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The Russian model Natalia Vodianova is acquainted with the Clintons.

Hillary and fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

The Russian model Natalia Vodianova went to the Dominican Republic to do a photo shoot, with Oscar and Annette de la Renta, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton compared Natalia to an angel."

Natalia Vodianova is aquainted with lots of the top people.

Goga Ashkenazi (right) with Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

When Goga Ashkenazi, who is Jewish, had her 30th birthday party, the guests included Prince Andrew, Lord Mandelson, Nancy Dell'Olio and Russian model Natalia Vodianova.

Prince Andrew, the sex claims and the convicted pedophile billionaire / Secret pregnancy for Prince Andrew's chum Goga Ashkenazi

Natalia Vodianova, born in 1982, grew up in a grim part of Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia. 

Her father joined the Russian Army, disappeared, and then reappeared after her mother, Larisa, had taken up with another man.

Natalia and her mother were sent off by Larisa's parents to Ukraine. 

When Natalia's grandfather visited, he observed Natalia "alone, in the dirt, eating with the geese". 

Natalia and Larisa returned to Nizhny Novgorod; and Larisa re-married.

Natalia Vodianova (third left), younger sister Oksana (far right) mother Larisa (left) and sister Kristina (second left). dailymail

Husband number two walked out after the birth of Natalia's half-sister Oksana, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and severe autism.

According to Natalia: "The doctors said Oksana was a vegetable and would be dead before she was 10." 

Oksana is now 26 and lives with her mother in Nizhny Novgorod.


Seven-year-old Natalia worked hard to help Oksana.

Her mother Larisa washed the floors at Natalia's school and worked nights in the car factory.

Natalia says: "I spent my life trying to make my mother feel better.

"She was miserable and tired and alone."

Natalia, as a model.

Larisa and Natalia began selling fruit on the street.

Larisa got a new boyfriend who used to get drunk and behave badly.

At the age of 15, Natalia moved into her own apartment, with a friend, and the two of them began selling fruit.

Natalia Vodianova in 2001, after she moved to France. Natalia Vodianova has appeared in the front covers and editorial spreads of fashion magazines worldwide. She has earned many millions.

In Nizhny Novgorod, Natalia got a boyfriend, who attended the local modeling school.

Natalia joined the modeling school and was soon noticed by a talent scout.

Natalia traveled to Moscow, was rejected by the modeling agency Viva, but accepted by Madison.

Aged 17, Natalia flew to France.

There she joined Viva, run by Cyril Brulé.

Natalia and Justin Portman

Natalie says: "You always hear horrid stories of models being exploited, cheated, and treated badly, but 13 years later that man, Cyril, is still my agent in Paris and is one of my best friends in the world."

Meanwhile, back in Russia, Larisa had borrowed money from the Mafia.

Brulé saved the day by giving the family a loan.

At the age of 18, Natalie met the wealthy London aristocrat Justin Portman, aged 31. 

Natalia and Justin.

In 2001, Natalia Vodianova married Justin Portman the half-brother of the 10th Viscount Portman.

They produced three children, Lucas, Viktor and daughter Neva.

Portman and Natalia Vodianova had houses all over the world, including a home in London, a 3,000 acre Herefordshire estate, a 14th century mill house in West Sussex, a home in New York and a retreat in Uruguay.


Natalia Vodianova

In 2011, Natalia Vodianova and Portman announced their separation.

The failure of the marriage was partly 'down to Justin's drinking'.


"The first signs of estrangement began to appear when he started to spend more and more time in Uruguay, far from his family."

Natalia Vodianova. Une rupture

Natalia Vodianova with British-Serbian financier Aleksandar (Sasha) Pesko, in 2011.

"Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova had a long, cozy lunch with ...wealthy ... Sasha Pesko...

"The beauty, a face of Gucci, was spotted dining with the handsome financier - also known as Aleksandar Pesko and previously linked to Spanish model Eugenia Silva - at Nello after a stroll in Central Park."


Lucky Alessandro.

Antoine Arnault, Natalia and Natalia's son Lucas.

Soon after her separation from Portman, Natalia Vodianova began a relationship with Antoine Arnault, the son of LVMH -Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy- founder Bernard Arnault, the richest man in Europe.

They produced a son in 2014.

Natalia told the Daily Mail:

"In 2004 the Beslan massacre happened in Russia, with 186 children killed... which was the spark for my Naked Heart Foundation charity...

"Naked Heart has completed more than 100 projects in Russia. We build accessible play parks – many of them at orphanages, children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centres. 

"Now I’m involved in Every Child Deserves a Family, which aims to ‘join the dots’ – getting non-government organisations working with the private sector and government to improve the situation for children in Russia."


The Programme Director at the Naked heart Foundation is Oxana Medvedeva. 

