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In the UK, a TV star called Jonathan King ran a child abuse ring for top people.


According to the News of the World, the police have a dossier containing the names of the members of the ring.

The names include:

1. A Lord who was educated at Gordonstoun and who was involved in children's charities.

2. An internationally famous singer who cultivates a squeaky-clean image.

3. A pop idol who wears bizarre clothes.

4. A TV PRESENTER: A huge celebrity and known by his inner circle to have a sickening interest in young boys. Presents family shows and is a regular at telly charity events. One of his close pals is a convicted paedophile. The married TV presenter befriended the paedophile on holiday in Sri Lanka several years ago and was introduced to a string of young boys. A housewives' favourite, he has carried out voluntary work. On trips abroad he meets a network of contacts and is introduced to young boys whom he abuses.

5. TWO DJs: They are said to be at the heart of King's paedophile ring. One, a Radio 1 legend, was convicted of sexually abusing a string of boys as young as 13 in Prague.

The second DJ has been an influential record industry figure.

6. A record producer

The BBC's Chris Denning (above) was a rent boy (boy prostitute) from the age of 13 until the age of 18.

His first radio experience was in the USA as a teenager.

He worked in Kenya for the British Forces Network (UK military).

He became a BBC disc jockey and later worked for Decca Records.

During the 1970s, Chris Denning and Jonathan King were part of a group of child abusers linked to a disco for young people [13] called the Walton Hop.

"The Hop was situated only five miles from Jimmy Savile's haunt the infamous Duncroft Aproved School.

"Who lives close to the Walton Hop? 

"Well Max Clifford for one lives in Walton-Upon-Thames."

"And Cliff Richard lived about two miles down the road in Weybridge, "

(JUSTICE DENIED: The Walton Hop.)

Denning spent time in prisons in the UK and in Prague, which is a centre of child abuse rings.

On 22 May 2014, it was announced that Denning is to be charged with 41 sex offences [19]


Amanda "Milly" Dowler, murder victim, was born in Walton in June 1988 and was still living there when last seen alive on 21 March 2002.[22] 

Her body was found some 45 kilometres (28 mi) away in Hampshire six months later.[23]

The series of murders in the South East of England during 2000-2002 had at least five victims, including Sarah PayneMilly DowlerDanielle Jones, and Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman."

Sarah Payne in Cheshire - The Soham Murders

Michael Payne

After the murder of Sarah Payne, in the year 2000, Sarah's father Michael Payne became a neighbour and friend of the 'serial killer' Levi Bellfield.

Levi Bellfield reportedly murdered Milly Dowler in 2002.

Bellfield also reportedly murdered Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange.


Milly Dowler

Did he know too much?

Michael Payne was a friend of Levi Bellfield "at the height of Bellfield's killing spree."

According to Michael Payne's mother Cynthia, Bellfield befriended Michael Payne in the Ashley Park pub in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey, around five miles from Jimmy Savile's haunt the Duncroft Aproved School, in Staines.

Levi Bellfield

The Sun on Sunday reported that when police searched Bellfield's flat, they found  newspaper cuttings about Sarah Payne's murder.

Michael Payne (left), who split from his wife Sarah Payne (right).

Michael Payne moved to Walton-on-Thames following his split from Sarah's mother Sara.

So, Michael Payne was living near the railway station where Milly Dowler was last seen in 2002.

Roy Whiting

Reportedly, Michael Payne's daughter Sarah  was snatched in 2000 by 'paedophile' Roy Whiting from a field near her grandparents' home in West Sussex, where she was playing with older brothers Luke and Lee and younger sister Charlotte.


Milly Dowler, aged 13, was murdered in 2002.

Her father Robert Dowler was the original police suspect in the teenager's disappearance.

He had an interest in bondage sex.

Amanda 'Milly' Dowler (left) with her parents Robert and Sally and sister Gemma. 

Milly Dowler, a 13-year-old English girl, disappeared on her way home from school in Walton-on-Thames, on 21 March 2002.

Her dead body was not discovered until 18 September 2002.

Levi Bellfield, 'a brutal serial killer', was not charged with the murder of Milly Dowler until 30 March 2010.

Levi Bellfield, 1998.

On 23 June 2011, Levi Bellfield was found guilty of Milly Dowler's murder.

It was revealed in 2011 that News of the World reporters had accessed Milly's voicemail after she went missing.

The News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch, had voicemails which appeared to show that Milly was still alive up to three weeks after her kidnap.

The official story is that Milly was killed soon after her abduction.

Walton on Thames is around five miles from Jimmy Savile's haunt the Duncroft Aproved School, in Staines.

"Max Clifford lived in Walton-Upon-Thames."

(JUSTICE DENIED: The Walton Hop.)

