Tuesday 22 September 2015

Not A Sin

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At 24 September 2015 at 06:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evangelicals in the main have agreed to disagree in sufficiently large enough numbers that, although in their mind same-sex married like relationships 'miss the mark’ (aka, sin), they've no heart for joining calls to rupture their fragile wider-alliance over this. The understandable plea by the churchman at the end of this short-film and the comparisons with slavery and the need for the church to ‘change its teachings’ make sense in light of the prejudice and persecution. However, to explain how this works, it's the concessions by the growing groundswell of evangelicals that is changing the terrain. This middle-majority still call it – on the QT and when pushed – a relationship God can never fully bless, yet have come to accept the ‘welcoming’ perspective has been established in their midst and is too close and credible to dismiss. The firmer reformed guard have only one church-based battle left; can those who are also UK Anglicans persuade enough members to push for a split? Make official their move to Africa's lead, alongside grappling to be allowed to use their respective buildings post-split/new arrangement. Therefore the church streams merge and divide, theologically and - who they stand with and affirm. This has shifted and re-positioned the more moderate line. For instance, these - ‘no but...’ - believers would critique and distance themselves from any Christian that isn’t quick to be loud and unequivocal that the overriding call is to stand against love-less actions and any oppression because of sexuality, (and certainly if this is said to be done in Jesus name). This isn't a debate and whatever is seen as God's view on gay people/people who are being gay(?), the primary call to love must override questions, at least in principle, about the what and whys of gay love. This important little film might bring some balance for some, as they meet the survivors of an abuse that faced a legalism over Christ's call to live in the Spirit.
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