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Kylian Barbey

(UPDATES below)

Kylian Barbey, 16, is alleged to have carried out an attack at the Alexis de Tocqueville school, in the quiet town of Grasse, near Nice, in France.

"Kylian was quickly arrested after police swarmed the school.

"The head teacher and two pupils suffered minor gunshot wounds. 

"Another five people were injured during a stampede following the shooting."

Kylian is the son of politician Franck Barbey, an elected councillor in Grasse, representing the right-wing Rally for France.

One pupil described Kylian as "gentle and low-key."

The police arrived in force within 5 minutes.

Initial reports said that there was more than one shooter, but the official story is that Kylian was the lone shooter.

French school shooting suspect who 'stormed building armed with rifle, handguns and grenades' / What we know about the 'troubled' pupil behind the France school shooting.

"Kylian was detained only five minutes after the start of the incident, at about 13:05, with the police quickly dispatched to the scene."

Fusillade dans un lycée à Grasse : récit d'une journée "traumatisante"

Does the whole thing look as if it was organised by the security services?

Kylian's Facebook page appears to have been altered, to show him as being a fan of violence and Satanism.

So, let's look at some slightly older Facebook pages showing the real Kylian and family.

Kylian and father.

Kylian and father.

Kylian and brother.

Kylian and father and brother.

It looks as if the official story is fake.

This looks like a Gladio-style false flag, possibly using a mind-controlled kid.

This looks as if it is part of the 'Strategy of Tension'.

On the same day as the Grasse attack, a letter bomb at the IMF put France on alert

Grasse prison inmate rapists and paedophiles given sex / Killer escapes by helicopter from Grasse prison - again .

Allegedly, Sacha (16) was Kylian's best friend.

Sacha says of Kylian: "I have never seen him fight and he is not at all violent.

"In school he was known as being a guy who was kind, helpful and sociable and who talked to everyone.

"He comes from a family with good, strict rules and a caring mother."

TEMOIGNAGE. Fusillade à Grasse

Sacha then goes on to say that Kylian 'had changed'. 

Either Sacha, who currently lives in Nice, is a fake, or, Kylian had been mind-controlled?

Reportedly, the security services force some children into child abuse rings, and then later turn the children into mind controlled patsies to be used in false flag attacks.

Grasse is near Cagnes-Sur-Mer

The following is from:

Sur les pratiques pédophiles et satanistes de la famille royale anglaise / Sur les pratiques pédophiles et satanistes de la famille royale anglaise

"Every year, a grand ceremony was organized in a satanic Templar castle near Cagnes sur Mer, by and for the .... family.

"The program is orgies, torture, and murders of children and adults...

Cagnes sur Mer.

"The thing is that in 2001, many victims escaped [10] .

"This resulted in a real panic in the surrounding countryside and the intervention of the French gendarmerie.

"The .... army smuggled out members of the ... family... hiding with bags of potatoes [11]

From Yves Saint Laurent's book la Vilaine Lulu. Translate this page

Antoine, disappeared near Grasse.

Kylian Barbey.

Hervé Pizzinat, the school's headmaster.

A young friend of Kylian has been arrested.

The young friend's twin brother has also been arrested.

Fusillade à Grasse: un ami proche du tireur interpellé dans le Var

Twins are often chosen by the security services for mind control, and for false flags.

At the time of the 'shooting incident', Pascal Baudesson, a janitor at the school, "came face to face with Kylian.

"Pascal Baudesson, a former parachute commando, talked to Kylian.

"Kylian told Pascal that he was afraid the police would shoot him."

Sarkozy in Grasse.

In October 2016, Kylian Barbey's school carried out an 'attack' drill.

Fusillade au lycée Tocqueville de Grasse

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At 17 March 2017 at 01:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kylian, such a bogus name, really....

At 17 March 2017 at 04:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not in Ireland. There, Cillian / Killian is as normal as Pat or Mick.

At 17 March 2017 at 14:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary stuff again. False flag possibly, but shooting real, unfortunately...

Greetings for France and pls let us meditate for world peace.
On Twitter here this official version of attack was immediately mocked by someone showing a cartoon of two presumed suspects, one muslim boy, 2nd white " unstable" etc : so more and more pppl are aware.

Scary topics about castle. No words for these crazy, unhuman mafia...

At 17 March 2017 at 15:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting from Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday:

"Nowadays, if you want to destroy another country, you overthrow its government by 'people power' mobs, backed by 'civil society organisations', whose origins are misty and undiscoverable, but which invariably vanish when their true objective is achieved. Or you can sponsor terrorism, and stone-throwing mobs behind which terrorists can hide..."

At 17 March 2017 at 15:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 18 March 2017 at 01:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Control, ah, I have the Harbinger on line two."

Interestingly, just before the Paris terrorist attack in 2015, Bernard Bajolet, head of the DGSE met John O Brennan, head of the CIA.

These are real people who plan these horrors, people who work at the CIA and the Pentagram^H^H^H^Hgon. Real people, with ties in offices, obediently serving their masters, the moneygrubbing monsters of Old Money, who presume themselves to be masters of the Earth.

Who believes these false flags anymore? They are running out of morons.

Right now, it's a barrel of laughs for these people: action without consequence.

But they already feel something's wrong. The people upon whom they inflict horrors will soon enough see them and fight back. And no special forces with their pop guns are going to save them.

And maybe the nice people in offices don't believe in Perfect Justice as a metaphysical inevitability. But, about their future, they will see soon enough if I am right or if I am wrong:

They are sleepwalking into an army of nightmares.

This life is short.

The next life is forever.

"I'm still on speakerphone, aren't I?"

At 18 March 2017 at 07:38 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Mad Muslim attack in France ... Dutch election manipulation

And now we have another mad Muslim at France's Orly airport, seizing a weapon from a soldier

Of course "a radicalised Muslim known to security services ... known to police, intelligence services" same as nearly always ... and also quickly dead, as usual

Are the hidden powers perhaps not trying so hard to install Rothschild banker, pro-globalist, pro-Muslim-migrant & possibly gay (with wife 24 years older) Emmanuel Macron in France?

The Dutch election this week showed curious manipulation

In the week before the Dutch vote, Dutch television was filled with scenes of Prime Minister Rutte, talking very tough to Turkey's President Erdogan, pleasing Dutch people with his anti-Muslim-leader denunciations, diminishing the surge for Geert Wilders

Tho the reality is that Rutte is pro-migrant, pro-EU ... some speculate that the hidden powers actually plotted the whole row between Turkey & the Netherlands, with Erdogan back-hand-helping manipulate the Dutch vote

The 'far-right' Geert Wilders & his party only surged ahead to increase their seats by 20% in the Dutch Parliament ... tho media say he 'lost' because Wilders did not surge much more to 1st place

Dutch Prime Minister & his party lost 20% of their Parliament seats ... tho media say he 'won' because he did not lose even more to Geert Wilders

Dutch people say that Rutte put on a successful show of being 'tough on Muslims' in his public exchange of insults with Erdogan ... it is very clear that the 'tough on Muslims' theme was key in votes in the Netherlands for both of the leading parties, Rutte's & Wilders'

Erdogan says 'religious civil war' is starting in Europe ... Erdogan's Israeli friends keeping him informed?


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