Friday, 8 January 2016


Did undercover members of the security services, and their 'Moslem' allies, carry out the sexual attacks on women in Cologne?

"There are reports of police standing around with their hands in their pockets while nightclub bouncers come to the aid of women being groped and mobbed.

"Thus, when police officials say this seems like an organized attack, we feel safe in looking at police as not only standing aside but undercover police as the likely parties involved in the assaults as well.

"We expect to see more incidents like these, staged by police and carefully coordinated with the press, playing on and building hysteria against not only refugees but Islam as well."

Cologne Muslim Assaults - False Flag

It looks as if the CIA, NATO and Mossad are destabilising Europe.


There have been sexual assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland "amid warnings that gangs are co-ordinating the attacks."

Migrant rape fears across Europe.

In other words, this looks like a psy-op organised by the security services.

Lots of 'Moslems' are only too happy to work for the security services.

Were the security services running the Pakistani pedophile rings in Rotherham?


26 Aug 2014 - Mayor of Rotherham, in Yorkshire, Shaukat Ali and Colonel Simon Newton Yorkshire in the UK, has links to the military, false flag terrorism and ...


1 Nov 2014 - An investigation has now found that, in the town of Rotherham in Yorkshire in the UK, at least 1,400 children were sexually abused over a ...


1 Sep 2014 - Mayor of Rotherham, in Yorkshire, Shaukat Ali and Colonel Simon Newton Yorkshire in the UK, has links to the military, false flag terrorism and ...


24 Sep 2012 - The main centres of the child abuse gangs appear to have been Sheffield and Rotherham in South Yorkshire. MacShane. Denis MacShane ...


  1. Whatever the end goal of all this happens to be, it seems to be working.

  2. You got in before me Aangirfan. This is fairly obviously some kind of Gladio-style operation, with the aim of demonising Muslims and sowing confusion and fear in Europe. We await the Reichstag Fire moment when the wicked people orchestrating this hoax can attempt to justify their hatred. But let's hope decent people wake up before then.

    1. I can see this Syrian exodus equating to some sort of Walking Dead scenario. Young uneducated despots coming to the EU with the promise of work, naturally being undereducated from years of oppression and with envy in their hearts, begin to take and rape, the only things that they knew how to do in difficult times (well, raping is a learned behavior, corrupted Quran?), the native populace finally gets fed up and starts to massacre the immigrants, causing rioting and martial law (UN occupation in the EU). It all seems pretty straightforward Gladio, in grande fashion. Release the Kraken!


  3. the police in oslo norway have announced that oslo is "lost"
    to lawless muslims, is this gladio in action?
    sweden is apparently second only to lesotho when it comes to rape stats,
    and most rapes in sweden have apparently been comitted by muslims
    my point is why if they tend to behave like this anyway, do the ptb deem it necessary to "false flag"it in cologne?

    1. Clearly, there are people who are quite receptive to falling for this false flag divide and rule stuff.

    2. I just looked on the VT site and someone post3ed there that it was obviously a false flag because there was hardly any footage extant,
      so gangs of young men are running round groping women and robbing phones, so of course lots of people are going to produce their phones and wave them around!
      yeah ok....
      don't know were you come from but in the UK this type of robbery with violence much favored by black gangsin london for instance, that rampage through the subway etc, has a name, it's called "steaming" a very apt way to describe youths in a pack robbing everyone in their path,I say again why bother to signal "normal" criminal behaviour as "false flag"steaming gangs are not so stupid that they can't organise using cell phones
      ever heard of a flash mob??ffs....
      btw I do subscribe to false flag theory but I think this is a bridge to far
      I think these dirty bastards will be attacking women wether "told" to or not,
      unless you're actually saying that no females were attacked at all,
      in which case I have to say you're a....well you fill in the missing word.

    3. Er, you seem to have left out the bit about there also being a significant police presence and the police just stood around with their hands in their pockets because [insert whatever lame excuse here]. Personally, I'm mostly undecided. On the one hand I've witnessed 'steaming' and more, on the other, elements such as the police [non]action and the media beat-up sure looks to make this a slam-dunk. The latter makes this at the very least a psy-op. Germany's rape laws are absurd -


    1. Oooooh, that one is gonna sting somebody!

      Nice work Coleman

      Thanks James for the link


    2. That's probably a PRETTY HEAVY connection there with Bear Grylls;Savile;Elton;Boy Scouts;Australia

      Ooohh, Aang's gonna get it Poppin yo!

