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Who really staged the event in Tel Aviv?

Scandals Loom Over Netanyahu.

Mohammad and Khaled Muhamra - the 'patsies', probably kidnapped by the Israelis?

A Tel Aviv policeman 'let one of the terrorists from the Sarona attack into his apartment, and then left him in the house with his wife and in-laws.'

Tel Aviv cop accidentally invited terrorist into his apartment ... - Jerusalem Post

According to a Tel Aviv police spokesman:

The policeman and his wife were enjoying an evening out.

The policeman heard gunshots and headed towards Sarona.

Then the policeman and his wife made their way to their apartment building nearby.

Among other bystanders outside the apartment was a man who seemed very confused and scared, and who kept asking for water.

The policeman brought the man upstairs, gave him water, and left him with his wife and mother-in-law while he went back downstairs.

Later, the policeman realised his mistake and he returned to his apartment and arrested 'the terrorist'. 

Later, other police entered the apartment.

As one of the officers holstered his pistol, an errant round went off, which injured the police officer who had let the terrorist into his apartment.

Tel Aviv cop invited terrorist into his home after attack.

It is more likely that the the two terrorists, Khaled and Mohammad Muhamra, two cousins from the West Bankwere kidnapped by the Israelis and held prisoner until after the false flag attack.

Note how the alleged terrorist weapon has been carefully placed under the chair.

The alleged terrorists, Khaled and Mohammad Muhamra, were reported missing by their families two days before the attack[5]

Terrorists known to Authorities

Khaled Muhamra is a student at the Al-Karak Jordanian military academy, and had arrived in the West bank for a Ramadan vacation.[24]

Khaled comes from a family associated with Fatah.[25]

Asaf Bar and his girlfriend were eating in the Max Brenner cafe.

Sitting at the next table were the 'two terrorists'.

Asaf Bar was shot in the head.

But Asaf has happily survived the two shots to the head.

"Two terrorists armed to the teeth were able to get to the gates of Defense Ministry headquarters - located right across the street from the Sarona Market...

"They were not killed on the spot, but managed to leave the scene of the crime, and only later were they caught."

ANALYSIS: No Security in Tel Aviv?

The police and security services do collude in murder.

Ido Ben Ari

The victims of the Sarona Market attack are said to be:

1. 42-year-old Ido Ben Ari, a former commando in the IDF's elite Sayeret Matkal unit.

2. 39-year-old Ilana Neve (Naba/Naveh), whose family requested that the media not cover her funeral.

"The body of Ilana did not bear any bullet wounds." Court Denies Police Request for Autopsy

3. 58-year-old Dr Michael Feige, whose speciality is "the effects of war and terrorism on the Israeli psyche."

4. 32-year-old Mila Mishayev.

Dr Michael Feige pictured very recently in Athens.

It should be noted that at least 7 of the Arab hijackers said to gave been killed on 9 11, were found to be still alive after 9 11.

On 8 June 2016, "four people were killed in the shooting, in Tel Aviv, at the SARONA shopping center."

Initial reports indicated that 'the two shooters' were dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Terrorists 'were acting like any regular customer'.

At 29 seconds, it all looks fake. 

In the above video:

The gunmen don't seem to be shooting anyone.

The man in the blue T shirt looks like he is trying to deliberately knock things over.

Eye-witnesses said that 'the terrorists' were dressed formally, wearing suits, ties, white shirts and black trousers.

Above we see the 'secret' tunnels underneath the Sarona shopping complex.

These tunnels have been used by the Israeli military.

The Sarona Complex in Tel-Aviv Has Long Housed Secrets of Israel

There is a suspicion that this attack at the Sarona complex was an inside-job, false flag.

Do the Israelis carry out False Flags?

New Sanders adviser suggests that Israel gassed the Syria rebels

Someone carefully knocked over a few chairs?

There was a shooting in Tel Aviv on 1 January 2016.

The gun, allegedly used by the alleged killer Nashat Milhem on 1 January 2016, had been taken into police custody BEFORE 1 January 2016.

'Gun used in Tel Aviv attack was previously confiscated by police'

The suspect in the 1st January 2016 attack. Tel Aviv gunman shot dead after a week on the run.

There was a shooting in Tel Aviv on 1 January 2016.

This is what we wrote in January:

Police sources have said that the Tel Aviv shooter is an Arab from the Wadi Ara in northern Israel, aged 29.

The police say that the shooter's father had recognized him from security footage of the attack, and had apparently called the police.

Sami Milhem is a a relative of the suspect, and has served as the suspect's lawyer.

Sami Milhelm says that the father of the suspect is a police volunteer.

