Saturday 23 April 2016


Barry Goldwater, who was of Jewish origin, has been compared to Donald Trump.

Barry Goldwater was the Republican Party's nominee for the Presidency in the November 1964 election.

There is a suspicion that the Powers-That-Be wanted Lyndon Johnson to win and thus selected Goldwater to play the part of the loser.

Goldwater (left)

In a May 1964 speech, Goldwater said that nuclear weapons should be used in Vietnam, and in Europe and in Cuba.

Goldwater was supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

Goldwater lost the1964 election to incumbent Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson by one of the largest landslides in history.

Goldwater only won his home state of Arizona and five states in the Deep South.

Goldwater received 38.4% of the popular vote.

It turned out that Goldwater was in favour of gay rights and in favour of abortion.

It turned out that Goldwater did not like Christians getting involved in politics.

Goldwater endorsed Democrat Karan English in an Arizona congressional race.

Goldwater urged Republicans to lay off Bill Clinton over the Whitewater scandal.

In a 1988 interview on Larry King's radio show, Goldwater was asked if he thought the U.S. Government was withholding UFO evidence; he replied "Yes, I do."

Above, see all Trump's acting roles.

Donald Trump is an actor.

Trump: Showman .

Trump the actor.

To help him play his part, Donald has got himself a new campaign chief.

Trump's new campaign chief is Paul Manafort.

Manafort's past clients have included:

Angola's Jonas Savimbi, 

The Saudi government, 

Ukranian oligarchs,

The George Bush family 

And the Philippines' Ferdinand Marcos.

Trump's new image-maker honed his 'dark' arts in Ukraine -

Trump, the actor.

It's all an act.

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At 23 April 2016 at 13:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Lyndon Johnson was never going to lose in 1964 whoever he was up against. Goldwater was left to face Johnson because Nixon wanted to keep his powder dry. I also don't think there was anything fake about Goldwater's platform in 1964 or his later socially liberal views - he had always been a libertarian who believed the state should stay out of people's lives, which is why he opposed the New Deal.

At 23 April 2016 at 19:39 , Blogger Peter said...

The ultimate charlatan playing to the gallery. His bosses, the Anglo-American Wall Street establishment, must be peeing their pants with laughter at the grotesque gullible stupidity of Amerikans.


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