lawrence Haggart's father fears that the Celtic 'kit man' Jim McCafferty was abusing Lawrence.

"McCafferty used to visit the lads home, phoned him on the day he was murdered and took him to watch games."

Jim Torbett (centre)

Anonymous writes:

"Three other men currently awaiting trial were at Celtic at the same time -  JIM TORBETT, Frank Cairney, and Gerard King (Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman ).

"Torbett was in business with celtic directors and was paid £1million from celtic after his conviction in the 90s.

"Torbett was a director at Fairbridge, now part of the princes trust, with ex Metropolitan Police chief David McNee, Lord McAlpine's brother William and Lord McCluskey amongst others.

"Liam Brady agreed not to go to the police on an allegation of abuse when Cairney took the youths to New Jersey in 1991..."



Lawrence Haggart

On 16 march 1996, two days after the Dunblane school massacre, Lawrence Haggart, aged 15, was savagely beaten with a blunt instrument and then thrown at the gas fire in his living room.

Lawrence was found unconscious in the living room by his older brother John, aged17.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic


Police were called to Lawrence's house at 1:30am.

Lawrence lived in Larbert, in Stirlingshire, not far from Dunblane.

Lawrence died in hospital from his injuries.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic


Initial reports suggested that Lawrence was attacked when he answered the door of his mother's home late in the evening, or, in the early hours of the morning.

Police found no sign of a weapon or forced entry.


Lawrence Haggart's mother Janet was on a night out and brothers John, 17, and Dennis, 12, were reportedly 'asleep' upstairs.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

Larry Haggart

Lawrence's father Larry lives nearby in Denny.

Lawrence had been returning from an evening out with friends at an under-18 nightclub knows as Ziggy's at Denny.

A friend had accompanied him in a taxi as far as Bonnybridge.

Lawrence left the taxi at 10.20pm that night and reportedly got home at 11pm.

Six months after Lawrence's death, Lawrence's father Larry Haggart said that he was planning a private investigation into the killing.

Larry Haggart was furious at the lack of progress by police.

Larry claimed the investigation into Lawrence's murder suffered because it came two days after the Dunblane massacre, also in the Central Scotland Police area.

A year after the killing, the police had still not found the murderers.

Thomas Hamilton - blamed for the Dunblane school shooting of 1996 - The Dunblane school massacre occurred in scotland on 13 March 1996. The official story is that, on 13 March 1996, a mad loner called Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at a primary school in Dunblane in Scotland. The unofficial story is that Thomas Hamilton was supplying pornography, and young boys, to top people including policemen and politicians; and Thomas Hamilton may have been murdered, to shut him up.

In October 1997, it was reported that the police were holding a known child abuser, Brian Beattie, suspected of murdering Lawrence Haggart.

Reportedly, Brian Beattie followed Lawrence home.

In 1991, Brian Beattie had been jailed for five years for assaults on adolescent boys.

He lived just a few miles from the scene of the murder.

BUT, initially the police seemed reluctant to pursue Beattie.

Lockerbie. Thanks to the Lockerbie Bombing trial, many people believe that the Scottish Criminal Justice System cannot be trusted.Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked - The Scotsman / NEW REPORT OF 'FAKE' EVIDENCE IN LOCKERBIE/ Police officer said that he planted the Lockerbie bomb ...

Reportedly, Brian Beattie made incriminating comments to a fellow inmate while in prison on remand.

In November 1997, Brian Beattie, 33, of Stenhousemuir, appeared in court accused of murdering Lawrence by entering the Haggart house in Glenbervie Drive, Larbert, Stirlingshire, on 15 or 16 March 1996.

Lawrence Haggart was murdered at his home in March 1996

In April 1998, Lawrence's brother John told the High Court in Edinburgh how he dragged his brother from a flaming pyre in the living room of their home.

John, said he found Lawrence after being awakened in his smoke-filled bedroom.

John says his mother arrived home from a party within minutes.


Brian Beattie lodged a special defence of incrimination, naming Lawrence Haggart's 12-year-old brother Dennis as the killer.

