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According to the magazine Private Eye, 18th September 1987:

Keith Harvey Proctor, former UK Conservative member of Parliament, took a trip to Tunisia.

Harvey stayed at a small hotel in Monastir and "spent much time exploring local woodland in the company of Tunisian urchins."

Harvey Proctor

"There were claims against Harvey Proctor ... that a 'naked Arab boy' had been beneath his bed on a Tunisian holiday."

Harvey Proctor

Athman, the model for Moktir, in Andre Gide's 'The Immoralist'

Harvey Proctor "is known as an extreme right-winger...

"He was brought up by his mother in Scarborough..."

Harvey proctor has been involved in spanking sessions with boy prostitutes.

'The Tory MP, rent boys and a sex dungeon in west Hull' – Memories of Harvey Proctor

hulldailymail - March 13, 2015

Angus Young remembers former MP Harvey Proctor, and an intriguing court case in Beverley

"Proctor's name cropped up during a trial I was covering at Beverley Crown Court.

"The defendant in the case was a chap called Terry Dwyer, who was in the dock for allowing cannabis to be smoked in a dodgy club he ran in Coltman Street, west Hull, until a police raid shut the place down.

"The Lord Fox was an illegal drinking den, complete with massage facilities and a sling room where punters could be strung up from a metal frame chained to a wall...

"Dwyer happily boasted about his time in London supplying rent boys to Harvey Proctor.

"Two months earlier, the MP had pleaded guilty to four acts of gross indecency with two rent boys, who were aged 17 and 20 at the time."

Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.

"At York University Harvey Proctor became friends with Peter Jonathan Denby, who succeeded him as chairman of the student's Conservative association." 

Peter Jonathan Denby, a former aide to Enoch Powell and friend of Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor, was once picked up by police who wanted to question him in connection with a violent gun incident in Mayfair.

Denby's Islington home was later raided by armed detectives and his Jaguar car, found abandoned in Kent, was blown up by bomb squad officers.

Neil Hamilton, a government trade minister, and his wife, Christine, were visiting a shirt shop in Richmond, southwest London, owned by Harvey Proctor

James Coomber and David Parker entered the shop and became abusive, asking Mr Proctor: "Have you any ties for tying up rent boys before you spank them?"

Those who invested in proctor's shop were: 

Michael Heseltine, President of the Board of Trade,
Lord Archer,
Tristan Garel-Jones MP, former Tory deputy chief whip,
Paymaster-General, David Heathcote-Amory,
Mark Lennox-Boyd, a former junior Foreign Office minister,
Members of Parliament Sir Nicholas Bonsor, Richard Shepherd, David Evans,
Neil Hamilton, Tim Yeo,
Michael Brown, who resigned as a Tory whip after a homosexual affairs with a youth and a Ministry of Defence civil servant,
David Ashby, who admitted sleeping with a man, Sir Neil Thorne, William Benyon and Sir Charles Morrison. 

Prime Minister John Major wore some of Proctor's shirts.

Harvey Proctor

"Conservative Member of parliament Harvey Proctor admitted that a boy prostitute had been living at his London flat...

"The prostitute is ex-public schoolboy David Jackson, 18...

"Jackson had showed us colour Polaroid pictures of young men standing naked in a room with red cane weals across their buttocks...

"Jackson said that on one date Proctor took him to the House of Commons for dinner...

"'We went into a canteen. Leon Brittan was sitting there alone,' he said..."

Harvey Proctor

Russell Harty and Cliff Richard.

"Pony-tailed rent boy Dean Cradock won’t forget the day last March he phoned the sleazy 'escort agency' which hired out his 20-year-old body, and asked if they had a client for him.

"The answer was yes. The customer was Russell Harty, 52-year-old TV personality, chat-show host and friend of Royalty and the famous.

"And the surprises continued as the strapping young male prostitute learned of Harty's kinky desire to smack him."

"Dean ...  in the three months he worked for the Ecstasy agency, he also met kinky Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

Harvey Proctor

News of the World, 15th March 1987

"Police investigating a rent-boys racket arrested Tory MP Harvey Proctor yesterday in a swoop on his luxury flat...

"The police swooped after male prostitute Dean Cradock claimed in the News of the World that he had fled from the flat when an alleged spanking session got out of hand.

"Cradock, who also told of sex sessions with TV chat show host Russell Harty, has twice seen detectives."

Harvey Proctor

Russell Harty

"CHARGE ONE involved a 16-year-old called Jason Burton, who went to Proctor’s flat in Fulham, West London, with another boy...

