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Doctors studying patients with multiple personality disorder have discovered something strange.

One of the personalities possessed by a certain patient needs glasses for their eyes.

But, another of the same patient's personalities does not need glasses for their eyes.

Or, one of the patient's personalities is diabetic and another of the same patient's personalities is not diabetic.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

When the patient switches from one personality to another, their body actually goes through real changes, such as differences in blood sugar levels.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

In other words, the mind can alter the body.

The Powers-That-Be do not want us to know that they are constantly trying to control our minds, and shape our personalities.

They want us to be addicted to 'negative' states of mind.

Can you get your brain and body not to suffer from any physical and emotional injuries?

If so, this could be useful for people walking on burning coals, or for people training to be angels.

If you are a benevolent and skilful doctor, or an angel, the ability not to suffer physical and emotional injuries and ailments could be useful.

However, if you are an immature young child, or an evil general, there may be useful lessons to be learnt from suffering temporary pain.

Prahlad Jani says he has not eaten or drunk for 70 years.

"A devout Christian called Therese Neumann (above) did not eat or drink for 35 years. 

"She was watched 24 hours a day and confirmed not to have eaten or drunk anything for 2 weeks with no ill-effects, dehydration or weight loss." 

The Biology of Belief  / Therese Neumann.

"Jainist Hira Ratan Manek claims not to have eaten anything since 1995. 

"He has been studied under controlled conditions by teams of scientists and doctors many times and was never observed to eat or drink at all. 

"One time he went 211 days under careful supervision, another time 411 days."

Tibetan monks and Indian Yogis can apparently use meditation to control their body functions.

In 1936, a French cardiologist called Therese Brosse traveled to India to study yogis.

She found that the yogis could slow down their heart rates to abnormally low levels.

In the 1950s, another group of researchers studied yogis lying for 8 hours in air-tight sealed boxes.

The Yogis were able to survive by slowing down their heart rate and breathing.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

Jack Schwarz practiced mind over matter.

He could put a long sail-maker's needle through his arm without injury.

"He also displayed his ability to regulate his body's blood flow by causing the puncture hole in his arm to bleed or stop bleeding at will...

Schwarz was studied by researchers at the Menninger Foundation who found that he could indeed control bodily processes with only his mind.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

Mirin Dajo

"Mirin Dajo was invited to Switzerland to have his abilities formally studied under laboratory conditions. 

"In front of a group of doctors and journalists, Dajo had his assistant stab him through with the steel rapier and as always he did not bleed or even flinch. 

"He then calmly walked upstairs with doctors to take his X-ray which undeniably proved that no trickery was involved and he was indeed impaled.

Some people's brain cells may see motherhood as being 'unconditional love and forgiveness'.

Other people may see motherhood as being 'disappointment and ridicule'.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially healthy.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially sick.

"What we ultimately do is tell ourselves a story about what the outside world is."

(Dr. Joe Dispenza, What the Bleep Do We Know?)

Research has shown that patients who have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness have a lower chance of surviving serious illnesses.

Patients who visualise themselves being healed, have a better chance of surviving serious illnesses.

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

Candace Pert, former chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health, suggests that mind is present throughout the body and that emotions are the links between matter and mind.

The Spiritual Universe

"Thoughts change brain chemistry."

(Dr. Joseph M. Carver PhD, Emotional Memory Management: Positive Control Over Your Memory.)

If we are constantly bombarding our cells with the same negative attitudes, emotions, and beliefs, our biochemistry adapts by creating more receptor sites for those particular brain chemicals which cause our problems.

"People often become physically/chemically addicted and dependent on various negative states of being such as depression, victimization, frustration, or jealousy. 

"Over time we crave more of the peptides (certain brain chemicals) we're addicted to and create repetitive dramas in our lives in order to receive our next dose."

The Biology of Belief

"Living with positive, life-affirming, non-limiting thoughts/emotions/beliefs leads to physical health, wellness, and even miraculous supernormal abilities."

