Sunday, 19 March 2017



  1. Media control 'Werther Effect' ... media stories of suicides lead to more suicides

    "We become what we behold." - Marshall McLuhan

    'Werther Effect', named after character who kills himself in Goethe's 1774 book 'Sorrows of Young Werther':

    "Immediately following a front page suicide story, the suicide rate increases dramatically in those geographical areas where the story has been highly publicised

    Within two months after every front page suicide story, an average of 58 more people than usual kill themselves

    People decide suicide is an appropriate response to their troubles when they see others taking the same route

    Suicides even match the demographics of the original person who committed suicide; a young man killing himself means more young men will end it all, older women copy older women’s publicised suicides

    Basically, the human brain is designed to run simulations. Media has far too much control over what ideas are inserted into our minds, leading to the proliferation of those actions"

    "We become what we behold. We shape our tools & then our tools shape us."
    - Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

    McLuhan, Canadian pioneer media theorist, laid out what modern media is doing to us, McLuhan's key books 'Understanding Media' 1964, & 'The Medium is the Message - Medium is the Massage' 1967 (typo in title Message to Massage; was enshrined in publication)

    McLuhan even foresaw the internet as the on-demand television that would arrive & is now overwhelming us

    If 'we become what we behold' .... what are the implications of the ultra-dominant free internet p-rn? ... TechCrunch reports that the most popular free web p-rnography site, xvideos, at moments spikes to being itself, that one site, 2% of all internet bandwidth traffic in the entire world ... Especially young males around the globe are caught up in this ... Females now surpass males in winning Master degrees in many places, whilst young male brains get addled

    1. would you say that was thre case with all the suicides in Bridgend?

  2. W O W You've outdone yersel.

    (which i know for a fact aint easy, cause i've been trying 2 outdo you for years & have failed every single time!)

    Incredible blog Thank you. C xx

  3. goodnessandharmony@wordpress is currently suspended.
    Archived versions of posts can still be viewed:

    COMMANDER CHARLES ARTHUR HOWESON – colleague of Prince Philip and Prince Charles – charged with buggery

  4. Interestinly, Prince Philip and Charles'boarding Gordonstoun is mentioned in the "Child Sexual Abuse inquiry judge urged to investigate #Dunblane boarding school #CSA #QVS".
    Earlier today, I found this 'mysterious' reference ina Daily Mail article on the new Prince Charles 'biography'.

    "Philip insisted Charles go to Gordonstoun ... [Charles] was very unhappy and quickly singled out as a victim and tormented by bullies. But it was at Gordonstoun that he was introduced to parapsychology, mystics and later faith healing."

    -Chris B