"Earlier this year, Proctor denied having been caught with a naked Arab boy in a hotel room in Morocco."

Harvey Proctor

"The People probe took our investigators into the shadowy world of seedy pubs and clubs in London’s gay quarter.

"Barry Haddon, a pimp now in jail for indecently assaulting two boys, told us that for two years he supplied young lads to the MP he knew as Keith Proctor...

"Harvie proctor would stretch the boys out on his bed and handcuff them by their hands and sometimes their feet. Then he’d really let them have it...

"And in March, a naked Arab youth seen by a security guard sneaking into Proctor’s ground floor room at a hotel in Agadir, Morocco, was found hiding under his bed...

"18-year-old David Jackson who revealed how Proctor had: SHOWED him sickening videos of young boys indulging in homosexual acts..."

Harvey Proctor

The former UK Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor (above) has named some of the top people being investigated by the police in connection with the torture and murder of young boys.


The people named by Proctor are:

Edward Heath (left) and his mentor Madron Seligman, a close associate of the Rothschilds.

1. Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister.

Heath has been accused of raping a 12-year-old boy in a London flat in 1961.

Edward Heath's chief mentor was Madron Seligman, a close associate of the Rothschilds.


2. Sir Michael Hanley, the former head of MI5.

Hanley was reportedly picked by Lord Victor Rothschild to be the head of MI5.

Rothschild, savile, poulson, mi5, maudling, Hanley.

3. Lord Leon Brittan, formerly the government minister responsible for the police and MI5.

He has been accused of attending child abuse orgies at London's Dolphin Square apartment complex and at the Elm Guest House boy brothel, both of which have been linked to MI5 and MI6.

Leon Brittan is of Lithuanian Jewish descent.

Leon Brittan named as child rapist . / SAVILE, BRITTAN, HEATH, JACONELLI

Sir Maurice Oldfield (left) and his deputy Sir Peter Hayman, both alleged to be child abusers.

4. Sir Maurice Oldfield, the former head of the security service MI6.

Sir Maurice Oldfield and Edward Heath are said to have been visitors to the Kincora children's home, reportedly used by MI5 and MI6 as a boy brothel.

General Bramall 1973.

5. Lord Bramall, the former head of the UK military.

Field Marshall Lord Bramall was interviewed by police in April 2015 over sex abuse allegations.


6. General Sir Hugh Beach.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Thatcher in Mortlake.

A child sex abuse victim has identified a second house in the London borough of Richmond where children, in care in the borough, were taken en route to the child brothel at Elm Guest House.

"The property in Avondale Road, Mortlake, has since changed hands but appears to be some sort of holding house for children in care who were taken out for the day." - February 5, 2014

Rocks Lane Barnes.

Elm Guest House was the government-linked boy brothel on Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common, in London in SW13.

It is believed that Elm Guest House was being used by the security services as a way of blackmailing and controlling top politicians.

David Hencke describes events from the 1970s onwards and begins with Harvie Proctor.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Harvey Proctor, former Member of the UK parliament.

Harvey Proctor ran a shop in Richmond at 11 Brewer’s Lane.

Harvey proctor, the Conservative party member of parliament for Billericay, stood trial for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign.

Reportedly, Harvey Proctor visited Elm Guest House.

Search Results


11 Brewer’s Lane SW9.

Harvey Proctor’s shop is owned by Cottonrose Ltd.

Avondale Road Mortlake SW14 -  some sort of holding house for children

The child victim described visiting a ‘Holding House’ in Avondale Road, in Mortlake, before being driven on to Elm Guest House. 

The owner of Elm Guest House, Haroon Kasir, said that Sir Jimmy Savile often came to visit him and take ‘tea’. 

 "Savile’s brother Johnny was in the local paper ‘helping’ at the Mortlake Fair in 1982."

Holland's former Justice minister Joris Demmink may have been part of the elite group that visited Elm Guest house, according to rumours.

‘Dutch journalism also rumors of Joris’ escapades in Thailand and in a London hotel (Elmguethouse).’

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Martin Allen went missing in London's Kings Cross in 1979.

Kings Cross in London was a place frequently visited by Jimmy Savile

Martin Allen went missing in London's Kings Cross in 1979.
He was later seen with a man at Earls Court Underground station pinned to a wall. He was also seen at Gloucester Road and Baron’s Court stations.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Jimmy Savile in 1979.

The kidnapper of Martin Allen was blond.

