Thursday 23 June 2016



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At 23 June 2016 at 11:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Aang.


At 23 June 2016 at 13:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Peter Lilley?

PETER LILLEY is the MP for Hitchin and Harpenden.

PETER LILLEY MP has been linked by some to a pair of suspicious deaths: i.e. Stephen Milligan's in 1994 and Justin Fashanu's in 1998.

Lilley and Portillo – a pair of Tory friends involved in the Westminster/VIP paedophile network according to Scallywag – reportedly had sexual relations with Fashanu.

A plan to murder Fashanu was anticipated, reportedly, by Stephen Milligan. Fashanu had come to be perceived as a 'loose cannon', whose indiscrete talks with the tabloid Press might lead to exposure of the Westminster/VIP paedophile network.

Thus Milligan may have been murdered to prevent him becoming a whistle-blower, while Fashanu may have been murdered because of what he knew about the involvement of Tory MPs in organised child sexual abuse. Perhaps Peter Lilley could shed some light on this.

PETER LILLEY MP has been linked to child sexual abuse. Paedophile material could be traced to a flat in Dolphin Square which Lilley was known to visit, Scallywag alleged.

It was further alleged that Lilley had taken part in a 'paedophile party' held in a Dolphin Square flat on 14 November 1992. Some or all of the "young boys" abused that night were reportedly residents or former residents of the Bryn Alyn Community children's homes in North Wales. Perhaps Peter Lilley could shed some light on this.


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