He also lodged a further defence of alibi claiming he was in Stenhousemuir, Edinburgh and later at his own caravan in Denny, Stirlingshire, on the night of the alleged murder.

Lawrence's funeral

In court, Dennis said he had been proud, not envious, of Lawrence's success in football.

He denied "losing the place" and bludgeoning his brother but agreed that in the weeks after the attack, the police had thought he was the killer.

Dennis told the jury that he and Lawrence had shared a bedroom and got on well.

Moira. 11-year-old Moira Anderson was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland. According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring. The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.

A fire officer told the court that two fires had been started deliberately in the room where Lawrence was found dying.

Two seats of fire were discovered. One of those was on the living room carpet and the other was on the settee. Both seats of the blaze had been started deliberately.

In court, pathologist Professor Busuttil was shown a piece of concrete slab - there had been a number lying outside the victim's house - and agreed that it could have been used by the killer.

Prof Busuttil said: "There were no defensive injuries and no evidence that he (the deceased) was involved in an altercation in which, for example, punches were exchanged. It is very likely he was taken completely unawares and that the incident was short-lived."

Celtic Boys Club, Scotland. In 1996 former Celtic Boys Club player Alan Brazil revealed that when he was 13 years old he was sexually abused by the club manager, Jim Torbett.[2]

The court heard that Brian Beattie, 33, was involved in a homosexual encounter in a gay meeting place on the night Lawrence was murdered.

Brian Beattie, 33, was interviewed by police while Lawrence was still fighting for his life and told them he was positive he had not been near the victim's house in Larbert, Stirlingshire, that night.

The High Court in Edinburgh also heard how a detective had "stumbled across" a hammer in the kitchen of Lawrence's house four days after a specialist team had searched the house for a possible weapon but found no hammer.

Detective Constable Gordon McGown told the court that on March 16, 1996, he had gone to the Evergreen Trailer Park in Denny where Brian Beattie had a caravan.

Brian Beattie agreed to go to Falkirk police station and they tried to establish his movements for the night in question.

The court heard that on March 18 a team of police search experts were called into the Haggart family home and during a three-and-a-half hour investigation found a triangular piece of concrete slab on grass outside the house.

However, scenes of crime pictures taken two days earlier showed no sign of a piece of concrete.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

PC Jeffrey Adams told the court that he had been part of the search team and had spent 26 minutes searching the kitchen of Lawrence's house on March 18. No hammer had been found and in his opinion they would have found a hammer had it been there.

Detective Sergeant Robert Beveridge said he had called at the house four days later and come across the hammer in the kitchen.

He could not recall who had instructed him to go to the house or what he was told to look for, but thought there might have been a problem with the electricity.

The house had been sealed and the inquiry team had taken possession of it.

He explained that he had "stumbled across" the hammer which was lying down the kitchen table.

He said he was "absolutely positive" the hammer, with a hair attached to it, was there when he went into the kitchen.

Stephen Downing spent 27 years in prison for the murder of Wendy Sewell before his conviction was quashed. Coerced false confessionsNorth America 2.2.1 Norfolk Four 2.2.2 Brown v. Mississippi 2.2.3 Central Park jogger 2.2.4 Pizza Hut murder 2.2.5 Corethian Bell 2.2.6 Simon Marshall 2.2.7 Jeffrey Mark Deskovic 2.2.8 Michael Crowe 2.2.9 Gary Gauger 2.2.10 Kevin Fox 2.2.11 West Memphis Three 2.4 United Kingdom 2.4.1 Stephen Downing 2.4.2 Guildford Four 2.4.3 Birmingham Six

Reportedly, Brian Beattie confessed to murdering Lawrence and allegedly said that the Dunblane massacre might have "triggered something in me", the jury was told.

Brian beattie said: "I keep remembering the fear in his face. I want to go to the grave to say sorry to him."

Detective Sergeant Gordon Munro, 41, said that Beattie was interviewed over a weekend.

Beattie reportedly said he had gone in the front door of the Haggart house and, through the glass-paned living room door, saw Lawrence on a couch covered with a blanket or a quilt.

