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"The Israelites were never in Egypt."

This is according to "the world's top Egyptologists", including James Henry Breasted, Donald Redford, Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Ze'ev Herzog, the head of archeology at Tel Aviv University .

Prof. Ze'ev Herzog wrote, in a 1999 article in Ha'aretz:

"The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel."

Ze'ev Herzog.

According to the Egyptian scholar Dr Ashraf Ezzat, the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia.

The Old Testament fabrication. / Download a copy of Dr. Ashraf Ezzat book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

In the 3rd century BC, at the Library of Alexandria, seventy Jewish scribes translated the Hebrew bible from Aramaic to Greek. 

They thus produced what is called the Septuagint Bible.

This has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since.

These Jewish scribes apparently moved the story of the Jews from Arabia to Egypt and Palestine.

The Old Testament fabrication that the Israelites ...

Brabantian comments on the work of the Egyptian physician Dr Ashraf Ezzat:

"Ezzat marshals a great deal of evidence that the stories of the Bible ... involve a group of devious Arabian bandits who became 'the Jews', falsifying their ancient tales with new locales in Egypt and Palestine..

"The oldest vesions of the Old Testament Bible we have, are apparently not the 'Hebrew' texts - a revised concoction of post-Masada Jewish rabbis - but the text composed in Greek, the 'Septuagint', an alleged Greek 'translation' of Hebrew texts in Alexandria ... which perhaps re-located Jewish tales into great ancient Egypt to give them more lustre

"Ancient Egypt had voluminous records ... but essentially zero about the Jews ... it seems 'Pharaoh' was not even an Egyptian word, but a later imposition upon the history of Egyptian kings."

Zion is said to be the homeland of the Jews.

In 1977, the Saudi government published a comprehensive list of thousands of place names in Saudi Arabia.

Kamal Salibi, who is Christian and one of the world's top historians, noticed that many place names in Saudi Arabia relate to the Old Testament.

Salibi wrote:

"I was simply searching for place-names of non-Arabic origin in west Arabia, when the evidence that the whole Bible land was here struck me in the face.

"Nearly all the biblical place-names were concentrated in ... Asir and ... Hijaz."

The Saudi monarchs are reputed to be secretly Jewish.

In 1985, Kamal Salibi concluded that Zion was not located in Israel but in Saudi Arabia.

According to Salibi: The kingdoms of David and Solomon were in the Saudi provinces of Asir and Hijaz.

Nearly all the biblical place-names were concentrated in what are today Asir and the southern part of the Hijaz.

Salibi's book is entitled The Bible Came from Arabia

Asir, Saudi Arabia.

According to Salibi:

The land God promised to Abraham is in Saudi Arabia.

Moses led the children of Israel across one of the Asir's flash-flooded valleys, not the Red Sea. 

Ancient Jerusalem is the present-day Saudi village of Al-Sharim.

The City of David, further South, is on a ridge which today has the name Qawat Sian - the Hill of Zion.

ISIS is said to be the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

According to the archaeologists:

"Modern-day Israel has been extensively dug over for decades without yielding any incontrovertible evidence, in the form of Hebrew inscriptions referring unambiguously to events, people, or places named in the Old Testament."

Was Kingdom of David really in Arabia? -

'Most of the Jews in Israel are not the original Jews of the Bible, but people who converted to the Jewish religion.'

At the Huffington Post, James Dorsey asks Is Zion in Saudi Arabia?

According to Dorsey:

1. The Saudis, afraid of Salibi's discoveries, "bulldozed dozens of villages which contained buildings or structures from Biblical antiquity."

2. Writing in The Times of Israel, journalist Jessica Steinberg noted that:

A vibrant Jewish community had populated 3,000 years ago areas that today belong to Saudi Arabia and that the cities of Medina, Khaybar and Taymar hosted large numbers of Jews in the 6th and 7th century.




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At 9 August 2016 at 13:30 , Anonymous brabantian said...

This echoes the fascinating work of the Alexandria, Egypt physician Dr Ashraf Ezzat ... the Bible & the 3 Abrahamic religions are all based on fraud

Ezzat marshals a great deal of evidence that the stories of the Bible occured in Arabia in and around what is now Yemen, and essentially involve a group of devious Arabian bandits who became 'the Jews', falsifying their ancient tales with new locales in Egypt & Palestine

Ezzat argues the 3 Desert Bloc religions dominating the West - Judaism, Christianity & Islam, with their foundations in child-mutilation (circumcision) - are all creations of Mid-East tribes who are belligerent, extremist & of low culture, & who sold their 'story' to the world via massive fraud during the Roman empire periods

The oldest vesions of the Old Testament Bible we have, are apparently not the 'Hebrew' texts - a revised concoction of post-Masada Jewish rabbis -

But the text composed in Greek, the 'Septuagint', an alleged Greek 'translation' of Hebrew texts performed in Alexandria ... which perhaps re-located Jewish tales into great ancient Egypt to give them more lustre

