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The Al-Shabaab terrorist above grew up in Alabama. He is the son of a white American lady called Debra HadleyHe calls himself Omar Hammami. 

On 22 December 2015, we read that a group of CIA-Mossad terrorists attacked a bus.

The Christians on the bus escaped after the Muslim passengers on board the bus said "shoot us all or not at all."

The terrorists were the CIA-Mossad's Al-Shabaab who stormed the bus in Kenya.

The CIA-Mossad terrorists demanded that the Muslims and Christians split into two separate groups.

But the Muslims refused to distinguish themselves from the Christians.

The 'Al-Shabaab terrorist' above was born in Wisconsin in the USA. He calls himself Jehad Serwan Mostafa. He was put in charge of terrorist activity in East Africa by Osama bin Laden (a crypto-Jew). It is possible that there is an original Jehad (a "Kind, Peaceful Man") and a Mossad double.

After the Kenyan bus incident, a Muslim said: 'We gave some non-Muslims our religious attire to wear in the bus so that they would not be identified easily. We stuck together tightly.

'The militants threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally they gave up."

Two people were killed when the terrorists initially sprayed the bus with gunfire, before entering the bus.

This Al-Shabaab leader is a white German called Andreas Muller.

Al-Shabaab is part of the CIA-Mossad's al Qaeda.

Over the years, Al-Shabaab has killed large numbers of Muslims.

Mandera bus attack: Muslims shield Christian passengers in Kenya

It is believed that a number of top people in the Kenyan government work for the CIA and its friends.

The CIA and its friends want to cause havoc in Kenya and the surrounding area so that they can then exercise control.

Nigerian church at Christmas 2011. The CIA and its friends are trying to destabilise Nigeria. Nigeria is reported to be used as a major drug transit and money laundering centre for the proceeds of the CIA drug trade. (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

In Indonesia, Moslems always PROTECT churches from attacks by the militias of the CIA-Mossad.

My Moslem friends always wish me Merry Christmas.

I once visited a Christian church in Indonesia which had been attacked by assets of the CIA, who were trying to topple President Suharto.

The church was right next to a large military base.

In Cyprus I saw mosques and churches which had been attacked by assets of the CIA, as a prelude to the invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish military, who were working for Kissinger.

It is only the sex-mad-fascist feudal lords in Brunei who BAN Christmas and threaten Muslims celebrating it with prison

Christmas in Jakarta - Website for this image

Over the Christmas period, in Indonesia, millions of Moslems will be protecting both Christians and churches.

During a previous Christmas, H.M. Nuruzzaman, of the world's biggest Moslem organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama, said a total of 2.6 million Moslems were prepared for the deployment.

Indonesia Muslims Protect Xmas

Churches have been protected by Moslem volunteers against attacks by mysterious forces, said to be linked to members of the Indonesian military, linked to the CIA and Mossad. 


19 people were killed and scores injured in a series of attacks on churches on Christmas Eve in 2000.

In February 2001, the respected Indonesian newsweekly Tempo published a cover story suggesting links between the church bombings and the Indonesian military, the TNI.

The article pointed out that Edi Sugiarto, who was quickly arrested and confessed to assembling 15 of the bombs used in the town of Medan, has long run a car repair shop.

Members of TNI and Indonesia’s special forces, Kopassus, regularly went to his shop for repairs and just to hang out.

It is believed that Sugiarto was working for the Indonesian military.

Phone records also indicated that Sugiarto called Fauzi Hasbi seven times before the bombings.

Hasbi is a leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, but Tempo outed him as an Indonesian government agent.

In 2005, two years after Hasbi’s death, the Australian television program SBS Dateline provided additional evidence of Hasbi’s long-time links to the TNI.

Fasbi also called Jacob Tanwijaya, a businessman well connected with the TNI, 35 times.

That businessman in turn talked on the phone to Lt. Col. Iwan Prilianto, a Kopassus special forces intelligence officer, over 70 times. 

(Source: Kopassus)


In Indonesia, the special forces regiment, Kopassus, works closely with Mossad (MOSSAD IN INDONESIA) and the American military.

There is evidence linking Kopassus to attacks on Christian churches in Indonesia.

"The most vicious combined operation of Coker (Chrtistian gangsters) and Kopassus was the attack on the village of Soya...

"22 houses were destroyed by fire, as well as the historic church of Soya built during Portuguese times and 12 people were killed.

"The Soya bloodbath created new tensions between Muslim and Christian communities.

"It is now clear that the attack was not the work of Muslim warriors as was thought at the time but an attack by a Christian militia gang together with Kopassus units." 

The CIA's Allen Pope during his trial in Jakarta, 28 December 1959.

The CIA secretly bombed Christians in Indonesia, in order to topple President Sukarno.

On 15 May 1958, a CIA plane bombed the Ambon marketplace, killing a large number of civilians on their way to church on Ascension Thursday.

Three days later, during another bombing run over Ambon, a CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured. 

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At 22 December 2015 at 03:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a sad world, and yet we could all be living in peace if it was not for the gangsters that rule the world.

I go about my daily life and everybody is reasonable. I go into shops and smile at people who work the till when I pay for my goods. We always have a small friendly exchange.