Previously, she was a programme coordinator at the Open Society Institute - the Soros Foundation - where her work focused on the child abuse programme and travel grants.

Sasha Pesko (Left) and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

At one time, Natalia Vodianova was linked to British financier Alexander (Sasha) Pesko, whose family has links to Switzerland.

Tatjana Pesko, Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (Tatiana Blatnik), Eugenia Silva, and Sasha Pesko. Tatiana Blatnik was born in Venezuela, though raised in Switzerland and is of Russian Jewish origin. 

The very gentlemanly Aleksandar Pesko attended Winchester and the LSE.


Models are getting younger?


The video below refers to the mind control of fashion models.

Some people see this as being mind control by the CIA and its elite friends in order to produce sex slaves.

Some people, perhaps wrongly, relate the mind control to the 'work of Satan'.


In 2009, Anand Jon Alexander, a fashion designer whose clothes have been worn by Paris Hilton, was sent to jail. 

Anand Jon Alexander "had for many, many years been raping models who worked for him, some of whom were only 14 at the time."


Reportedly, Jeffrey Epstein was assisted by a top modeling agent and scout, Jean Luc Brunel, who has links to Israel.

Brunel is the boss of the MC2 modeling agency.

The Sex-Trafficking Model Scout 8/04/10

Lolita Lvova, who has reportedly worked for MC2

The EPSTEIN saga includes (1) the buying of a 14-year-old named Marcinkova from her parents (2) trawling Palm Beach for teenagers (3) receiving two 12-year-old French girls as a "birthday present" (4) entertaining top members of the 'Kosher Nostra', some of whom have been linked to 9 11

Elisa Sednaoui of MC2

According to court documents:

Jean Luc Brunel, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, and Natalia Marcinkova "engaged in ... racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2 ... to engage in sexual play for money..."

Candace Swanepoel of MC2

Reportedly young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics were recruited for Esptein's sexual pleasure.

According to a former bookkeeper, a number of the girls worked for MC2.

Ginta Lapina of MC2

Brunel, along with numerous young models, was a frequent passenger on Epstein's private jet.

Brunel reportedly received $1 million from Epstein in 2005, when he founded MC2 with his partner, Jeffrey Fuller.

Liu Dan of MC2

Brunel's models include Ginta Lapina,Vogue China covergirl Liu Dan, Sessilee Lopez, Candace Swanepoel, Marina Lynchuk, Natalia Chabanenko, and Elisa Sednaoui.

Sessilee-Lopez of MC2

According to Michael Gross' 1995 book Model:

"Jean-Luc Brunel is considered a danger," says Jérôme Bonnouvrier. "Jean-Luc likes drugs and silent rape. It excites him."

"I really despise Jean-Luc," says John Casablancas. "There was a little group, Jean-Luc... They would invite girls and put drugs in their drinks."

Marina Lynchuk of MC2

60 Minutes and Diane Sawyer investigated Brunel in 1988.

The program interviewed nearly two dozen models who said they had been sexually assaulted by Brunel and/or by his fellow agent, Claude Haddad.

CBS spoke to five models who said that Brunel and/or his friends had drugged and raped them.

Producer Craig Pyes said "Hundreds of girls were not only harassed, but molested."

Natalia Chabanenko of MC2

Continued here: The Sex-Trafficking Model Scout

Nadia Marcinkova.

Nadia Marcinkova (above) had a successful career as a model for Chanel, Dior, Vogue and MTV.

Marcinkova did flight training at a small flight school at the Palm Beach County Florida, Airport.[4]

She is now a FAA certified commercial rated pilot and flight instructor.

A Venice Florida airfield is where Mohamed Atta and his chums learnt to fly and where the CIA reportedly organised its drug smuggling.

Reportedly, the Hebrew speaking Mohamed Atta flew drugs out of Venice, Florida, for the CIA.


Epstein's house manager Alfredo Rodriguez who died suddenly.


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At 6 April 2016 at 21:30 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

Some people, perhaps wrongly, relate the mind control to the 'work of Satan'.

However the use of Satanic entities in programming alters is well documented in multi generational ritual satanic abuse families. It's quite an interesting area that spooks and Illuminati family bloodlines use as very specialist knowledge.

At 7 April 2016 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me this satanic possession is just the surface of an induced multipersonality. The tortures caused by programmers create these compartments in the victim's mind and someone answers to this with: I HAVE DEMONS INSIDE ME!

1st case:
James Tilly Matthews

2nd case+book:
The CIA's Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain

We always have political plots and agents who, once caught, could be slipping some secret...