"I opened the living room door and stepped in. He got up and said something . I hit him a I can remember his face, I will never forget it.

"He fell back on the couch and I hit him again. I keep remembering the fear in his face.

"I do not know how many times I hit him or what I hit him with. It's a blank. I know I never took nothing in with me but my hands were not sore after it so I must have used something. The next thing I remember is running back down the street."

He allegedly said in the statement he had gone back to the caravan and had managed to fall asleep. He got up early the next morning and burned his clothes at a lay-by.

Beattie continued: "It was just after Dunblane and I do not know if it was that that triggered something in me. We [Beattie and some of his family] went up there and took flowers."

The UK police reportedly suffer from Third World levels of corruption. GANGSTERS RUN THE UK

In court, Detective Sergeant Gordon Munro denied that Beattie was beaten up in police custody, and maintained that he made a genuine confession to the killing.

The court heard that videos featuring the abduction and torture of youths for sexual pleasure were found by police during a search of Beattie's home.

Detective Constable Forrest Sloan, 39, told the High Court in Edinburgh the pornographic material was in a chest of drawers at the home of Brian Beattie, 33, in Ewing Drive, Falkirk.

The search of Beattie's home was carried out on August 23, 1997, when two pornographic videos were found in a front bedroom.

Mr Edgar Prais, QC, for Mr Beattie, said "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the defence calls the police liars."

Of an alleged confession made by Mr Beattie, Mr Edgar Prais, QC, said it was strange that when it was supposedly made the police did not tape record it.

Mr Edgar Prais, QC, said that forensic tests were carried out in Scotland and by the FBI Bureau in Washington on behalf of the defence.

In all tests, Beattie was eliminated from any connection with the murder scene.

In may 1998, Beattie was jailed for life.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

In 1984, Beattie had been sentenced to seven years for breaking into premises and for arson.

In 1992, Beattie had appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh on a charge of abducting a 16-year-old boy from his bedroom.

The 16-year-old victim woke at 3am to find Beattie, who had been released from jail four days earlier, standing over his bed.

He covered the boy's face with a blanket and, after warning him that he had a knife, tied his wrists with a shirt and wire.

The half-dressed boy was forced from his home with a T-shirt over his head.

Beattie fled after his victim managed to pull the shirt off and saw his attacker.

Beattie was jailed but released 'on licence' in 1994.

Beattie was brought up in Airth, Stirlingshire.

He began his criminal life at the age of 11.

He spent his early years in a succession of schools and institutions for difficult children.

When his mother moved to Redcar, in Teesside, Brian Beattie broke into four homes belonging to elderly widows, stole valuables and set fire to their houses.

While in custody, Beattie set fire to his prison cell and attempted suicide by setting fire to himself.

After his release in 1988, Beattie moved back to Airth, in Stirlingshire, and in November that year carried out a series of attacks.

Beattie would sneak into houses in the middle of the night, after watching for signs that boys lived there.

His first victim was a 14-year-old Stenhousemuir boy, but he struggled free and Beattie ran off.

In August 1990, a 17-year-old boy sleeping in his home at Falkirk woke to find Beattie holding a pair of scissors at his stomach.

Beattie carried out a number of sexual assaults on the boy.

The victim remembers Beattie as being "calm, controlled and relaxed".

Three weeks later, Beattie carried out a similar attack on 21-year-old Lawrence Kane while his parents and older brother slept in other rooms in their Stenhousemuir home.

Lawrence said: "I can remember waking up and he had his hand over my privates and a knife in my belly. He said if I moved he would slash me.

"I managed to push him off me and chased him out of the room..."

Beattie struck again in October - with two attacks in five days.

He sneaked into a house in Larbert and threatened to kill an 18-year- old boy with a screwdriver before sexually assaulting him.

Then he struck at the home of a former Scotland football star and attacked his 14-year-old son.

The victim said: "Basically he had a strict routine with all the attacks and the last time he went a step further and ended up killing this boy. I was one of the lucky ones."