Ancient Egypt had voluminous records ... but essentially zero about the Jews ... it seems 'Pharaoh' was not even an Egyptian word, but a later imposition upon the history of Egyptian kings

It is time to say good-bye to all 3 Abrahamic religions with their child-mutilation foundations

Note that most problems in the world, come from the 3 cultures that mutilate baby boy genitals - Judaism, Islam & Yank Americans (infected by Jewish doctors)

Baby boys with their genitals mutilated irrevocably for life, seem to be psychologically driven to seek harm upon others

Circumcision kills hundreds if not thousands of babies each year, the claimed 'health benefits' of this mutilation is a Jewish-doctor fraud

The Greek rulers of the ancient Jews were right ... and Germany was right in its recent legislation, sadly forced into reversal by combined Jewish-Muslim lobbies:

Circumcision - child mutilation, must be totally banned & outlawed, & scorned by global public disgust ... and the world will be a better place

At 9 August 2016 at 13:43 , Anonymous brabantian said...

The old Soviet Union had much better policies regarding Israel, than Vladimir Putin
- Putin who is an extremely good friend of Bibi Netanyahu
- Putin who is a sponsor of Chabad-Mossad take-over of rich Jewish properties in Russia
- Putin who is silent re the approximately 20% of non-Arab Israelis who are Russian citizens, known as the most racist Israeli oppressors of Palestianians, with Russian citizen soldiers being the core of aggressive Israeli soldiers who kill Palestinian women & children

From the memoirs of the Soviet Union's longest-serving Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko (1909-89):

« Israel's attack in 1967 on Egypt, Syria & Jordan, gave new force to the question whether an aggressor should be permitted to use the territory he has occupied as a political bargaining counter, & thus be rewarded for his expansionist foreign policy ... The Soviet position was that everything must be done to bring about the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops ... the position in the Middle East remains critical, thanks to the endless intrigues of Israel, her accomplices & protectors ... the USSR, like many other countries, condemned & still condemns Israel for her aggressive actions. »

« Since its creation ... Israel has followed expansionist policies. I have met many Israeli leaders & to each one I have pointed out, that the state of Israel cannot secure its own happiness while building up an atmosphere of hatred & hostility in the Middle East ...

« I received Israeli Foreign Minister Itzhak Shamir ... I said to him ... 'We severely condemn Tel Aviv's policy of seizing lands to which it has no right. Ask yourself whether Israel has gained or lost from this policy. We of course believe that Israel has lost.'

Sooner or later, justice will triumph, & Israel will hand back the Arab lands to the Arabs, & learn to live within her internationally recognised borders. »

Andrei Gromyko, in his book 'Memories - From Stalin to Gorbachev', (Arrow Books, 1989)

At 10 August 2016 at 11:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 August 2016 at 12:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Tsarion raises some interesting points in his research..Irish Origins of civilisation.....

At 10 August 2016 at 12:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points, and sensical as today I read of the Israeli govt kidnapping 1000's of the jewish yemeni babies born within the the first years of the state of israel. What came to mind was that the ashkenazi jews needed actual jews (i.e. the yemini) so they stole their babies. How flipping horrible. But aforementioned, that's the jist of these imposters.

I also agree with the ending of circumcision which I refer to as the blood sacrifice to baal. Lest we forget, it was banned within catholicism before vat II (not that I'm promoting catholicism, just should be noted).

Lastly, there was an article written recently in MSM which said that the University of Tennessee was having an influx of anti-semitism behaviors. After reading the article to find out how this was, it said many student were joining such groups as Free Palestine, and Pro-Muslim groups. As far as I can tell, there is only one head to this serpent, and it "ain't" the Palestinians, just as it "ain't" the Irish Catholics, if you catch my drift.

ps Not to forget, google maps recently erasing Palestine from the earth (sort of reminds me how 9/11 was washed off the internet as being the new year day on the julian calendar. One group has dominant control of the interweb and as such can, will and has rewritten history. Fantastic! It's time for the serpent's head to be cut off).

At 10 August 2016 at 13:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 August 2016 at 14:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 August 2016 at 17:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for yet another great blog! xx


At 10 August 2016 at 18:56 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

Even the Saudi oasis of Tayma was mentioned in the Torah or Old Testament but its former springs have all run dry in the last few decades because cheap oil allowed for cheap pumping of the ancient aquifer estimated to have been the size of Lake Erie that briefly made Saudi Arabia the SIXTH largest producer and exporter of wheat.But that has all come to an end albeit too late to save the ancient oasis waters of biblical Tayma.
And Israel that brags of its ingenious abilities to make and conserve water is in fact doing the same with groundwater of Palestinians whose land continues to be invaded by these white honkey anti Semitic Euro Trash Israeli parasites and Jesus wouldn't be caught dead baptising in the fetid waters of the Jordan sewage ditch today...

