Monday, 23 November 2015



  1. Luke Rudkowski is amazing. This is one of the videos I sent this to Paul Craig Roberts. He's like Eric Zeusse, an historian turned reporter, who exposes the crimes of the ruling class. Luke Rudkowski channel is being harassed by Google, so he asks for our support. I've watched video after video by him now. I've subscribed.

    1. Luke Rudkowski, my how that boy travels! One guesses that somehow money finds its way to him to enable all the flights, meals, hotels, taxis, and other incidentals. Maybe you are small change, but all that small change really adds up. Buys street food for little boys, builds trust, fattens egos, stuffs wallets. "Luke Rudkowski is amazing": to amaze is to surprise, shock,awe. Shock and awe....
      I hope you understand that the demons control the opposition, otherwise you are wasting your time. One more level.....

    2. Shock and Awe. Yes, indeed.

  2. How Corrupt is Britain? - Dave Whyte & Luke Hildyard

    Some people think that Britain is not corrupt as other countries. David Smith was an electrician who was campaigning for his company to improve health and safety about asbestos. He got backlisted and found it hard to find work. He was trying to get his company to abide by the law, but the police assisted the company in breaking law by passing all details about David Smith to them.

    Sick UK state protecting establishment paedophiles (16Mar15)

    How the corrupt UK state has been protecting establishment paedophiles, with police investigations being stopped and hushed up. So much corruption and paedophilia in the police, judiciary, politicians, and spies themselves.

  3. That is an excellent video, a real wake up call, thanks Aangirfan.