My car broke down one day and a black guy told me what to do as he pushed my car, and when it started he waved and I flashed my hazards to say thank you.

When we help someone, a neighbour, or a friend, family member, it often makes us feel good.

So, the majority of people have no malice and want to live in peace. But that's no good for the ruling class, so they create false flags to get us to go to war with each other.

The ruling class are capable of despicable cruelty.

At 22 December 2015 at 03:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carry on from my last post.

But what is good news is that not all the mega are part of the ruling class. Trump shows that to be true, and there are many others. But Paul Craig Roberts says that if he, or Corbyn, or forage, try to change things the ruling class will take them out.

But there are lots of mega rich people who no more want war than the rest of us do.

Mike Norman and Warren Mosler are both mega rich hedge fund managers who are democrats who want the government to give everyone a job (find them something to do), and give people who don't want to work a citizen's wage. They want to change the banking system so that life becomes a lot easier for ordinary people. This is very radical stuff indeed, and some right wing Americans say that it is Marxism.

We need to get as many of the rich on our side as possible. And if we sort the banking system out, it's possible we won't need to tax people all that heavily, including the rich, to have high quality public services. The banking ruling class are prepared to fight this to the death to stop these radical ideas taking place. But we need to let people know that our taxes and cost of living are high because of ruling class, and their war machine, it's not because of social democracy.

At 22 December 2015 at 04:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn my spell checker, that was meant to be Farage (UKIP)

At 22 December 2015 at 08:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to that CIA pilot Allen Pope?. I remember reading somewhere that Indonesia had a CIA prisoner who'd been held for over 50 years & has now gone insane from the captivity.Is this the one?.

At 22 December 2015 at 08:42 , Blogger Anon said...

Bobby Kennedy got Pope released. The military in Indonesia is now, mainly, close friends of the Pentagon.

At 22 December 2015 at 11:05 , Anonymous wiggins said...

So called Government Agencies totally out of control and acting as Murder Inc for their own nefarious ends... Truman and Ike allowed Dulles far too much freedom to set up his own fiefdom, he pulled the wool over their eyes and look where we are now...

At 22 December 2015 at 14:56 , Anonymous Mark said...

"Shoot us all or not at all." Sounds like Jesus.
Reminds me of come-together stories from Syria, and pictures from Egypt, one 'faith' in a hand-holding circle, surrounding another faith praying. What a post this is.
We should print it off and pin it up

At 22 December 2015 at 21:49 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

If people knew the truth about the foundational myths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the world might be a more peaceful place.

At 23 December 2015 at 02:06 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

This kind of testimony not necessarily so life and death, is going on all over the world. We just don’t hear about it, because it doesn’t suit the prescribed narrative.

The idea that it’s “religion that causes all the problems”, misses our individual underlying - worse or better - vision of humanity, (hypothetically-regardless of faith-based religion). Of course there are areas where tribal/religious barriers divide, but this is mostly imposed upon by a warring leadership. In the early days of the invasion upon Syria, the already centuries of relative of peace among differences, became the foundation for an even closer coming together. An alliance in need to hold on or... be exploited to community-destruct. I heard someone in the midst describe themselves as the “silent majority”. I didn’t hear about this in the mainstream, and their need to stand together or... and guess what... Doing this by meeting together in public gatherings and talking, and guess what...

There’s ‘trouble-enough’ in most lands, but without armed-forces and Government interference, people get along a lot better than we sometimes allow ourselves to be led. Allow ourselves? More-like, media-controllers would have us believe.

This is the problem with talking “UK no-go areas” but leaving the analysis at that. Yes, should be written/talked about, but I’ve lived in and among inner-city multi-ethnic rougher-areas for years and years. To dub Muslims as holding the significant trouble-spots, never seems to allow for counterbalance through other observations and more nuanced understanding.

‘Moslems defending Christians against the CIA/Mossad’ - what a triangle of truth?

I think we gotta watch the influence of viewing “over there” through our own Western media-world, and therefore eyes. Difficult to know how else, so I do hope you keep finding and posting these racial/religious, other-side, stories.

If Islam is Millwall, (sorry have to use the ol’fave e.g.), and some football supporters become so-called ‘hooligans’ and kick the... out of said-opposites. Is it the clubs fault, the rest of the supporters, or what?

Do/did we, read about the Millwall and Charlton fans getting along? (I appreciate this is a pre all-seats analogy) but ya get m’ting...


At 1 July 2020 at 16:14 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

Take y Care

At 17 August 2023 at 06:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Western propaganda is not working

Chart images of poll results

Poll of Germans - Who started the Ukraine war?
1 - USA
2 - Putin
3 - NATO
4 - Ukraine

Poll of French - Who started the Ukraine war?
1 - USA
2 - Putin
3 - NATO
4 - Ukraine

At 17 August 2023 at 12:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The human cost of electric car batteries

Global move towards electric vehicles rides on the back of exploiting poor African workers in DRC

At 17 August 2023 at 12:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CRAIG MURRAY: When a CIA asset becomes a CIA liability

All the UK journalists shilling day-in-day-out for the CIA / SIS / Mossad / factions thereof, have blood on their hands?


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