Beattie was eventually arrested in connection with some of these incidents but was released on bail at Falkirk Sheriff Court.

Six days later, he carried out an assault on a 20-year- old Falkirk man.

In February 1991, he was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh to 18 months for the assaults but served only eight months.

The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service, and the summary Quis Custodiet Custodes?, which sets out the bizarre and suspect behaviour of Strathclyde Police and their continuing refusal to act against a known serial rapist preying on children in the Glasgow area.



Lawrence Haggart

There is a suspicion that certain violent 'child sexual abusers' are given an easy time by the criminal justice system.

Think of Jimmy Savile or Marc Dutroux, both of whom the authorities were reluctant to arrest, presumably because they had friends in high places.

(The Who’s who of Satanic Child Abuse - Christopher Spivey)

On 16 March 1996, 15 year old Lawrence Haggart was brutally attacked.

On 17 March 1996, the frequently convicted paedophile and arsonist Brian Beattie, who lived nearby, was questioned by the police.

Strangely, there appear to be no pictures on the internet of Beattie.

Beattie had a long history of going into houses and sexually attacking boys, and a long history of using violence and setting things alight.

However, Beattie was released after claiming he had been in Edinburgh.

The police failed to check his uncorroborated alibi.

And the police switched their attention elsewhere.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

Lawrence's funeral.

In May 1998, it was reported that an independent inquiry into the police handling of the Lawrence Haggart case was to be carried out by James Mackay, the assistant chief constable of Tayside Police.

Details of his report were not made public.

However, under the Freedom of Information Act, a copy of 'much of the document' was obtained.

The report refers to a catalogue of blunders made by investigating officers, including:

1. Faking entries in an official diary of the murder inquiry.

2. Contaminating the crime scene.

3. Destroying evidence.

4. Losing a possible murder weapon.

Sections of the report dealing with an alleged criminal probe against murder squad officers has not been released.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

Dennis Haggart

The suspects in the case were Dennis Haggart, the 12 year old brother of Lawrence, and Brian Beattie, a known child abuser who lived nearby.

A report was sent to the Crown Office saying there was circumstantial evidence to link Dennis Haggart to the attack.

Detective Sgt Alan Stewart had said that he had evidence that Dennis committed the crime.

The initial police team was led by Det Supt Jim Winning, head of Central Scotland CID.

The team's theory was that Dennis had bludgeoned his brother to death.

After many months, Dennis's father complained about the lack of progress being made in the case.

At the end of 1996, Supt Joe Holden replaced Winning.

The change of police staff led to Brian Beattie becoming the central suspect.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic

The police lacked evidence.

Both the scorched couch and the badly burned carpet, at the site of the crime, had been disposed of soon after the murder, with the agreement of the police.

They had not been subjected to any detailed forensic examination.

Supt Holden's team was left with a series of photographs and a hair found in Lawrence Haggart's underpants.

Forensic tests in Scotland and at the FBI laboratory in Washington showed that the hair came from Lawrence.

The police had no explanation from Beattie about Lawrence's palms each of which bore the number 110 written in ink.

Photographs showed the same number 'gouged' in his shoulder, apparently using a mortice key.

Strangely, there appear to be no pictures on the internet of Beattie.

In 1992, Beattie appeared in court on a charge of abducting a 16-year-old boy from his bedroom.

The 16-year-old victim woke at 3am to find Beattie, who had been released from jail four days earlier, standing over his bed.

Beattie was jailed but released 'on licence' in 1994.

In May 1998, a court in Scotland found Brian Beattie guilty of the 1996 murder of 15 year old Lawrence Haggart.

The jury returned a majority guilty verdict.

The Curious Case of the Clown Persecution Service, and the summary Quis Custodiet Custodes?, which sets out the bizarre and suspect behaviour of Strathclyde Police and their continuing refusal to act against a known serial rapist preying on children in the Glasgow area.

Chief Inspector Jim Winning led the initial murder inquiry.

He retired on health grounds.

He was excused from giving evidence on medical grounds.

It was reported that Winning would escape possible disciplinary proceedings through early retirement on health grounds.