Police have said that a copy of the Koran was found in the shooter's backpack.

Sami Melhem has told Israeli television that the suspect is emotionally unstable and not an adherent of ISIS.

"He is not sane. Lately he has been wandering around in a strange manner," Melhem told The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew sister publication Ma'ariv.

The suspect was known to the security authorities.

Manhunt underway for terrorist day after Tel Aviv shooting rampage. /Suspect in Tel Aviv shooting.

On 11 December 2015 Rami Adeeb Milhem, 22, was kidnapped by the Israeli military.

Soldiers Kidnap Eight Palestinians In Tulkarem.

Above we see the scene just after the 'terror' event in Tel Aviv on 1/1/16

Israeli police are investigating if the Tel Aviv shooting, of 1 January 2016, was the first terror attack inspired by ISIS.

On 31 December, a tweet was posted warning of an attack on the street in Tel Aviv. The tweet claimed to be representing ISIS.


ISIS is believed to be run by Mossad, the CIA and their friends.

The shooter in Tel Aviv.

The shooter has been described by a witness as being a "fairly small, light-skinned man holding an M16."

One witness described the assailant as "light-skinned and not Eastern looking."

Two Killed, Seven Wounded in Shooting at Tel Aviv Pub.


The Tel Aviv attacker is described as being light skinned.

Israel needs to pretend that ISIS is not a tool of Mossad?



Happy New Year!

"We are fortunate that the solutions are relatively simple. It begins and ends with education and non-participation. Ignorance is the sole tool that keeps the Pathocracy afloat. An awake populace can collectively choose to stop holding the pyramid above their shoulders by refusing to oil the gears of the machine."

Lifting the Veil - / Best Summaries of World Politics - / MK-ULTRA Project - / Child Sex Abuse Rings -

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At 1 January 2016 at 11:56 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

Giving ISIS/Israel the excuse it wanted to attack Syria around the stolen Golan.

At 1 January 2016 at 13:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that instead of being the smartest people on earth as they like to tell themselves...the poor Jewish people are in fact the most ignorant fools alive...I mean if they can't tell that their own leaders raping and murdering the world's children on an industrial scale for political blackmail, and that controlling a worldwide debt based currency ponzi scheme, while carrying out a slow motion genocide in front of 7 billion other humans in 4k HD is not good long term PR for their own safety they really are thick as shit...may they reap what they have sown...

At 1 January 2016 at 14:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's important for the axis to have some sort of event in occupied Palestine which they can blame on ISIS because even some rubes are beginning to ask why this supposed Muslim enemy of America and Israel spends its time killing Muslims and destroying Muslim-owned property and has now for years acted as if israel is located somewhere south of Antarctica.


At 1 January 2016 at 23:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have ever seen footage of the fundamentalists in Israel. It's completely shocking. They're totally and utterly unreasonable, and they will just throw Palestinians out of their houses and take them for themselves. They are so full of hate they wouldn't be able to see anything.

What about the genetic evidence which shows that the Palestine are pure Semitic, but Israelis are of many mixed races. The fake Israelites are throwing the genuine Israelites off of their land. These genuine Israelites, the Palestinians, are the direct descendants of the people who wrote the Torah, the Hebrew bible. The Romans were really horrible to them now they are being persecuted by the Israelis.

At 2 January 2016 at 00:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They simply don't care about non-Jews - never have done & never will do.They're brought up from birth to regard the "goyim" as their enemy.Here's some reading for you all.

At 2 January 2016 at 03:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 January 2016 at 03:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 January 2016 at 09:00 , Blogger Ann Diamond said...

How to create and program a mind controlled 'terrorist assassin' on the streets of Toronto in broad daylight:

At 3 January 2016 at 11:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

British Children To Re-Enact Fighting Zionist Terrorists At Summer Camp

If that were to happen in this day and age can you imagine the fuss ?

It would certainly be deemed inappropriate condemned in the media and possibly even be labelled as that greatest of all sins "anti-semetic".

Well thats exactly what has happened in Israel although the boot is on the other foot.

Some background on the activities of the Palmach organization.

The father of the Communitarian movement Amitai Etzioni (born Werner Falk 1929 Germany) once a member of the Palmach organization writes.

Unlike armchair ethicists, who write about this matter and never come closer to combat than watching a movie in a theater, I have some first-hand experience in the matter. In 1946, I was a member of the Palmach , a Jewish underground commando unit that pressured the British to allow Jews who escaped Nazi-ravaged Europe to settle into what would become Israel. (I say “pressured” because unlike our competitor, the Irgun , we fought a largely public relations war. We did so by alerting the British military to leave before we blew up the buildings that housed them—to grab headlines, not bodies.)

