Friday 4 March 2016


Cliff Richard threatens to sue BBC.

Donald Trump wants to use ISIS - to remove Assad from power in Syria.

"His promises."

Trump represents one faction of the elite.


According to this model here there are three factions.

There is: a Zionist (fascist) faction, a Conservative (fascist) faction and a Liberal (fascist) faction.


Mitt Romney does not belong to the same faction as Trump, and so Trump supporters may not listen to what Romney says.

Mitt Romney says that "Trump's promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University...

"Trump calls for the use of torture. 

"He calls for the killing of innocent children and family members of terrorists. 

"He cheers assaults on protestors." 


Trump is popular with the Americans who are fascists.

Chris Hedges writes:

"Fascism is about an inspired and seemingly strong leader who promises moral renewal, new glory and revenge.

"It is about the replacement of rational debate with sensual experience.

"This is why the lies, half-truths and fabrications by Trump have no impact on his followers."

The Rise of American Fascism: Chris Hedges.

Of course, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can be be seen as being fascist.

Donald Trump is rather like Juan Peron (above).

Juan Perón was President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955.


1. Peron was sympathetic to homosexuals.

"He resisted the entreaties of the military in 1943 to crack down on homosexuality.

"Instead he ordered the police and judiciary to let up on their gay-baiting."

(Juan Perón - Biography of Juan Perón)

Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn, who was gay and liked boys.

Gregory T. Angelo is the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group for gay Republicans.

Angelo says Donald Trump "is one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency."

The LGBT pick for the GOP nomination: Donald Trump.

2. In 1945, Perón married Evita, originally known as Eva Duarte (1919–1952).

Trump's third wife is Melania Knauss.

"Donald Trump married a prostitute."

Donald Trump Prostitution Pimping Scandal / A Prostitute

3. The Perons are said to have looted Argentina.

Reportedly they siphoned money from their charity organizations and political fundraising to various Swiss bank accounts.


Barking Rabbits.

Hackers have tapped into Trump's Swiss bank account?

People paid $35,000 to study real estate management at Trump University 'only to discover that the university was a scam'.

4. Reportedly, Peron had links to the CIA through Licio Gelli.

(Fascism and the Establishment in Italy : Gladio and the stratergy ...)

In 1987, Donald Trump bought 93% of the voting stock in the Resorts International gambling business.

In 1978, Andrew St. George reported that Resorts International was originally set up and controlled by the CIA and its friends.

Make Argentina great again.

5. In the early 20th century, before Peron came along, Argentina was one of the top 10 richest countries in the world.

Peron decided to introduce protectionist policies.

The amount of land under cultivation dropped from nearly 22 million hectares in 1934-38 to just over 17 million in 1955.

(The Legacy of Juan Peron)

Donald Trump wants to introduce protectionist policies.



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Resorts International was Meyer Lansky.

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