The Murder of Lawrence Haggart, 1996 - The Celtic WikiIncidents, Events and Controversies | About Celtic


THE KING RAT: The Godfather, The Krays, Massey, Domenyk & Child Abusers


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The elite carefully choose names and terms for symbolic resonance - i.e. words that evoke (invoke) negative energy. The media has reported on "OPERATION FAIRBRIDGE" (

"OPERATION FAIRBRIDGE" was actually a misnomer: a misspelling and conflation of the names of two 'real' police investigations into organised paedophilia, Operation FAIRbank and Operation FernBRIDGE.

The public therefore associates the term "FAIRBRIDGE" with the Elm Guest House child brothel, organised elite paedophilia, and Jimmy Savile.

No surprise, then, that the term "FAIRBRIDGE" is the name of the charity for children established in 1987 and since rebranded as The Prince's Trust Fairbridge Programme.

A contributor to Aanirfan has highlighted the involvement in this charity of JIMMY SAVILE, PRINCE CHARLES AND LORD MCALPINE'S BROTHER, etc.

It should surprise no one to find that PRINCESS ALEXANDRIA, LADY OGILVY - Jimmy Savile's other "special" royal friend -is also a Fairbridge patron.

Moreover, a certain SCOTT MCALPINE is listed as a "Senior Outreach Worker" at Fairbridge in Glasgow (

Prince Charles, the McAlpine clan, and Princess Alexandria/the Ogilvy clan should all be of great interest to police investigating Elm Guest House child brothel, organised elite paedophilia/child trafficking and Jimmy Savile.


The Fairbridge charity was reportedly the result of the merging of two organisations, the Drake Fellowship, successor to Operation Drake (Patron: Charles, Prince of Wales), and the much older FAIRBRIDGE SOCIETY.

The "FAIRBRIDGE SOCIETY" was a charity established in 1912 by a certain KINGLSEY OGILVIE FAIRBRIDGE and his wife. Its president was Queen Elizabeth II's uncle.

Between 1913 and the mid-1970s, the infamous "FAIRBRIDGE FARMS" in Western Australia received and accommodated about half of the 7,000 poor and orphaned British children *legally* trafficked to Western Australia as child migrants.

"Up to 60 per cent" of the child migrants sent to Fairbridge Farms were subjected to sexual abuse. The Fairbridge Society was "the plaything of the aristocracy" - with everything that that sinister phrase implies (see

"FAIRBRIDGE FARM SCHOOLS" were also established in Canada and Rhodesia... and perhaps elsewhere.

Whether Kingley OGILVIE Fairbridge was *related* by blood or marriage to the aristocratic OGILVY clan (Jimmy Savile's friend and Fairbridge patron Princess Alexandria was the wife of Sir Angus Ogilvy) is unclear.

But this information could prove very important.

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(1) Kinglsey Ogilvie FAIRBRIDGE, with the close support of the British aristocracy and establishment, allegedly founds a sexual abuse network that will allegedly sexually assault thousands of boys over 60 years legally trafficked throughout the former British Commonwealth.

(2) The successor FAIRBRIDGE programme, part of the Prince's Trust, is allegedly linked to organised elite child abuse via Jimmy Savile and Savile's close friends and Fairbridge patrons Prince Charles, Princess Alexandria/Angus Ogilvy, and the McAlpine clan.

(3) Operation FAIRBRIDGE, a misnomer, is the incorrect term used to describe investigations into a VIP child abuse network involving Westminster politicians, Jimmy Savile, and boys trafficked from around the UK to locations including the Elm Guest House child brothel. This apparent misapplication of the term "Fairbridge" may not be un-meaningful.



Uncovering the genealogy and possible aristocratic blood of KINGLSEY OGILVIE FAIRBRIDGE should bring us to possible *vital clues* about the roles of...

Princess Alexandria and her husband, the late Sir Angus Ogilvy;
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla (linked to Derek Laud);
Queen Elizabeth II and the late Queen Mother;

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Defender of the Faith- which one?
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