The Biology of Belief

"To save her trapped son, Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964 Chevrolet and held it up for five minutes while neighbors arrived, reset a jack, and rescued her unconscious boy. 

"Similarly, a construction worker lifted a 3,000-pound helicopter that had crashed into a drainage ditch, trapping his buddy under water.

"In this feat captured on video, the man held the aircraft aloft while others pulled his friend from beneath the wreckage."   Spontaneous Evolution / The Biology of Belief

According to some research at Princeton University

We can mentally influence - and are influenced by - the thoughts of others.

We can mentally influence biological processes in bodies other than our own.

We can mentally influence the functioning of non-biological systems.

The Next Great Turning - Context Institute

Now, if we are going to be angels in Nirvana, or Heaven or Paradise, we may have to dump our personalities.

Paradoxically, it may be that if we give up our supposed 'free will', we can then follow the will of 'God' (or go with the flow, tune into the Tao, realise that we are part of 'God') and live happily ever after.

The Buddhists would say that our sense of being a separate 'self' is an illusion.

We should practise non-attachment to lots of things.

"All the delightful things of the world - sweet sounds, lovely forms, all the pleasant tastes and touches and thoughts - these are all agreed to bring happiness if they are not grasped and possessed.

But if you regard them merely as pleasures for your own use and satisfaction and do not see them as passing wonders, they will bring suffering.

-Sutta Nipata, Blog: Pleasure and Joy

Alexi Helligar (If everything is just an illusion) refers to the 'zero state' of 'self'.

"Living beings resist the zero state so they can experience enjoyment out of what is essentially nothingness."

Being an angel in Heaven, Paradise or Nirvana does not mean that one is without compassion.

Some Buddhists see an enlightened being as one whose changing self is highly developed.[16]

One with "great self" has a mind which is not at the mercy of outside stimuli or its own moods, but is imbued with self-control, and self-contained.[17]

The mind of such a one is without boundaries, not limited by attachment or "I-identification."[18]

One can transform one's self from an "insignificant self" into a "great self" through practices such as mindfulness.[19]

The suttas portray one disciple who has developed his mind through loving-kindness saying: "Formerly this mind of mine was limited, but now my mind is immeasurable."[19]

With "nirvana-after-death", paranirvana, the last remains of physical life vanish, and no further rebirth takes place.

With nirvāṇa the consciousness is released, and the mind becomes aware in a way that is totally unconstrained by anything in the conditioned world.

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At 27 November 2015 at 10:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous - keep training your mind

At 27 November 2015 at 11:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting article, I did happen to pick up on that tidbit on the information highway and didn't think much about it in esoteric terms until it became an issue with you Aangirfan.

It has been said that the 'Great Work", that aspect of oneself that demands internal 'work', realizations about how your metaphysical or thinking body interact with the physical realm, encompasses the ability to regulate and master control over your physical 'shell', yet, all esoteric schools assume that since man has fallen into such a state of physicality, and has forgotten their more spiritual and 'ethereal' form, that these goals are reserved for an initiate that has to devote a lifetime, and in some cases, many lifetimes, of inner reform and conscious modesty to attain anything close to what a Buddha or a Jesus would have attained.

I believe this to be true, and in fact, there was an attempt to breed this element out of us by the very same 'overlords' that have pumped this world full of their poison today. The Nephilim. And, through the research gleaned from black projects that involved a very heavy element of the Occult, secrets about the biological make-up of a human being have been re-discovered that came from them to begin with. I believe that since the Nephilim were responsible for reconstructing our DNA they also built in backdoors and codes that we see in the form of 'esoteric secrets'.

Mk-Ultra and similar techniques focus on trying to access this 'secret' storage place of information because they know it is there based on this 'esoteric' and occult knowledge.


At 27 November 2015 at 13:50 , Blogger Michael K. said...

I am glad to see people take responsibility for their own state of mind. I can see no point to mental powers in the absence of love, but with them, and in combination with faith one can get a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within, and the truth of Man's own God-likeness.