One day, we attacked a British radar station near Haifa. A young woman and I, in civilian clothes and looking as if we were on a date, casually walked up to the radar station’s fence, cut the fence, and placed a bomb. Before it exploded, we disappeared into the crowd [1]

In the 1970s the IRA terrorists used to "warn" the authorities in the UK by ringing in warnings before blowing things up it didn't always provide sufficient warning to avoid casualties.[2]

Shockingly Israeli children have been encouraged to attend weekend Summer Camp style meetings where they re-enact and presumably glorify the terrorist activities of the Palmach organisation. According to this article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz they appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Yet British politicians and newspapers seem oblivious to this and indeed conspicuous in their silence on the matter akin as it is to sending children on an IRA re-enactment weekend camp.

Haaretz Article Title: At 'Camp Palmach,' kids relive militia's glory days

At 3 January 2016 at 11:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The activities centered on the experiences of the fighters of the Palmach, who struggled against the British to found the State of Israel.
By Eli Ashkenazi | Aug. 1, 2010 | 12:55 AM

A group of youngsters with British accents emerged from the thicket of old eucalyptus trees along the banks of Nahal Hashiva, an area that sits between Kfar Tavor and Kfar Shibli. Erel Moatti, a fourth grader from Kfar Tavor, and his fellow classmates waited for them to begin moving away from the thicket - this was their signal.

Moatti, outfitted with green camouflage and face-paint, explained the reasoning behind his appearance. "I'm a spy," he said. "This means we're battling the British. If we manage to infiltrate the British camp, then we win. They taught us how to break in during the day, quietly."

Moatti and 70 other third and fourth grade students participated last week in "Palmach Week," staged by Kfar Tavor's branch of Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed, a youth organization founded by the Labor Zionist movement. The culmination of the event, "Camp Palmach," took place over the weekend.
The activities centered on the experiences of the fighters of the Palmach - the elite strike force of the Haganah, the prestate underground Jewish militia - who struggled against the British to found the State of Israel. [3]

In light of this sinister activity why do British politicians elected to represent British interests and only British interests remain resolute in their praise for the Zionist state ?

Why do they not condemn it as blatant indoctrination of Israeli children with "anti-Britishism" ?

Conservative Chief Whip MP Michael Gove is clearly a man with a keen interest in children as indeed are many of his colleagues, as an "honourable" man he is surely concerned about the dangers of negatively influencing fragile young minds with bigotry. Gove being former Secretary of State for Education, a former columnist and a close confidant of "fair and balanced" Rupert Murdoch.

Speaking at the packed Conservative Friends of Israel meeting We Believe in Israel 2015 the UK’s largest-ever pro-Israel conference held only 45 days before the general election, Gove heaped praise upon Israel and made distinct point of criticising "anti-semitism". It seems reasonable to expect Gove a British MP to be at least equal in his condemnation of "anti-Britishism" and the glorification of terrorism in whatever form lest he risk being accused of disloyalty and favouritism embarrassing our nation.

The CFI reported on Gove's speech.

In a passionate speech touching up his memories of Israel and explaining why he is a Zionist, Chief Whip Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP stated: “Israel, you are not alone. You will never be alone. Jewish, Christian, Muslim – we will be behind you”.

The senior Conservative MP said that he feels “an enormous sense of pride in what the Jewish people have achieved in Israel”.

Describing anti-Semitism as a “poisonous ideology”, Mr Gove warned that anti-Semitism has increasingly taken an anti-Jewish state form.

The Chief Whip emphasised: “We believe in decency, we believe in fairness, we believe in humanity, and that’s why we support Israel’. [4]

At 3 January 2016 at 11:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Right Hon. Michael Gove MP's Speaks at the We Believe in Israel 2015 Conference

Gove despite being a British MP and paid to represent British interests fails to put Britain first and takes a particularly blinkered zionist view of history.

Lest we forget a few inconvenient facts.

Aug 1945
World Zionist Congress in London resolved that Palestine be immediately established as a Jewish state.

Sept 28th
BC James Barry (26); "Shot and killed at the central post office Tel-Aviv by two young men he had stopped. He died instantly after being hit by three bullets at close range; at the same time as this incident an explosion occurred near to the scene."

Oct 10th 1945
BC Gordon Hill (22); killed on duty; Sharon, Haifa. Athlit camp was attacked and 208 detainees released though some refused and were bound and gagged causing one woman to be asphyxiated. Constable Hill was in the pursuit party

Nov 1st 1945
Gnr Harold Yates (25) from Sheffield; RA; "Killed by Jewish insurgents, dressed as British Officers, armed with tommy guns when a mass attack took place on the railway system."

