Monday, 19 October 2015


Stephen Hawking.

The Mirror has a list of the 50 greatest Britons.

Here are the top five:

Florence Nightingale.

1. Florence Nightingale, famous gay/lesbian nurse.


Churchill (right)

2. Sir Winston Churchill, famous gay, partly Jewish member of the cabal which started World War I.


The current Lord Rothschild and the current Duke of Kent, Britain's top Freemason.

3. The Queen, famous member of a fairly bisexual dynasty.

Princess Eugenie Caught Partying At Lesbian Bars / ROYAL SEX

Stephen Hawking.

4. Stephen Hawking, famous academic who supports an academic boycott of Israel

"Last time I saw him, he was in the back 'play area' lying on a bed fully clothed with two naked women gyrating all over him."

King Don Juan of Spain, Princess Diana, the Queen of Spain.

5. Diana, Princess of Wales, famous princess who was reportedly killed by the SAS. 

Diana's lovers are alleged to have included James Gilbey (Squidgygate Tapes), James Hewitt, Will Carling, Oliver Hoare, Hasnat Khan, police bodyguard Barry Mannake, David Waterhouse, Bryan Adams, and King Juan Carlos of Spain.


Other people on the list include:

William Shakespeare, famous gay writer.


Enid Blyton - famous author children's books.

"It was a queer place to sleep for the first time at Craggy tops." Jack shares a mattress with Philip. "Jack soon got warm, cuddled up against Philip's back."

Enid Blyton.

Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen Mirren - famous 'Jewish' actress


Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley - famous actress

Cocaine and underage boys ....

David Beckham from Leytonstone

David Beckham - famous Jewish, gay icon.

Tom Cruise David Beckham caught in the act ? / Beckham: gay? - CNN

Elton John with John Lennon.

John Lennon - famous gay singer.


Freddie Mercury - famous gay singer.


Cliff is missing from the list.


  1. Stephen Hawking sounds like my sort of guy. They say he would 'accidently' run his wheelchair over the toes of people he did not like. Once he accidently run his wheelchair over the toes of Prince Charles. Here's a quote from Aangirfan's link.

    'Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind. "One of Hawking’s regrets in life was not having an opportunity to run over Margaret Thatcher’s toes."

  2. I'm glad that no one is able to 'reportedly' look into my closet, the one where the skeletons hang, since I'm far from being perfect.

    But I guess some, at least 'reportedly,' have an impeccable past.

    1. But that's not an excuse for behaving badly. I hope you have learned from your mistakes.

  3. I just can't seem to throw a comment up that has a direct relevance to the column you are posting at the moment, ah but what I am about to post does have relevance in the political spectrum so I guess it all counts, but really UK, where DID you pull out that list of the 50 'greatest' Briton's, a Cracker Jack box? Of course there is nothing entirely wrong with homosexuality but it seems the common meme around every personality in that list is either a closet homosexual or open about it that has had a very influential existence in promoting this NWO paradigm either directly or indirectly. Now we know who selected that list: The Security Services, as always, for a job well done chap.

    One of my observations for today from the DailyFail Elite Snitch Unit is a particular meme that we will be seeing much much more of in the coming months. A particular character in the truth movement calling himself the Black Child has gone to extensive lengths to expose the Hollywood elite and Hip-Hop industries as a front for their clandestine activities in 'satanism' and mind control and appears to be quite astute in these matters (although he is still very caught up in the supranatural superstition of these revelations) has made a very possible prediction here:

    Jesuit Illuminati - The BLACK NOBILITY

    At 5:33 claims that The Pope and the Catholic Majority have already made their choice - Joe Biden.

    This meme is slowly but surely making it's way into the MSM, with sprite and glee that this screwball is going to jump in the race, here is the DailyFail with their very odd endorsement (always such an inviting tell when the English DailyFail has such enthusiasm for an American candidate):

    "Hillary's strong debate performance didn't help her as Bernie has a bigger 'bounce' in new polling – but Joe Biden has the highest approval rating and he's not running yet"

    I would have to say that with the constant disturbing behavior we have seen from this man IN PUBLIC, along with his bravado and arrogance, as well as his ability to casually act as though he is not a goofball and inappropriate, could VERY WELL be a very viable candidate as an 'Anti-Christ' figure in the American panopticon and as our next resident Liar-In-Chief.


    1. Joe Biden will NOT seek the White House in 2016 in Rose Garden statement: The window has 'closed ... I believe we're out of time'

      Phew!!! I am SOOO glad I was wrong about that one.

      Hopefully this isn't a psy-op and he won't reconsider.

  4. I also see that others, like you, are on guard about the possibilities the UK's Jeremy Corbyn are presenting, from the great Tap Blog:

    Putin and Corbyn. Two alternative media heroes
    "There are so many articles and posts in the alternative media praising Putin’s intervention in Syria against ISIS that he’s being seen increasingly as a heroic figure. Anyone fighting against ISIS, the creation of the CIA, Israel and the New World Order, must be a good guy, surely. It’s a bit like the the situation with Russia in WW2 all over again. Once Hitler and the NAZIs had been created as the bogeymen, anyone who fought against them effectively, became a popular hero, no matter how evil they may be from every other point of view. Hitler was a creation of the NWO, which was not generally known at the time, and to this day, is still hard for many to take in, after a lifetime of being fed false history by media, schools and colleges.

    The new bogeymen equivalents of Hitler and the NAZIs are ISIS and the Islamicists, perpetrating acts of horror, filmed and broadcast widely and frequently on alternative media as well as main. Putin had been referred to as the new Hitler for a while, by people as diverse as Charles Windsor, and Barack Obama. Yet in truth, his role in Syria is far more akin to that of Stalin in WW2 than Hitler’s, being choreographed onto the scene as a heroic resister of the ISIS bogeymen. His own numerous crimes against humanity are whitewashed neatly from the narrative, just as were Stalin’s crimes ignored for as long as he was seen as a fighter of Hitler. The story has to be kept simple for people to follow it – with the goodies and the baddies clearly distinguishable from each other – exactly as in a Hollywood movie."

    Key: Yet in truth, his role in Syria is far more akin to that of Stalin in WW2 than Hitler’s, being choreographed onto the scene as a heroic resister of the ISIS bogeymen. His own numerous crimes against humanity are whitewashed neatly from the narrative, just as were Stalin’s crimes ignored for as long as he was seen as a fighter of Hitler.



  6. Depraved Filipino cybersex dens where children as young as TWO are abused in front of webcams exposed in documentary - and many paying customers are British

  7. Fake indeed

  8. Hitler was very much funded by the western ruling class to fight communism and the democracy. He was a right wing bastard and a viscous fascist. But when he started losing the war the western fascists pretended to change sides. Communism was diabolical but we have a hunch that the western ruling elite were behind that too to discredit socialist democracy, or any democracy coming from ordinary people.