Friday, 10 July 2015


Above we see James Rothschild (banks) and Nicky Hilton (hotels).

They marry on 10 July 2015.

The marriage takes place in Princess Diana's former home Kensington Palace.

Various Goldsmiths will attend the wedding.

Reportedly, Princess Diana's father was Sir James Goldsmith, the descendant of a Jewish banking family from Frankfurt.


Lady Diana's mother was born Frances Ruth Roche.

Reportedly, Frances had Jewish origins. 

(Davidic Ancestry of Prince William.)

Lord Victor Rothschild

James's father Amschel was the youngest child of Victor Rothschild, the spy alleged to have controlled the British Prime Ministers - Churchill, Heath and Thatcher.


In 1996, Amschel Rothschild was found hanged at the Hotel Bristol in Paris.

"French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according to well-placed European sources..."


"A Rothschild ball 1972". The Rothschilds are alleged to be Satanists rather than Jews.

Four years after the death of Amschel, Raphael de Rothschild died of a heroin overdose in New York.

Around 1909, Oscar Rothschild, from the Austrian branch of the family, was found shot dead.

In 1923, Amschel’s grandfather, Nathaniel Charles Rothschild, was found dead with his throat slit.


Nicky Hilton, sister of Paris Hilton and friend of Lindsay Lohan.

Nicky Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton (née Avanzino) was 'pushy, arrogant, presumptuous. The spotlight always had to be on her.'

That is according to Peggy Cusack Yakovlev, who worked for the family.
James Rothschild's mother was born Anita Guinness.

Top row: Pippa, James and their mother Carole, née Goldsmith.

By the 1930's, 60% of all 'Jewish marriages' in Germany involved Jews marrying non Jews.

Did Zionists Help Plan the Holocaust?

Just as there are 'good' Christians and 'bad' Christians, so also there are 'good' Jews and 'bad' Jews.

There are lots of different factions among Christians and there are lots of different factions among Jews.

In the religious wars in Europe, Christians massacred Christians.

During World War II, the Satanic Nazi Jews killed non-Nazi Jews.

At the top of the pyramid of power the bad Moslems, bad Christians and bad Jews are all in alliance.

SS Lieut. General Horst Hoyer submitted a report in 1952 on the role Nazi Jews played in the Holocaust. 

Helping plan the "Final Solution" were Jews named Walter Sonnenschein, Zuckerhorn, Spitze, Lowenstein, Gregor and Feckler.

excerpt from his report:

In October 1943, sixteen selected Jews were taken ... to the old civilian airport on the Chortower Highway and flown to neutral Spain, to be handed over to the United States, including a relative of Henry Morgenthau, a member of President Roosevelt's cabinet.


  1. Vatican 2 was the official satanic takeover of the Catholic church.

  2. Just google "Hitler's Jewish soldiers". An historian named Brian Rigg estimates that there were around 150,000 of them.


    Read this article, MH17, Wikipedia fake ? CIA ...


  5. John Mann MP on Child sex abuse.

    1. John Mann MP, staunch supporter of Israel, called criticism of Gaza massacres 'anti semitic' and talk of a Jewish Lobby or dual loyalty a stereotype. Sounds like a contender for Labour leader.



  8. this article appeared only hours after rothschilds death, and gives a lot of information

  9. I would imagine that in regards to being Jewish or satanist the Rothschilds are simultaneously neither and both, with it all depending on what will best impress whomever it is they're with.

    They themselves of course would take none of it particularly seriously.

  10. see... you can believe this or not... I don't know whether to, or whether it was GCHQ's Jooint Intelligence Threat Unit trying to play a practical joke (it is rather funny if it was), I say I was in 50/50 to check it out... but I ended up breaking my ankle in a fight anyway so...

    Summer 2012 - I was invited to a sex party by Eduard de Rothschild, outside of Paris, and I could have fucked Hollandes ex Ségolène Royal.
    I'd never heard of her, and I wasn't looking into Eduard... (David de Rothschild & Evelyn, Jabob & Nathaniel maybe).

    I watched Kubricks 'Eyes Wide Shut' for the first time since I was like 14 other night (crock of shit and Kidman cannot act for shit)... is Kubrick not suppose to be hinting at Sexual Occult Magic practiced by some of these people?

    Those 'Satanic' sex parties... they ain't paedophilic, they ain't sacrificing anyone (don't say it!)... get in a cape and mask and have an orgy with some pretty hot women, who are really powerful, but you don't really know who your fucking. Some of them might...

    I don't even know where Im going with that, Occult sexual magic amongst rich and famous elites

    (like I said, possibly GCHQ clowns... something I'd do if I was fucking with me!)

  11. Neither satanist or jew, capitalist industrialism is their modus operandi, money is their god.

  12. It is helpful to them that they are not thought of as Jews.
    They ARE Jews and they rule the West...and they are working on it as regards other countries.
    The Botswanan President is an African,his wife is a Jewess....that makes their offspring Jews.They will go on to form the Botswanan elite...given time.
    Obama...the idiot is the result of such a union between African and Jew.Works well,ninety percent of Americans think Obama,the nobel peace prize winner,is "black".
    One of the Jews greatest charades/deceptions is having Obama purporting to be standing up to Israel, with fake spats with Cretinyahoo.
    A similar deception was run with the Jewess Hilary Clinton,when standing for senator.At one point there were whispers she was anti-semitic....the gullible would buy that no worries....the large part of America today in other words.

  13. Some think they are Frankists, a heretic Jewish sect. In his later life Jacob Frank had an army of 600 people, who spent their time non-productively in military drilling. There were rumors of barrels of gold sent by a mysterious benefactor. Later on he moved close to Frankfurt where he died in 1791 (Mayer Amschel Rothschild was active in Frankfurt around this time; the 'Frank' name is coincidental by the way).

    So there's actually not much evidence of a connection but then these people are highly secretive. Generally Sabbateans pretend to be Muslims and Frankists pretend to be Catholics, Nobody admits what they actually are to outsiders. They hold secret ceremonies (not secret Jewish ceremonies like pretend-Christian Conversos) and intermarry among themselves. The Sabbateans are still around as the Donmeh in Turkey but Frankists are 'officially' supposed to have fizzled out. They are no longer accepted as Jews because their 'rumored' annual wife-swapping orgy ceremony means they could be bastards born of adultery (known as mamzer).

    One of their sayings: "since we can't all be saints let us all be sinners". Hence they could be considered satanic. However they seem to have focussed on breaking sexual taboos.


    1. I wrote "they are no longer accepted as Jews" but upon further research it seems they are still considered part of the Jewish community although they and their descendents are not supposed to marry ordinary Jews. A non-Jew can't even be mamzer (see Wikipedia).

  14. This is a very interesting article in regards to who these Rothschild really are!
    The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be. The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people. You will find that approximately 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews. These people knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the land of Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual fact their real homeland is over 800 miles away in Georgia.

  15. Dr Ros Altmann, now Baroness of Tottenham (seriously !?!?)

    Formerly a ‘Kennedy Scholar’ at Harvard, Rothschild banker and pensions adviser to Tony Blair.

    When the Pensions are taken down she is already in position.

    This is like watching a video game.