Dec 27th 1945
Killed: BC Edward Hyde (28), BC Noel Nicholson (20), ASP George Smith (44) and Ptes Likoebe Kurata, Vincent Nthinya, Tapotsa Ntisa all in African Pioneer Corps; in terrorist attack on CID HQ, Jerusalem.
ASP Denis Flanagan (33); "Killed in one of three attacks against police buildings at Jerusalem and Jaffa and a military installation at Tel Aviv. MOD
L/Cpl Richard Symons (30), REME, from Westminster; killed by terrorists attempting to steal from arms store, Tel Aviv. [5]

At 9 June 2016 at 01:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If true: that's sad, and Hebron citizens do not need more strict Zionist policies.

If not true: great timing, as last UN reports about Israel Military support of Sirian rebels in Golan was a sensitive info.

On a sidenote: Italian parliament voted for a law against genocide, Shoah and racial hatred propagation.

Are you promoting ideas against the official version of history? Fines and arrest up to 6 years.

At 9 June 2016 at 01:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 June 2016 at 01:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 June 2016 at 03:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9 June 2016 at 03:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israelis are ‘like a rash,’ says Irish member of European Parliament,7340,L-4808659,00.html

At 9 June 2016 at 06:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bibi or Netanyahu did the same trick, as Bush did in 9/11. While he was speaking at the russian conference, some guy came to his ear to say the obvious, so that he would have an excuse to leave the conference and settle matters with the palestinians. What expects us now, is another war in Gaza, like 2 years ago. As usual, more massacre, more carnage and more deaths made by Israel, with the help of USA military.

At 9 June 2016 at 08:36 , Blogger El Roy 13 said...

The funny thing, after cuomo signed that bill into pkace a few days ago (making it illegal to be a part if boycott israel), commenters called this. Every comment I read denounced this "law" and said beware of the next false flag aimed at gaining sympathy for IsraHell. Well, here we have tel aviv, and, the bombing in front of their embassy in london (sorry, controlled explosion). These cowards are like clockwork. The best though is, NEITHER MADE FRONT PAGE, jammed down our throats news! Are even their own waking up to the ridiculousness of their frauds?

At 9 June 2016 at 11:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at recent past history,...Caesar and the Roman Empire, the Crusades, the Holly Inquisition, The Spanish and Portuguese Empires, Napoleon and the French Empire, the British Empire, the III Reich, the Pax Americana, and the list goes on and on.........only tools in the hands of the Masters.
Now the tool is the Jews. Tomorrow will be another country or people, or another relevant or irrelevant subject.
Only tools.

At 9 June 2016 at 13:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is interesting: Prof David Ray Griffin, the 9/11 truther, talks about climate change denial and how it is funded by the One Percent. They spend hundreds of $millions on climate change denial propaganda.

Well known 9-11 author Professor David Ray Griffin speaks to Steve Johnson on about his new book on Global Climate Change and the Global Warming stooge debate.

Is alternative energy expensive. No.

Solar, wind, and sea wave power is now much cheaper than oil and gas, by more than half. You can put solar panels on your roof and not only power your house for free, but your electric car also for hundreds of miles.

At 9 June 2016 at 13:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Within weeks of anti-Child Sexual Abuse campaigners approaching an AIDS charity in connection with their patron, Peter Lilley MP, and alleged Dolphin Square 'paedophile parties'...

...the charity forces out Mr Lilley:


At 9 June 2016 at 14:02 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Former Israeli kibbutznik Bernie Sanders, totally betrays his devoted supporters & endorses brutal murdering criminal Killary - Hitlery Hillary Clinton

Yet further confirming the totally depressing sell-out nature of USA (in fact USA-Israeli) political candidates

"Bernie Sanders appears to have sold out emerging from a White House meeting with President Barack Obama vowing to work together with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in November. Bernie would rather endorse a traitor who has sold her influence as Secretary of State just to save the Democratic Party.

"Obama assured Bernie, no doubt, that he would not allow Hillary to be indicted. And to further rig the game, the State Department refuses to release her emails until AFTER the election. But the actual date they gave was November 31st, 2016, which does not exist since November has only 30 days. Once she is president, no doubt they will vanish altogether.

"It appears that Bernie is betraying all those who supported him. Hillary will raise $1 billion to buy the White House. That kind of money does not come from bankers without strings. Wall Street supports Hillary."

