Wednesday 8 March 2017


China has provisionally granted Trump 38 trademarks – including for escort services and massage parlors.

Trump's lawyers in China applied for the trademarks in April 2016, as Trump criticised China at campaign rallies.

"The 38 trademarks include hotels, spas, escort services, massage parlors ... according to public documents."

China approves Donald Trump-branded massage parlors, escort services.

Among the 38 trademarks approved for the Trump Organization by the Chinese government over the past few weeks is 'Trump Escorts'.

The Trump Organization's trademark for escort services in China.

Melania Trump has resubmitted her defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail's website for reporting rumours that she worked as a high-end escort in the 1990s.

"But this time the paperwork has removed references to her plans to monetise her position as first lady.

"The former model is suing Mail Media Inc for $150 million (£120 million) in damages after The Mail Online reported rumours that her catwalk career was a 'ruse' and said she was actually an escort in the 'sex business'."

Melania Trumps refiles Daily Mail lawsuit .

Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka is a friend of the Chinese 'actress' Wendi Deng, who reportedly has had a relationship with Tony Blair.


Virginia Roberts worked at Donald Trump's hotel, Mar A Lago.

Virginia folded towels at the pool at Mar A Lago.

At age 15, Virginia met Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of 'Mossad agent', Robert Maxwell.

Virginia became part of Jeffrey Epstein's child abuse ring.

The Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza Hotel is the site of room 233, 'where Roy Cohn held child abuse orgies in order to blackmail elites.'

Roy Cohn's close friend Donald Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988.

A married Donald Trump reportedly invited a Hungarian beauty queen to his hotel room after attending the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

Ex-Miss Hungary claims Trump invited her to his Moscow hotel room


The name Trump has been linked to prostitution.

The Trump family empire was built on the backs of prostitutes.

"Trump Escorts was apparently a high end escort service whose website featured the Trump International logo...

"The address of Trump Escorts was/is 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side New York, New York 10024, USA, which is ... the address of Trump Place in Manhattan."

Pimping the Donald - Trump Escorts .

Mary Trump with son Donald  in the 1980s

Donald Trump's mother was Mary Macleod.

Mary was born in a poor community on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Mary was aged 17 when she left Scotland.

Mary arrived in New York in 1930.

She had just $50 in her purse.

Mary Macleod

Mary worked 'as a domestic servant' in New york for at least four years.

The mysterious Mary Trump: The full untold story of how a young Scotswoman escaped to New York

Mary Trump (Mary Macleod)

Mary lived with her sister Catherine in Long Island, New York.

Back in 1920, in Scotland, Catherine had given birth out of wedlock.

She left the child back in Scotland.

New York 1930s.

Catherine lived at 3520 6th Avenue, Astoria, Long Island.

Nearby 6th Avenue, Astoria, Long Island, is Roosevelt Avenue "a mecca of human trafficking" where women from various countries are sexually exploited.

Roosevelt Avenue has a number of brothels.

Kika, who was a victim of sex trafficking, said that she came to New York when she was aged 17.

Roosevelt Avenue Is 'Epicenter' of NYC Sex Trafficking, Officials Say

Bronx Boys. Stephen Shames PhotographerDonald Trump has done business with the Bayrock Group, associated with Tevfik Arif, who was arrested as a suspected organizer of an international ring involving young girls. turkishinvitations /

The official story is that Mary was on holiday in New York when she met Fred Trump.

Mary was not 'on holiday' when she met Fred Trump.

Donald Trump's Scottish mother.

Fred built lots of cheap houses in Astoria, Long Island, and elsewhere.

Fred's father made his first fortune in brothels [1] in the northwestern United States and western Canada.[2]

The 1940 census record states that in1935, Mary was living at 175/24 Devonshire Road in New York, the Trump family residence.

Mary and Fred Trump were married in January, 1936.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946.

Mary Trump

Mary Trump (Mary MACLEOD) died in 2000 at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Trump models. 

"Trump married a prostitute." - THE TRUMPS


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