Tuesday 30 June 2015


In Tunisia, armed policemen allowed the gunmen to freely massacre British tourists for more than half an hour, witnesses claim.

Police officers did arrive at the scene within minutes.

Tunisia attack: police let gunmen run amok for half an hour, says witness.

In the Norway attacks, 'it was clear that certain Norwegian police and military were helping the shooters.'


Seifeddine Yacoubi (Rezgui), who has been linked to MI5.

The Daily Mail has linked Seifeddine Yacoubi (above) to a top MI5 asset.

This MI5 asset acted as an informer for MI5 and was protected by the UK police and MI5.

The MI5 asset is Abu Qatada.

TIME magazine cited "senior European intelligence officials" revealing that Qatada had been "tucked away in a safe house" where he and his family were "lodged, fed and clothed by British intelligence services."

'Qatada of MI5'

Seifeddine was most likely the innocent patsy.

The real killers were a team working for the security services.

Reportedly, the CIA has a secret prison near Bizerte, 65km north of Tunis, in Tunisia. 

(CIA facility in Tunisia)

In 2002, 14 German tourists, five Tunisians and two French nationals were murdered on the island of Djerba, in Tunisia.

The CIA and Mossad are suspected of having carried out the Djerba Bombing.

Tunisia's prime minister is Habib Essid (above).

The security services of Tunisia are possibly controlled by the CIA and Mossad.

Habib Essid, born in Sousse, was educated at Minnesota University in the US.

Essid, 65, served as a top interior ministry official under Ben Ali's government.

Ben Ali was toppled by the CIA and by traitors within his own government and military.

After the 2011 CIA revolution that toppled Ben Ali, Essid served as a security adviser to Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, of Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party.

In other words, Essid has ties to the CIA's Islamists.

Ajmal Kasab's double.

Seifeddine Jacoubi is like the innocent patsy Ajmal Kasab.

Kasab was hanged in connection with the Mumbai attacks of 2008.

In the case of Mumbai, we were told that 8 gunmen were arrested and then we were told that only Ajmal Amir was arrested.

We were told that the gunmen at the railway station and elsewhere were white men.

One moment we were told Kasab stayed for several days at the Taj Hotel; the next moment we were told he got straight off a boat and started a killing spree.

There were reports that Kasab had bullet wounds and reports that he did not have bullet wounds.

There were reports that one of Kasab's fellow gunmen was arrested at Cana Hospital and reports suggesting that nobody was arrested there.


The real Ajmal Kasab

Ajmal Kasab said he was framed by the Israelis.

And by India's secret service (RAW).

Ajmal Kasab alleged that the TV footage recorded by a Pakistani channel GeoTV (which was shown in the special court) "was made at the behest of RAW and Israeli officials."

Kasab said he learnt this from some crime branch officials. (Kasab now claims RAW accused him of spying )

On 25 December 2010, The Washington Post reported that Mumbai suspect Ajmal Kasab "told the judge he came to Mumbai as a tourist and was arrested 20 days before the siege began.

"On the day the attacks started, Kasab said police took him from his cell because he resembled one of the gunmen.

"They then shot him to make it look as if he had been involved in the attacks and re-arrested him..." 

(Mumbai gunman demands trial by international court )

Ajmal Kasab claimed that the the Indian secret service, RAW, took him into custody on 6 November 2008, and later handed him over to the Mumbai police.

The Mumbai attacks were on 26 November 2008. (Kasab claims RAW custody )

(Kasab now claims RAW accused him of spying)

"The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that RAW, for the past many years is following the policies of Israeli intelligence agency Mossaad...

"Mossad has managed to create many fake terrorists out of the innocent Palestinians and made them to confess the crimes they never committed.

"The Daily Mail’s finding indicate that these tactic were adopted by RAW in the late 90s and suddenly the number of Pakistanis, arrested in India with terror charges started increasing dramatically by the late 90s while Ajmal Kasab being the latest in the series." 

(The Daily Mail - from Pakistan)

The American 'crypto-Jew' David Headley who organised the Mumbai attacks and who admitted that he worked for the CIA.

Ajmal Kasab said that the American David Headley, who is reported to be the CIA agent who organised the Mumbai attacks, interrogated him, with four whitemen, in his cell at the Mumbai police custody after he was captured. 

(Mumbai attacker Kasab retracts confession, claims meeting US terror suspect)

Kasab claims he was interrogated by FBI officials and that David Headley was one of them. 

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just follow the crypto...

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Today (30/06/15 - 12:05pm), on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, he was "interviewing" Brits who were on the beach and a young girl said "mEn with guns".

It is highly likely that Vine is an MI5 agent as well.

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Hampstead Research taken down by Wordpress

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JimStone.is has a very interesting article about Wordpress.It's now set to block any site that the PTB don't want.

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Hullo Aang. Berlusconi's News Channel just reported about an italian tourist who witnessed at least two gunmen. The man says that he clearly heard gunshots from opposite sides of the beach in Soussa.

At 30 June 2015 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tunisian police searching for Seifeddine Rezgui's 'accomplices'

Tunisian Interior Ministry said it was 'sure' the gunman had accomplices

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though sources said the gunmen may have intentionally targeted tourists at the hotel and possibly two other hotels.

>>> Various sources talk about gunmen (plural).


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