In 1981, Vishal Mehrotra (above) went missing near his home in Putney in London, not far from Elm guest House.

On 10 August 1982, the Daily Express reported that the police investigation was linking Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra to Elm Guest House.

On 16 August 1982, Michael Havers, the Attorney General at the time, intervened to stop further reporting.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

In 1990, at the age of 47, Carole Kasir, the owner of Elm Guest House, was found dead in her flat.

On 16 December 2012, The Independent reported that "Chris Fay, a social worker who worked for a small charity, the National Association for Young People in Care (Naypic), has alleged that a terrified Kasir had shown him about 20 photographs of middle-aged men with young boys, taken at what he said were kings and queens fancy-dress parties, attended by a number of powerful and well-known people.

"One, Mr Fay alleged, featured a well-known public figure wearing nothing but a French maid’s apron alongside a young boy nude apart from a tiara."

There has been speculation that former UK prime minister Edward Heath visited Elm Guest House.

Savile, who is believed to have worked for the security services. 

Elm Guest House was part of a world-wide network.

Leon Brittan's name has been linked to some of the above events.

In 1989, "Labour MP, Bernard Cohen, directly named Leon Brittan in the House of Commons, and was told to be silent by the speaker of the house, for daring to 'smear' Brittan."

Princess Diana knew about Elm Guest House.

 Another victim of the Elm guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris car crash of 1997.

The man said: “I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.“

“She kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet. I have lost a real friend.”

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Selling American girls

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"11 Brewer’s Lane TW9."
I think that should be SW9.

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They're everywhere, aren't they?

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"Barack Obama sent his pollster Jim Messina to the stop Ed Miliband wining the general election"

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At 16 December 2015 at 04:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent work as always, Aang. I wonder if you could help me whilst I have your ear. I've met a lady who is very awake and conscious but is unfamiliar with Operation Gladio. I think you are the best source for such matters but (perhaps because of this) google censors you.

Would you be able to recommend a post or two with regard to Gladio for me to show her. Like Operation Northwoods, it's one of those things that can truly help to open the eyes in order to see clearly what is really going on around us.

Many thanks in advance if you can spare the time.

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Totally spot on as always, aang. I check your blog every day, always eye-opening, always revealing. Thankyou.

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Thank you kindly, ladies.

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A Crooked Court ?

Millionaire cleared of rape after claiming he ‘accidentally penetrated’ teenager
Published time: 16 Dec, 2015 00:47

Judge Martin Griffiths reportedly gave rare permission to allow 20 minutes of Abdulaziz’s evidence to be heard in private.

A London court has cleared property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, of raping an 18-year-old girl after just 30 minutes of deliberation. The London-based Saudi millionaire claimed he may have accidentally penetrated the teenager after he fell on her.

Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday cleared Abdulaziz of one count of rape.

PS yesterday the dog ate my homework.

At 16 December 2015 at 14:42 , Blogger wiggins said...

Yep....coming out of the woodwork, but, they know they are untouchable, just look at the Janner business. Shameful...

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HARVEY PROCTOR (1966 - 1970 "Missing Name Link" - What's that about?)

At 16 December 2015 at 17:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that Harvey Proctor grew up in Scarborough, a town that Jimmy Savile spent so much time in abusing children and youths.

Harvey Proctor was born in 1947: therefore his childhood in Scarborough spanned the 1950s and early 60s.

Jimmy Savile was born in 1926; therefore when Harvey Proctor was a child and young teenager, Savile would have been aged in his 20s and 30s.

Savile's face was well-known in Scarborough in the dance halls and clubs. We now know he was preying on the local children in cahoots with other members of the Scarborough VIP paedophile ring such as Peter Jaconelli and Cyril Smith.

When Harvey Proctor was a child or teenager, might he not have come into contact with the Scarborough paedophile ring, perhaps sexually assaulted by Savile or another politician?

Might this have inaugurated a relationship of sorts between the young Harvey Proctor and that evil element of British high society that Proctor later went on to join?

Also interesting to note that Proctor reportedly joined the Young Conservatives at the age of 14 in 1961. Savile famously supported and campaigned for the Conservative Party (

Unfortunately I do not know at what age Savile became 'politically active' - though it wouldn't surprise me in the least if as a young man in his 20s and 30s he had some involvement in local Tory politics.

At 17 December 2015 at 14:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aang, if Harvey Proctor could be shown to have met or communicated with Jimmy Savile in any meaningful way, even his staunchest defenders might start to regard Proctor's bleating about "being framed" as mighty dubious...

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