      Lol, Naw, not really, but really...

      ;-) have a good day ladies!


    3. Christinne Radu
      August 2, 2014 at 9:11 pm Reply

      "Rumor has it rite now Bear Grylls is dating American actor Zac Efron, former child star and victim of Bryan Singer, among others…."

      Oh, whoa.


    4. Chris Spivey shows us examples of pardophilic art on Elton’s wall:

      And this Comment appeared on Aang:

      I found this on, the poster’s name is Michael:

      “Why did the police stop looking for the murders of Jill Dando & Doctor Kelly because Dave Stewart Annie Lennox and Tony & Cherie Blair had something to loose stolen children and Royalties for songs The Miracle of Love and Here Comes the rain again, from Michael Boyers, their friends responsible for carrying out the murders including the murder of Michael Boyers son, with a former police officer Janet MacKenzie who’s ex husband Rob MacKenzie is one of the gang members responsible for the murders of Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly my son and none other than Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, the ring leaders are Ian Henry, Mi5 and the CIA same people, Grant Tully, Terry Boyers, Ian Henry has amusement arcades in the Newcastle Wallsend area, that pay for the murders including the murder of his former brother in law Peter Gowling, shot in the head in front of Ian Henry by Russell Bonalie who’s mate Norman Massey shot Jill Dando in the head, at the time Massey had a remarkable resemblance to Barry George and was working as a chauffeur, drug dealer and ponce for members of Parliament and QCs and claims Tony Blair was one of his best customers, he also did not deny shooting Jill Dando on two occasions that he tried to befriend me in Newcastle City Centre having known him as a teenager, other gang members George Tully along with Stan Henry and Alan Duncan boat builder murdered Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso in the Tank 1978, the murder of a 17 year old innocent girl that Jill Dando was investigating as one of two unsolved murders, thee other from 1967 Angus Sibbet also murdered by Stan Henry former amusement arcade and casino and nightclub owner now in the health club business formally known as Springs. who’s daughter Kay Henry Gowling, was having an incestuous relationship with her father leading to her insanity, she thinks she and her incestuous family can get off with trying to murder me and the murder of my son with former police woman Janet Mackenzie, who’s husband Rob, along with Ian Henry, Grant Tully, Russel Bonnalie, Joe Bonnalie, Santos Cuscanni, Alan Rankin, Bob Senior, Mike Emerson, Ian Jenkins, Sylvia Cutter, Ernie Cutter, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Eddy Fenwick, Charlie Gray, Terry Boyers, Joe Boyers, Barry Cubby, Tommy Stuart jar & Snr, Alan Dag, Gary Pern, Colin Hume, and Patrick Terence Thompson, one of the drivers of the white vans seen stalking Jill Dando, and Peter Gowling, all murdered by the same gang, known as The Torso in the Tank gang, 
The Met never followed up on the leads, so as to help the Blairs get off with child abduction, Katharine Blair is my daughter and not Tony Blairs, Pedophile Billy Blair along with his family are targeting me via Newcastle Social Services, controlled by Adulteress and incestuous pedophile Cherie Blair, who lied to me to get me to have sex with her, then stole my daughter Katharine, and tried to have me murdered on a number of occasions here and in Australia, Jill Dando met Brenda Boyers, also murdered…..”

      Unfortunately I couldnt find more of this guy….

    5. “In 1989, the Sun published a story alleging that he had a taste for young rent boys.Elton John sued and was awarded £1 million damages by an apparently contrite Rupert Murdoch. Was the whole episode staged to prevent other newspapers from ever reporting on Elton’s sick predilections?” – No. Do some digging – you’ll find the story was absolutely true. The one slip-up made by a witness (one of the boys abused by Elton) was that, in his affidavit, he got the date of an “encounter” with Elton wrong by one single day. On the date the boy claimed the abuse had taken place, Elton was able to produce paperwork showing that he had been on a transatlantic flight that day. If the boy had got the date right, Elton would NOT have been able to win against The Sun. Fact.

    6. Dirty Grandpa
      Dirty Grandpa is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Dan Mazer and written by John Philips. The film stars Robert De Niro, Zac Efron...


      Lionsgate released the film's first poster and trailer.[5] The poster is a parody of Mike Nichols' 1967 film The Graduate.

      A small sampling of the Sabbatean Death Cult's travelling circus of subversion.