- Investment advisor Martin Armstrong

At 9 June 2016 at 14:22 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Hungarian-Jewish billionaire George Soros gives advance notice of UK Brexit vote stitch-up

"Soros is signalling that Britain will not exit the EU. Since that will be determined by election fraud, we can probably put that prediction in our pipe and smoke it."
- Russ Winter

Soros knows the people who own & programme the UK voting machines

And the devil enjoys announcing in advance the evil things he is doing, the pleasure is all the greater

At 9 June 2016 at 21:55 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

Behold the ancient Hebrew crime syndicate, where lies have always dominated:

An Incredible Interactive Chart of Biblical Contradictions

A very good chart:

The Holy Bible

At 9 June 2016 at 22:47 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

What can be expected of a socio-ethnic group whose ideology is based upon lies?

Contradictions in the Bible

At 10 June 2016 at 01:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mohammad and Khaled Muhamra - the 'patsies', probably kidnapped by the Israelis?"

Or they could be Jews themselves and, obviously, have fake identities.

At 10 June 2016 at 03:17 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

Was watching RT when the latest Zionist psyops bust onto the scene. Switched to ZNN and they were covering the BS explosion, just like FAUX. That Shepherd Smith of FAUX is one of the most obnoxious turds on the planet.

They didn't have much info, but that didn't stop them from bloviating, wondering who did this foul deed. Until it came on that it was two Hasidic Jews, whoa, wait, it was two Palestinians dressed up as Hasidic Jews, calmly sitting in the market place, drinking.. Didn't say drinking what, but surrounded by hundreds of Jews, and nearby was some Israeli Ministry of Death or War, which means there were all sorts of IDF Storm Troopers carrying their assault rifle; all sorts of plain-clothes security personnel there and nobody noticed two Palestinians pretending to be Hasidic Jews, armed to the teeth with assault pistols/rifles?

The overwhelmed news anchors wondered where they got such firepower and how they snuck it into Israel and then Tel Aviv.

Within 20 minutes, that story, which would've usually ran virtually non-stop for hours and hours, was dropped in favor of Trump bashing and asking Bernie to concede, with the occasional mention of the shooting.

The next morning, went looking for the latest and all I could find was updated 8-10 hours old. If it had been two Palestinians, the Zionist MSM would still be in propaganda mode, blabbering about how could Islam be a religion of peace when they do something like this during Ramadan?

But this shooting, pulled off by batshit crazy Jew settlers, will be used to ethnically cleanse a large portion of the West Bank, and to dun fools around the world for MO' Money.

The fuckers are thirsting for more Palestinian blood, and want to get a taste before Clinton steals the WH and Israel goes on another murder spree in Gaza this Fall, like they did in 2008 after the Lyin' King was installed.

P.S. What a coincidence that this occurred on the 49th anniversary of the savage and brutal Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

At 10 June 2016 at 04:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 June 2016 at 05:48 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

All I know is suspecting 'a false-flag' is fading in alt. relevancy. Only Aangirfan standing, certainly on this one. And progressively so, over recent months, assumptions 'it' was/as reported by the mainstream. For some, how tension ratchet up doesn't matter so much because, hey, may as well be 'Islam-driven' – and this suiting immigration woes. And Hamas decided to own this latest one? For what purpose? To..? (What's the answer?)

Note the need for media to get ever-more on the disclose and acclimatise front. Confuse, and reassure, there's nothing really to hide? Searching for concerned commentators, found:

In those monitoring what is written etc and the reaction – from let's suppose, the hidden perpetrators – what does this potential retreat, from investigating the details of terrorist acts, communicate?

Confirming the outworking in their desire to push incredulity? Personally consider this, some ritualistic cult thing. Somehow the/ir powers, need for ever greater 'faith' that we, will – shut-up. Turn away. Look and comply. A form of idolatry. Worshiping the beast. But may I declare – what 'you' can call good and not-God if y'like – with open eyes and hearts; we have the greater, the better, the victory-coming, truth-power, integrity, love and the winning-side – with us. The liars and deceivers, all they can do is repent.

"Those who are with us are more than those who are with them."

At 10 June 2016 at 07:27 , Blogger wiggins said...

I wonder how many Americans today even know or care about the cowardly Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, on the pretext to get the US to attack Egypt.All down the memory hole sadly.

At 12 June 2016 at 07:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omar Mateen implicated this most recent terrorist FF in Florida gay club 6-11-16. Of course, not 30 seconds of research yields no less than two pictures of him wearing law enforcement shirts and shooting glasses.


At 12 June 2016 at 08:37 , Blogger said...

This comment has been removed by the author.


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