At 27 November 2015 at 21:50 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

I watched Three Faces of Eve a couple of weeks ago. MKULTRA movie?

At 27 November 2015 at 23:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if my first post went through correctly, Aangirfan, it changed into my unedited shorter version after I posted it. Weird. Here's the longer better version with the extra link. .

Maybe this fit in better with this Aangirfan article than it did with the others.

Danny Blue is a mentalist but he say's he is not magic, it is just something that he has learned how to do as a boy. He can sense how a person is feeling and so he can guess what thought is in their mind, he can also guess which card they will pick from a pack.

Telepathy, Hypnosis & Psychic Manipulation with Mentalist Danny Blue


In this trick Danny Blue go on a racetrack and stands behind one of four boards. There are three racing car drivers and they don't know which board he is behind. They race at the boards in racing cars at 100mph and you will squirm even though you know that Danny Blue will be okay. Danny Blue Correctly guesses which boards they will choose so he will be missed. The racing car drivers are very nervous, so is Danny Blue and you will be too. Danny Blue seems like a nice genuine guy to me.

The Life of a Mentalist in Danger


At 27 November 2015 at 23:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

my father was one of the doctors who worked with and examined the famous muslim fakir Kuda Bux, this man is on record of doing the most astonishing things such a stopping his heart while on an ECG machine, or speeding it right up while laughing at the shock of the investigators, I myself sa wa psychic whom I know has worked a lot for government, take a burning coal from the fire with tongs hold it in his hand and then eat it. whether this was a trick or not I just do not know but I stood beside him and watched

At 28 November 2015 at 00:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this clip this guy does yoga and has amazing levels of concentration. He can balance numerous spinning glass balls perfectly on his body. He even levitates a small glass ball in mid air and no one knows how he does it, except he needs to keep spinning his finger around it to keep it going. I think this is all genuine as I have watched many clips now of him with different audiences and places.

This is long version and is slow at the beginning, but you can click on the link to the short version. But it just shows what we are capable of if we really work at something.

Amazing Illusionist: Levitation, Yoga, Crystal ball performance (contact juggling)


At 28 November 2015 at 01:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's some footage of Mirin Dajo being stabbed with swords. The narrator gives a scientific explanation of it, but it doesn't fully explain it in my opinion.

Man Stabbed With a Sword!


Man Stabbed With a Sword! Extraordinary footage of Mirin Dajo being stabbed right through his body with a sword. He became famous in the 1940s for piercing his body with swords and all other kinds of objects. Apparently he did it without injury and he astounded the medics at the time. This film may make you feel queasy!

At 28 November 2015 at 01:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been into this stuff for about a month now, so I have a number of good videos to post. This one is interesting. Many of these things turn out to be hoaxes but some of them really intrigue me. This is one of them.

Bangkok crippled street beggar has Telekinetic


"I recorded this video in the midst of the famous Khao San Road in Bangkok, one day I was passing by during my vacations on Feb/13.
Only on this night I saw this street beggar, who was crippled and had some mental health issues, doing this very simple tricks with cards and bills the passants gave him.
There were no strings, no wires, no magnets, just the cards and bills, that he lifted with only his mind power. I personally took out a bill I had with me and gave it to him, and he lifted it right in front of my surprised eyes.
Later, I asked him how was he able to do that, and the answer was: "It comes from here (and pointed his chest), and also, but less, from here (and pointed his head)"
Yes I believe he was a telekinektic, and it only confirms me that we truly have this power within us. In his case, I think his withered body and somewhat twisted mind allowed him to focus on it, better developing it in some way.'

At 28 November 2015 at 01:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's such a fascinating subject. I try to meditate but it's hard. I find walking meditation much easier. It's just a powerful. I hope I will eventually get good at it like the yogis.

At 28 November 2015 at 02:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here David Blaine puts a spike through his hand with a doctor checking him out. He can't believe it.

David Blaine Real or Magic Stumps Doctor with Ice Pick through Hand Through Trick



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