    7. It's no wonder Grylls makes it a habit on his shows to run around as fast as he can through the woods. He's probably channelling having had to run through the woods naked and afraid and hunted by the politicians that owned him.


  5. If the security services are staging false flag events to stem the genocidal flood of immigrants to the European nations and to turn the public against the cucks and traitors in power who are responsible, one can say that they at least sometimes do something useful.

    1. I can't disagree with that

    2. The 'security services' control all the angles. Destabilization. It'll be genocide all round. Much bigger than Gladio. It's the Breivik Manifesto.

  6. It's a bit much, the NYE mass groping in German cities and a week later the previously prohibited Mein Kampf goes on sale and sells out. Quite the coincidence, eh?

  7. Another clue it's a false flag is the usual clumsy planting of 'evidence'. Plus the story emerges days later, so that the stories of the 'victims' cannot be properly checked. And it's the Germans targeted again, after German Wings and VW, among other incidents.



  10. Just have to share this with you.





    Of Course Scarborough, North Yorkshire is the town where Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile lived and were well known to the amusement arcade / seafront traders - also included Jimmy Corrigan

    LEON BRITTAN MP FOR WHITBY AND CLEVELAND 1974 - 1983 > News > Great Ayton and Stockesley

    Gives you food for thought!!!

    1. Of Course Scarborough, North Yorkshire is the town where Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile lived and were well known to the amusement arcade / seafront traders - also included Jimmy Corrigan.

      Looks like these guys really thought hard to find ways to groom young boys and used the 80's video game explosion to help them. I wonder how many similar operations existed all around the world.


  11. I worked in Birmingham for many years and worked alongside many hard working decent Muslim males.

    They're attitude to white females was however startling. They had no respect for them whatsoever. Slag was a term often used.

    I'm not sure it's even a Muslim thing at all, it is cultural, and completely against western mainstream thinking.

  12. Islamophobia is on the rise, big time! I am sure this is a choreographed situation. Even Jeff Rense and Alex Jones have been engaged in egregious Islamophobia, far more then they ever have done before. Both, were actually kinda anti Zionist but nowadays they radiate this intense Islamophobia. I find it deeply disturbing.



  15. Raising more questions than it answers -

  16. It may be a false flag but theres also reality behind it, know what I mean? These individuals place is not here, end of story.

  17. Thousands of potential witnesses with their smart phones but no clear footage about the event? Sounds familiar...

    1. Do you seriously expect people to take out their phones when a mob is rampaging around them?

  18. Significant viral video from inside the lorry cab of a Hungarian trucker, getting past thousands of migrants at Calais
    Migrants severely harassing traffic trying to get on board, plus throwing rocks at the lorries & damaging them

    Shows what the situation is really like, quite feral

    Some first-class ranting from the lorry driver - English subtitles - such as
    '5 cops and 18,000 migrants ...'
    'Leaving their women to pick up guns & fight terrorists, whilst they try to live free here ...'
    'These migrants claim to be running away from something ... But it's these migrants that people want to run away from ...'

    14min video, especially lively about 3m30 - 9m30 ... you see the lorry driver's face at the very end

  19. NEW JERSEY...

    Attention U.S. people.... Gov. appears to be utilizing loosely tied force of civilian commies...that stalk neighborhoods and collect intelligence ( see SNEAK AND PEEK ) Learn to patrol neighborhoods with notebook, camera, and binoculars. I have been covertly observing my own home. They started coming around when I voiced my opinion about 911, few years back. Suffice to say...they are your pastors, your neighbors, the homeless looking guy. Etc. They are in every neighborhood. Some are drug dealers. You read correctly. Police protect drug dealers. Drones are used to protect assets. Many agents are common criminals working with police. The racists you see on popular forums are agents sowing discord. Censorship abounds. See..PHANTOM CENSORING.

    I need not go into the entire tech. Ops thing. They are hacking it all. What amazes me is people do not seem to recognize the semi- stationary night surveillance drones. The are easy to identify in all urban areas...they look like stars. Aircraft deposit them in air while people are asleep...which...most are, even when walking about.

    You May copy this, save to notepad...and post strategically.

    Fellow freedom fighters...I SALUTE YOU.

    Please inform the good people in urban areas because THEY ARE SNEAKING INTO HOMES. I saw them attempt it at mine. No use telling police...they are in on it with NWO.

    All praise to Yeshua. Save to notepad...feel free to post EVERYWHERE...THEY CAN PULL A FAST ONE ON YOU SUDDENLY.