At 7 April 2016 at 11:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

100% true

At 7 April 2016 at 11:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 April 2016 at 12:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tortures caused by programmers creates terrible attacks of anxiety as a consequence. Certain substances become very handy in order to deal with that particular moments. Suddenly one of the various aspects of the personality emerges and comes into manifestation. Sometimes the inner aspects are triggered by words or by sounds or images. Can happen anywhere.

At 7 April 2016 at 16:55 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

"Some people, perhaps wrongly, relate the mind control to the 'work of Satan'."

There's plenty of evil within some people. There's no need to attribute that evil to a non-existent entity.

Recommended reading on the subject:

The Pedigree of the Devil
By Frederic Thomas Hall
Published 1883

At 7 April 2016 at 20:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure how accurate these 'breaking' revelations are but Mrs. Roberts might very well be leaking more information at a critical moment considering his wifes presidential momentum:


Claiming she personally witnessed Bill with TWO underage girls (!)


At 7 April 2016 at 23:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump: 2 Presidential Candidates Caught In Sex Scandal


At 8 April 2016 at 00:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

better check this out

At 8 April 2016 at 01:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panama Papers Ignore Massive Corruption and Racketeering in America, by Stephen Lendman

America is the epicenter of world public and private corruption and gangsterism - a kleptocracy run by criminals complicit with corporate crooks, headquartered on Wall Street, profiting at the public’s expense.

Monied interests transformed the nation into an unprecedented money making racket, scamming ordinary people of their savings, jobs, homes and futures so privileged elites can get richer and more powerful.

From inception, the business of America has always been business - meaning license to pillage, defraud and benefit extralegally, including tax avoidance more than anywhere else worldwide, encouraging high-net-worth foreign individuals to shift funds to the US free from taxation, discussed in a separate article.

Government of, by, and for its privileged few allows grand theft on an unprecedented scale. Markets are manipulated up or down for profit, scamming the unwary.

Authorities permitted the greatest ever wealth shift from ordinary people to its rich and powerful, the grandest of grand theft, facilitated by Fed controlled money, credit and debt - Wall Street owned and operated.
America’s dark legacy is largely concealed from view. Enormous wealth is hidden in tax havens or investments at home and abroad, free from taxation.

Wall Street banks and other giant US financial institutions are at the center of unprecedented criminality, aided by government co-conspirators.

Panama Papers’ leaks were selective, from what’s known so far, ignoring Western wrongdoing, focusing attention elsewhere, including on targets powerful monied interests in the West complicit with Washington want smeared - notably Vladimir Putin, despite no evidence linking him to tax avoidance or hiding ill-gotten wealth in secret offshore accounts.

Western media scoundrels reacted as expected, pointing fingers the wrong way, ignoring what demands featuring.

The New York Times discussed “the Panama Papers’ sprawling web of corruption” without addressing its unrevealed epicenter in America.

The Washington Post asked “where have Russia’s billions gone” instead of demanding accountability for America’s criminal class.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted a “Chinese link to (the) ‘Panama Papers’ widen(ing).” Lots discussed on its top officials, nothing about wrongdoing by Americans.

Crime in high places is a global epidemic. Exposing it demands starting with its epicenter.

It’s deep-rooted in the world’s richest country with nearly a third of global billionaires, more than in all EU countries combined, and government run by its rich and powerful, controlled by monied interests, serving America’s privileged class exclusively at the expense of everyone else.

At 8 April 2016 at 02:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 April 2016 at 02:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"To me this satanic possession is just the surface of an induced multipersonality."

"What are taken to be spirits behave in the same generic way whether they oppress Americans or Chinese or Indians. They cause the victim’s voice and face and movements to be changed dramatically. They feel just as threatened by a Taoist priest holding an ivory tablet as a Catholic priest holding a crucifix, or an Indian baba waving a tray of lights (arati).

They are put to rout not by human agency acting alone but by divine power, whether by Shang Ti, or by an avatar of Krishna, or by Jesus."

When we read Goullart’s account of the Taoist abbott exorcising the demons from the Chinese farmer, what do we make of the symptoms of possession? We see a man who blows up like a balloon, exudes a pool of excreta from his pores as he deflates, becomes as rigid and heavy as a cast-iron statue, caves in an iron bedstead while remaining motionless, resists being lifted by seven men and writhes like a mortally wounded snake at the moment of expulsion."

"The question before us is this:

Is it easier to believe human beings can do such things on their own with their bodies and minds, or that these things are unnatural and/or extra-human, and can be done only by something alien to them, using their bodies? If you observed first-hand someone in your own family inflate before your eyes and then speak a language you know he has never learned in a voice that is not his, would it be easier and more plausible to assume he was showing a hitherto unknown side of his personality for the first time, or that he was possessed by an alien spirit?"

At 8 April 2016 at 10:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You replied with a really interesting post, I'll see those demons as the greek daemons or Jung's Archetypes.


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