In the historic town of Tayma, which was built atop a desert oasis mentioned several times in the Old Testament, researchers in 2011 found “most wells exsiccated.” That’s academic speak for “bone dry.” The once-verdant Tayma oasis that had sustained human life for millennia – archaeologists have found stone tablets there dating back 2,500 years – was drained in one generation.......

At 14 August 2016 at 03:04 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Not really, Putin has lectured the Lubavitchers explaining to them the bolsheviks were 85% Jewish. They took the wrong path admonished Putin.

The most important thing about Jesus is what he really said and it is buried under the vatican.

It is classified as paganism today, however it is pure veda.

Imagine a world where nobody ever heard of Abraham.

At 19 August 2016 at 01:22 , Blogger Veronica Keen said...

The genuine ISRAELITES are the IRISH People. Ancient Irish Holy men were known as HEBREWS. It was the Irish who wandered in the desert. The Hebrew Language was an ancient Irish language, it was stolen by Jews , same 22 letters. JEWISH History was stolen from Ireland and "ST Patrick" was sent to Ireland to remove all evidence of this. The Catholic Church changed place names in the East to fit the "STORY" they were about to inflict on Humanity. Ireland is in fact "The Holy Land" Gilad Atzmon stated that the "Jews" did not have a HISTORY, that they stole their History, yes they stole it from Ireland and have done all in their power to destroy Ireland ever since.

At 1 May 2017 at 20:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noo... Phoenicians navigated to Ireland. Not the other way around...

At 1 May 2017 at 20:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putin LOVES the jews. No wonder, he is a jew himself:

At 1 September 2018 at 15:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@anonymous: That so-called passport is about as real as Soetoro's birth certificate.

Anyone with even half a brain knows that Putin is an Orthodox Christian. He has even been to the Holy Mountain--which has refused entry to most people, even an Orthodox Christian congressman. You have to be the real thing to be admitted there. Putin has rebuilt hundreds of churches that the jews had destroyed. Putin has Orthodoxy Christianity as part of school curriculum now, and there is freedom of worship in the Russian federation.

Putin's spiritual advisor is Patriarch Kirill. There is more, but unless you are Orthodox or even understand what Orthodoxy is, there is no point.

We can guess where this insane nonsense above was started by the usual suspects, who realize that some are waking up to their crimes.

I wonder hwy there is no mention ever about the fact that LBJ was a Jew, who collaborated with the Jews who gave the order to kill Kennedy. LBJ had hundreds of Jews illegally enter the US through Texas, and betrayed the American forces when they were attacked by Israel in an attempted false flag operation.

@dublin's mick: anyone that messed up by the RC church cannot hope to have a clue about Putin. Why don;t you talk about the the ongoing organized pedophilia and child trafficking in the schismatic RC church which was invented in 1054 in order to loot the holy land for the Jews?

At 1 September 2018 at 15:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, there are no "Jews" in the OT anyway. Pay attention.

At 1 September 2018 at 15:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lot of follderoll!

The Irish have zero semitic DNA.

St. Patrick was not RC, he was an Orthodox Christian, predating the schism of 1054.

At 2 December 2019 at 19:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The genuine ISRAELITES are the IRISH People...Andrew Power makes an excellent case for this with his book...IRELAND Land of the Pharaohs

At 20 March 2023 at 04:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK workers ‘£11,000 worse off a year’

‘Nobody has ever seen anything like this’

“… [What] are known as ‘real wages’ haven't seen sustained growth for 15 years …

Torsten Bell, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, says … ‘Nobody who's alive and working in the British economy today has ever seen anything like this’ …

“Xiaowei Xu, senior research economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank, describes this as an ‘absolutely massive difference in living standards’ …

At 27 April 2023 at 06:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am ready to write a tell-all book. Six years in the back stage of high level politics in Westminster, I have stories they will make a movie about. For six years I was placed on the silence button but enough is enough. Buckle up for the Confession of the Westminster Wife

At 27 April 2023 at 06:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tories braced as Andrew Bridgen's wife plans tell-all book about sleaze and intimidation

At 29 April 2023 at 13:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freud himself wrote of Moses as a Pharoah. His book on true jew origins is harder to find than even Solzhenystins "200 Years Together"

At 5 October 2023 at 01:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The land God promised to Abraham', eh? ? Some human being wrote that assertion down and some humans got it incorporated into some document thousands of years ago that is called 'The Bible'.

Was it in the original Hebrew version or the one that the Jews translated into Greek?

Awfully convenient if that promise magically appeared at a suitable time in history, eh??

At 27 October 2023 at 10:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read 1 Kings 10.
The Queen of Sheba had given Sholomo, the King of Israel at that time 120 talents of gold, a great quantity of spices and precious stones.
These items were most likely produced by the Sabaeans, who inhabited southwestern Arabia.
In other words, Sabaeans had traded spices, precious stones and gold with the sons of Israel.
Due to this, I could describe the Sabaeans as being the sons of Israel because they did business with them.


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