"The series of murders in the South East of England during 2000-2002 had five victims, namely Sarah Payne, Milly Dowler, Danielle Jones, and Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman."

Sarah Payne in Cheshire - The Soham Murders

Well protected pedophile rings at work?

Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. (News of the World phone hacking- Daily Mail)

There are reports that people working for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World hacked the telephones of:

1. The families of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wellsthe young girls whose dead bodies were found near a US military base in England.

(The Soham Murders and Ian Huntley)

("The mobile phone evidence that Jessica's signal had faded at 1:30 AM and that it was traced to countryside north of Soham was not examined at the trial. 
This contradicted the police case that the phone was switched off at the time that their case alleged they died and that the signal came from a mast outside Huntley's house." Ian Huntley Framed.)

2. The murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

(Reportedly the News of the World may have deleted certain voice mails on Milly Dowler's phone.)

3. The family of murdered child Sarah Payne. 

4. People involved in the case of missing child Madeleine McCann.

Some people might wonder about the links between child murders and certain spooky people.
5. Victims of the London Tube Bombingsbombings which have been linked to the CIA and its friends.

Jonathan Rees, who has links to David Cameron. 
UK Prime Minister David Cameron hired Andy Coulson as his media adviser.

Cameron knew that, as editor of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World, Coulson employed Jonathan Rees. (Jonathan Rees.)

Rees stood trial for the murder of Daniel Morgan.

Police believe Morgan was murdered because he discovered his business partner Jonathan Rees was using their company to launder money from drug trafficking.

In the UK, in 1987, Daniel Morgan was murdered "because he was about to expose a drugs conspiracy linked to police corruption."

One of the people who has been accused of murdering Morgan is Jonathan Rees.

Rees , a private investigator, has links to powerful police officers and to Rupert Murdoch's News of the World.

The case against Rees collapsed in court.

On 12th March 2011 we read that in the Daniel Morgan murder, the family cry 'cover-up' as the case collapses.

A Scotland Yard officer has said that police corruption during the initial investigation in 1987 was a key reason that no one had ever been convicted of Morgan's murder.

The prosecution case 'was significantly weakened' when a judge excluded the evidence of a Mr Gary Eaton.

Sally Ann Wood, the ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects, James Cook, allegedly claimed to have seen 30 murders, some involving some of the suspects.

Morgan was murdered in the car park of a pub in South-East London. An axe was left embedded in his face.

Police believe Morgan was murdered because he discovered his business partner Jonathan Rees was using their company to launder money from drug trafficking.

Rees was said to have obtained information from corrupt police officers about operations.

Daniel Morgan's brother Alistair claims that Daniel was murdered because he was about to expose police corruption.

An agency run by Rees conducted ‘confidential inquiries’ on behalf of the News of the World and newspapers in the Mirror Group in the late 1990s.

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"The News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch, had voicemails which appeared to show that Milly was still alive up to three weeks after her kidnap."

As far as I understand this is simply not true. The NoTW were hacking her phone and checking her messages leading to her family and the police believing she was still alive because messages had been checked. The fact that the then editor Mrs Brooks now has her job back and no guilty verdict is something of a national disgrace but that's another story!

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Damn it! I've bin workin on this 2!
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I was goin down the Brooks line. Even 4 a journo she pops up FAR 2 often. & as I'm sure u know, phones were hacked in most o these cases.

Wot can I say.. Ur a genius!

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this superb piece by a long dead intel whistleblower may lead us to where we need to go with this

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An article appearing on alleges that Simon Cowell is a pedophile.

The article includes details that may be exaggerations, embellishments, or outright fabrications. Whether the core allegation is true, however, is unknown to me.

For those interested, the key points of the article appearing on are as follows:

1. Britain is ruled by dissociative sociopaths in a cult that calls itself 'The Royal Arch'. There is a ruling politburo of 'guardians', consisting of persons selected by existing members. To be a guardian, one is trained from early childhood for the role in the usual manner – electroshock and sexual abuse.

2. To show loyalty, one must participate in group child sex acts.

3. The link between sexual abuse and disassociation is the reason why The Royal Arch is interested in paedophilia.

4. Participants in the UK are dressed in yellow fisherman’s outfits and placed on a virtual ‘X’.

Therefore, to "have the X Factor” means you've been selected to be tortured. It is a Royal Arch expression/pun.

Simon Cowell is a key guardian.

At 12 September 2015 at 03:26 , Blogger WildCatScot said...

Followin on frm anonymous 17.31...
The Hurd Family allegedly like 2 have people round for T. They also tlk bout ppl having the x factor...
Catherine Hurd tragically died...

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Interesting take on the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman Story...........

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Who are you referring to as "a long dead intel whistleblower"? Not Coleman, I hope??!!!


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