Friday, 1 January 2016


Jacqueline Gold

Do Brits get honours from the Queen for being Jewish or for being a bit naughty?

New Year Honours

Jacqueline Gold, the boss of a sex shop chain, and daughter of the porn baron David Gold, has been made a CBE.

CBE means Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, rather than Congregation Beth Elohim

"Intense Anal Sex With The Naughty Blonde Teen Jaqueline ..?"

Starring: Jacqueline Gold (presumably no relation)

A homer (Hebrew: חמר‎; also kor, Hebrew: כּר‎)

Lin Homer becomes a dame.

As chief executive of Birmingham City Council from 2002-05, Lin Homer was involved in a postal votes scandal.

Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey said vote fraud in Birmingham City 'would have disgraced a banana republic'.

In 2005 Lin Homer was appointed to run the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

1,000 foreign criminals were mistakenly released.

Lin Homer became the boss of the UK Border Agency.

Around 400 foreign criminals were then told they could remain in Britain.

Barbara Windsor with Ronnie Kray 'who ran a murderous child abuse ring which supplied young boys to the elite'.

'Soft-porn' actress Barbara Windsor has been made a dame.

The UK monarchy is 'totally discredited' by its New Year Honours?

Last year the Queen gave New Year honours to:

1. Sir David Manning, who arranged the secret deal that got the UK into the Iraq war.

2. Fiona Woolf who was in charge of the child abuse 'cover-up', until it was discovered that she was a friend of Leon Brittan.

3. Cressida Dick, the policewoman in charge when the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead in a 'false flag' operation.

4. Dave Ward and Patrick Hallgate, two executives of the disastrously managed Network Rail.

5. Esther Rantzen, the friend of Jimmy Savile.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of 'Mossad spy' Robert Maxwell.

Who are the Jews who have received honours in the past?

Sir Robert Maxwell...

Leon Brittan, Greville Janner...

Delfont, Grade, Kagan, Rayne, Weidenfeld, Goldsmith, Hanson, Miller, Sternberg...

Lord Levy, Lord Bernstein; Sir Emmanuel Kaye....


  1. my father was from east London and would often collect and deliver packages from Lew grade and Bernard delfont froma huge house in hampstead London and take them to the Krays, he once tore open a corner and found it was a huge amount of cash. he told us that the krays would organise fixed gambling night fixed boxing matches and the auctioning of teenage boys and Barbara Windsor was sold off more than once to bidders, this money was laundered by the krays for the jewish underground with permission and I believe control of rose finesliver, who handled all the money from protection rackets in the high st. I found out much later that in W W 2 this big house in hampstead was the control centre for all info coming in from jewish contacts to help Russia in its war with Germany

    1. Isn't Barbara Windsor herself Jewish.Windsor isn't a traditional English surname.& she doesn't look very "aryan".

  2. Thanks Aangirfan, it warms the cockles of the heart to see the Queen bestowing her honours upon so many who have made such a wonderful contribution to Britain and the world. It can only be hoped that in coming years the evil ones who missed out will also receive the praise and recognition they deserve.


    The regulation of investigatory powers act 2000
    gave the power to take secret snooping to new levels.
    All local authorities police forces, NHS trusts, fire services, prison authorities, neighbourhood watch, traffic wardens environmental agency officials and royal mail are among those bodies who can and do spy on you.
    Rupert Murdoch had governmental permission to scoop thousands of emails from the ether and open royal mail letters home to test whether serving troops were for or against the wars, several potential whistleblowers were then coincidentally killed in friendly fire incidents, friends and families also had mail opened and emails read, the murdered school girl Millie Dowler's family were spied on for many weeks.
    Phone email and letter reading and tapping, secretly recording face to face conversations including those inside your home, and in some cases tiny secret cameras and microphones may be installed in your home, and your children monitored in school for cases of suspected racism if you disprove of government immigration policies, the point is that if huge sums of money is spent tracking and spying on anyone,
    to justify that expense evidence is often concocted to obtain a conviction.

    The worst posible thing you can do is get on facebook, not only are you tracked but if you post stuff they do not like you can be sent virues which will sod up your computer.
    Voting papers at elections all have secret numbers and if you vote for non government approved candidates, your name will go onto certain lists which are lifelong, these blacklists will affect friends and families as in communist countries, these measures are aimed at white UK citizens as non whites cannot break the race relations laws, to belong to left wing orgs is ok but not right wing as they want a break from Europe and immigration.
    Supermarket cartels such as Tesco Sainsburies and Asda keep records of shopping habits what you buy and how much you send this info is fed into computers which Rupert Murdoch can glean a lot of info on who you are, these supermarkets take billions out of the economy each year and because of this they can dictate future policies to your government about who to go to war with.
    Councils are allowed to recruit and pay " covert human intelligence sources" a phrase from the intelligence world.
    Main focus is on what they call benefit cheats political dissidents or fly tippers, which are all now being classed as domestic terrorists. even those suspected of bending the rules in school catchment areas
    Figures show over 400 people each year are paid or threatened to inform.
    Any evidence gathered such as which shop sold alcohol to underage drinkers can be put before the courts in criminal trials,

    Proposals are under consideration to watch those who grow their own foods and "steal " rainwater,

    there may soon be an expensive food growing license needed for allotment or garden growing

    or for anyone not using GMO which may soon be compulsory.
    The RIPA legislation has a set order of strict rules for which covert surveillance may be used, health and safety crime prevention tax collection or fly tipping and people may even be followed to assess whether they would make good reliable sources or informants on others.

    1. "Voting papers at elections all have secret numbers and if you vote for non government approved candidates, your name will go onto certain lists which are lifelong,"
      This was exposed some years ago by,of all people,a former South African apartheid era intelligence agent in a book,which I remember reading

    2. 'Evidence is concocted to obtain a conviction'

      These surveillance types want (and need for advancement of their careers) above all to be proven right, so there is a powerful incentive for them to arrange evidence to achieve this result. Once snooping and spying-on-your-neighbour are given official encouragement, there is no end to where the activity will go. In Stalin's time, one malicious woman in Kiev got about 8,000 people in potentally fatal trouble with the authorities, winning personal praise for her civic-mindedness from the Voszd himself.

  5. In the Cambridge office of E M Rothschild is a map in red of all the land they own in the UK, ( remember they claim they own everything even your kids ) much of this land was old church land, the C of E has sold off almost everything and its head honcho archbishop is Justin Selby a jew appointed by Rothschild, near Cambridge is ely cathedral whose grounds are all on rothschilds list, the cathedral never has saints days but has holocaust lectures, ann frank days and understand isreal lectures, the nearby kings school teaches the jewish version of the holocaust, and children often come out in tears, and many are now on medication to sleep. In windmill close lives an ex BBC board director Graham Jones who says the BBC was run from top to bottom by jews and pro jewish policy, even the protection of in house perverts came from allan yentob. The krays owned several properties nearby and in east Anglia generally and were good friends with yentob and Esther Rantzen

  6. "The krays owned several properties nearby and in east Anglia generally and were good friends with yentob and Esther Rantzen"


    I wanted to read up on the Krays' friendships to which you refer. I ran a Google search for the Krays and Esther Rantzen.... which brought up the familiar "take-down" notice: "In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page".

    Apparently, Google's "take-down" message in this instance refers to an allegation made against a veteran TV actor: