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Otto Skorzeny in Madrid.

The top Moslems, top Jews and top Nazis all work together, when it comes to criminal activity.

Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's favourite killer, was a colonel in the German Waffen-SS.

In 1948, the Americans helped Skorzeny to escape from an internment camp. [24]

Victims of the Nazis.

In 1953, General Reinhard Gehlen, who was working for the CIA, sent Skorzeny to Egypt to become the military advisor to Egypt's President.

Skorzeny recruited a staff made up of former SS and Wehrmacht officers to train the Egyptian army.

Among these officers was Leopold Gleim, head of the Gestapo Department for Jewish Affairs in Poland.

Skorzeny trained Arabs for use against British troops stationed in the Suez Canal zone.

Skorzeny trained Yasser Arafat.[29]

Efraim Halevy, the former Head of the Mossad, is seen above, in Hampstead, in London. HAMPSTEAD, FINDERS, DUTROUX, FRANKLIN.

Skorzeny was recruited by the Mossad and worked with Rafi Eitan.

'Yes, I met and ran Skorzeny,' Rafi Eitan told Haaretz.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Skorzeny's work for the Mossad included assassinating a German rocket scientist Heinz Krug who was working with Egypt.

"Supported by Austrian Intelligence", Skorzeny set up a secret pro-Nazi organization named Die Spinne[35][36]

"Skorzeny, Gehlen, and their network of collaborators gained enormous influence in Europe and Latin America."


Skorzeny acted as an advisor to Argentina's President Juan Perón.[37][38][39]

Skorzeny was a founder and an advisor to the leadership of the Spanish neo-Nazi group CEDADE, which had been established in 1966.[40]

Otto Skorzeny

In the 1960s Skorzeny set up the Paladin Group.

Based near Alicante, Spain, the Paladin Group specialized in arming and training guerrillas, and its clients included the South African Bureau of State Security and Muammar Gaddafi.

It also carried out work for the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 and some of its operatives were recruited by the Spanish Interior Ministry to wage a clandestine war against the terrorist group ETA.[43]

The Soviet news agency TASS reported that Skorzeny's Paladin Group was involved in training US Green Berets for Vietnam missions during the 1960s.[33]

In May 1943, the Nazi leaders adopted a plan to 'go underground'.

By August 1944, Martin Bormann was ready to transfer the Nazi's stolen wealth (gold, money, stocks, paintings, bearer bonds, blue chips...) into 750 new corporations in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Argentina.

Martin Bormann also made use of I.G. Farben to hide the Nazi loot.

Paul Manning's Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile | Lys-d'Or

Bormann (right)

On 1st May 1st 1945, Martin Bormann left Germany.

Reportedly, Lt. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis and Ian Fleming "led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945 using river kayaks."

Reportedly, "Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959."

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann's son was in Israel in April 1993.

A Quiet Visitor to Israel: Martin Bormann's Son - New York Times


"After World war II, Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information. 

"The real power behind Hitler, Bormann, known as the 'Brown Eminence', successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a 'Reich in Exile' in the years following the war... 

"Controlling Germany's major corporations, the Federal Republic itself and much of Latin America, the Bormann Organization also maintained a formidable circle of influence in the United States. 

"Paul Manning has written the definitive text on the Bormann Organization.

"Heavily invested in major corporations (especially American "blue chip" corporations) the group can exert great pres­sure with little effort...

"The European Monetary Union is, as we have seen in many programs and articles, the realization of the strata­gem of Pan-German theoretician Friedrich List..."


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At 30 March 2016 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haaretz wrote abut it:

The Fuhrer's Doctor: Dr. Eduard Bloch treated Adolph Hitler’s family during Hitler’s childhood and figured prominently in Adolph’s family medical cures. According to an interview with Dr. Bloch in 1941, at a Nazi party conference in 1937, Hitler inquired as to news of Bloch, referring to him as an “Edlejude” -- a noble Jew.

Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy wrote: “Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races and by the establishment of a world rpublicin which everywhere the Jews will excercise the privilege of citizenship,” quoted to Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, page 574.

Merkaz Harav is a Talmudic College in West Jerusalem, largely considered as the theological and ideological nerve center of religious-messianic Zionism.
The college teaches and promotes the teachings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.

Rabbi Kook wrote that "the difference between the Jewish soul and the souls of all non-Jews, no matter what their rank and level of understanding, is bigger and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the animal soul."

This totally racist discourse toward non-Jews represents the mainstream and modus operandi at Merkaz Ha'rav where Talmudic sages such as Haim Druckman, Avraham Shapira, Dov Lior, teach that non-Jews are sub-humans and ought to be enslaved or destroyed.

Recently the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mordechai Eliyahu, urged the Israeli army and government to carry out a series of carpet bombings of Palestinian population centers in Gaza.

"If they don't stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand," said Shmuel Elyahu, quoting his father.

"And if they do not stop after 1,000, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don't stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop."

At 30 March 2016 at 11:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Article, Aaang! Now, I'm reading this one:

“the big cheese”

At 30 March 2016 at 12:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloch has only good words to say about the Fuhrer, the fact that he was his doctor and his ethnicity is no big deal anymore and no secret at all.

At 30 March 2016 at 12:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 March 2016 at 13:06 , Blogger wiggins said... is all a game 'THEY' play with us. "Gravity's Rainbow" - Thomas Pynchon...well worth a read.

At 31 March 2016 at 14:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please see "The Bormann Brotherhood" by William Stevenson. ( all his work deserves reading) While doing promo for the above title encountered Nazi fanatics working in the basement of the 1980's White House. He wrote editorials for the Toronto Sun. These all bear reading. Unfortunately, like myself, was sympathetic to the early emergence of Israel. Mea culpa.


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