Thursday 17 December 2015


Denmark's Saxo Bank has made its 'Outrageous Predictions' for 2016.

Saxo Bank's 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2016.

1. The dollar will eventually weaken and the Euro will strengthen.

Europe is running a massive current account surplus.

2. Russia's rouble will rise 20% by end-2016

By the end of 2016, there will be a surge in oil demand.

3. California's Silicon Valley will suffer another crash.

(Nobody looks at the annoying adverts which pollute so many websites. Companies will switch their adverts elsewhere. - Aangirfan)

4. Emerging markets will do well.

"Stabilisation, investment spending on the Olympics, and modest reforms will see sentiment rebound in Brazil, with EM exports helped by cheaper local currencies."


5. 'The Democrats will win the presidential election and retake Congress' (unless the vote is rigged).

The Republicans are divided and voters will opt for a united Democrat party.

(Moody’s forecasts that oil prices will be about $55 a barrel next year, and that gas prices will be about $2.75 (counting premium gas)...The firm also predicts a continued pickup in home prices, with a 2.5% gain in the year before the election. 'These are the most effective [variables] at predicting elections.'

(And, in the most controversial part of its forecast, Moody’s sees wage growth accelerating faster next year than most other forecasters, with real incomes rising 4%, including a 5% gain in inflation-adjusted wages, salaries and bonuses. 
Why Democrats look set to keep the White House in 2016)

6. Oil will eventually rise in price to $100 per barrel.

This is because OPEC will reduce oil production.

7. Silver will rise in price. 

"The political drive towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions by supporting renewable energy will add to increased industrial demand for the metal, given its use in solar cells

"As such, silver will rally by a third, leaving other metals behind."

8. Global corporate bonds will see a meltdown.

The US Federal Reserve, in late 2016, will produce a series of 'aggressive rate hikes'.

Global corporate bonds will seem less attractive than government bonds.

9. Food prices will rise.

El Niño, in 2016, will damage crops.

10. The Luxury goods industry will face collapse.

As European governments worry more about inequality, more will be done to transfer money from the rich to the ordinary citizens.


'Mossad agent' Roger Auque and his daughter Marion Maréchal Le Pen

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At 17 December 2015 at 03:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 17 December 2015 at 03:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Details of MI6 informant’s murder trial must remain secret, even from ECHR – Supreme Court

At 17 December 2015 at 04:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the occult origins of the jew "high holy" days and their jew "Kol Nidre" ; What is the occult origins of the Muslim's "Ramadan" and their "taqiyya"? What's the occult origins of "kol nidre" and "taqiyya"? I bet the two come from the very same occult origin, as "kol nidre" and "taqiyya" have everything in common.

From : Salvatore

At 17 December 2015 at 05:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 17 December 2015 at 11:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17 December 2015 at 14:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sexual abuse and coerced prostitution in Baltimore at RC girls' high school, and its ties to the Baltimore police...


At 17 December 2015 at 22:06 , Blogger Anon said...

brabantian17 December 2015 at 17:21

Israel-tied fake-'opposition' Vladimir Putin has just passionately endorsed Israel-tied fake-'alternative' Donald Trump, & the compromised half-fake 'alternative media' is going wild with glee ... This is as bad & as sad as the idiocy of all the people who bought Obama hype in 2008.

Key background here is that, a half century ago, UK economist Antony Sutton proved the whole US-Soviet 'Cold War' was fake, the US was transferring tech & resources to Stalin's homeland, to keep the whole game going ... with Israel as key transfer agent to 'The Best Enemy Money Could Buy' ... Nothing has changed.

Trump's game is roasted by Jewish convert to Christianity Brother Nathanael Kapner, 'Trump Takes the Kosher Seal' Here's Trump in his own words:

Donald Trump: “I grew up in Brooklyn Queens & Israel was always very paramount in our mind. ... I’ve devoted so much time over my life to Israel ... Consider the European Union’s recent approval of a new trade rule, that requires special labeling of products produced in what the EU now considers Israeli-occupied territories ...This is anti-Semitism ... Today, anti-Semitism hides behind the label of anti-Israel. We need a president that will call it that. I will be that president. ... Israel needs more than just our support, they need strength, they need REAL POWER behind them.”

Nathanael Kapner's comment: "All roads to the White House lead through Tel Aviv."

At 18 December 2015 at 09:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump is a fascist and he espouses zionist 'ideals' daily as he campaigns.

Not that long ago in America had a man rode into town bearing the arrogance and chutzpah of Trump and bellowed at the townsfolk 'I'm rich. That's what makes me special and if you're not a bunch of dummies you'll elect me mayor' he'd very likely find himself tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail as women laughed and the children cheered.

It amazes me what the collective psyche has been crafted to now endure.



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