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In the UK, only 20 Labour MPs - less than 10% of the parliamentary party - wanted Jeremy Corbyn as their new leader.

Jeremy Corbyn should beware his friends - Andrew Rawnsley

The typical Labour Member of Parliament is a spooky person - like John Stonehouse, George Robertson, Robert Maxwell, Tom Driberg, George Wigg, Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, John Smith and Tony Blair.

Is Jeremy Corbyn secretly a fan of NATO?

"There have been some indications that Jeremy Corbyn will try to make it easier for parliamentary colleagues ... by kicking some of the positions ... such as withdrawal from NATO, into the long weeds of a drawn-out policy review."

Jeremy Corbyn should beware his friends - Andrew Rawnsley

Leaders can change their policies.

Fairly recently, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon switched from being anti-NATO to being pro-NATO.

So, how might Corbyn be used to help the Powers-That-Be?

1. Corbyn might help the Conservatives to stay in power for many more years.

All Corbyn has to do is to say that he supports mass immigration and say that he understands why Moslems did 9 11.

2. Corbyn can reinforce the view that it is angry Moslems, and not the security services, who carry out false flag operations.

3. Corbyn can reinforce the view that it is certain entertainers, and not the security services, who run child abuse rings.

4. Corbyn might help to reduce support for the Scottish National Party in the coming election for the Edinburgh parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn has been backed by cash raised from the sale of T-shirts made by factory workers earning just 49p an hour.


One of Corbyn's closest allies is Ken Livingstone, who was Mayor of London when the 7/7 London Bombings took place.

Ken Livingstone (right), who was London Mayor at the time of the London Tube Bombings.

"If ever we get tired of the name London it actually would enshrine a lot of what makes London a great city if we renamed it Chanukah."

So said London's Mayor Ken Livingstone, in 2007, as he lit London's 32ft. steel menorah. 

Kiley (Tube chief admits: I'm an alcoholic News)

Bob Kiley was boss of London Transport at the time of the London Tube Bombings.

He used to work for the CIA.

Kiley was appointed by Ken Livingstone, when Livingstone was mayor of London. 

Livingstone with Clinton

Ken Livingstone says that "there's no evidence of where my maternal grandmother came from, she was called Zona.

"And I remember a couple of times when I was a kid, she would say to me, ‘don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re Jewish.’ Which made me think we must be, otherwise why would she raise this?" 

(London Mayor Ken Livingstone may be ... )

When Jean Charles de Menezes was murdered, in what appeared to be a false flag operation, Ken Livingstone supported the actions of the police. 

Livingstone married Christine Pamela Chapman in 1973; the marriage ended in divorce in 1982. 

Around that time he became involved with Kate Allen, now director of Amnesty International in the UK; the couple separated in November 2001.

Livingstone and Emma Beal, also his office manager, have a son, Thomas, born 14 December 2002 at the University College Hospital, London, and a daughter, Mia, born on 20 March 2004 at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. 

He also has three other children whose existence was only publicly revealed during the 2008 mayoral election. 

Livingstone has declined to explain.

Jeremy Corbyn has been married three times.


The Middle East's Most Whispered Secret (Part I).

The DONMEH part 2: House of Saud Connections.

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At 13 September 2015 at 02:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article seems to give a good grounding.

At 13 September 2015 at 02:49 , Blogger James R said...

Might be best to change the subject.

At 13 September 2015 at 03:24 , Blogger A13 said...

Hey Aang
I found the two Donmeh posts and reposted them..Here are the correct links:
Part 1 :
Part 2:

You can fix the link if you want in your post :)
Cheers A13

At 13 September 2015 at 07:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He named paedo outer Watson as his deputy does this mean we need to rethink? Surely Watson hasn't sold out to the paedo powers that be?

At 13 September 2015 at 10:43 , Blogger Vincenzo Ferraro said...

False Flag to the Pentagon MoD ?

At 13 September 2015 at 11:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chapman is J-ish surname.
Livingstone surname is posible form Livin-Levin, and he is atheist and pro-homo-right supporter:( .

At 13 September 2015 at 12:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

U have a dangerous obsession

At 13 September 2015 at 12:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 September 2015 at 13:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it doesn't fit here (" ... and now to something completely different"... ). But if You post the next article about Syria and about the refugees, please mention the "Syrian Girl" and her fine video "#RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help #SyrianRefugees Go Home" -


At 13 September 2015 at 16:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered why Tom Watson felt "a bit depressed and tired" with all his "work" (Radio 2 Jeremy Vine). Now we know why.

At 13 September 2015 at 19:54 , Blogger Unknown said...

Viscount Rothermere's right wing tory rag conducts a poll of it's highly enlightened readership regarding Corbyn and the results confirm they don't like him very much. Well, knock me down with a feather, there's a shock!

At 13 September 2015 at 20:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets cut to the chase,Red Ken is a Jew or more accurately a crypto Jew.

As is usual there is plenty of nonsense to disguise this fact.There was an incident where Livingstone made reference to concentration camp guards etc.
When Hillary Clinton was running for the senate this same sort of rubbish was dragged out for public consumption.Horrors of horror there were reports that Hillary Clinton was "anti-semitic".Her daughter married a Jew.....
Then there were reports that Hagel was "anti-Israel" leading the public to assume Hagel is not a Jew...but of course he IS a Jew.
Jews who control western countries do not want the public to know it...hence these deceptions.The internet is proving to be a problem,exposing the liars.
Despite CONSTANT articles in the MSM debunking and mocking "truthers" re. 9/11...well over 50% of people know the official story is a pack of lies.

At 13 September 2015 at 20:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link, The Truth Seeker, London Transport controlled by known CIA agent, did not work. This one does:

At 13 September 2015 at 22:25 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments.

- Aangirfan


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