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A man called Wasim Bel Adel claims that he knew Seifeddine Jacoubi (Seifeddine Rezgui).

Bel Adel claims that Seifeddine worked for ISIS.

It must be pointed out that ISIS is trained and supplied by the CIA and its friends.


Wasim Bel Adel

Rupert Murdoch's media empire claims that Seifeddine Rezgui was part of a five-man terror cell operating out of the Tunisian city of Kairouan over the last four years.

Rupert Murdoch's media empire admits that Seifeddine indulged in drinking and sex.

And, it should be noted that Seifeddine did not wear a beard.

But, this was a front, according to certain Jewish journalists.

Erika Solomon, in the Financial Times, spouts words that could have been written by Mossad?

Tunisia's poor neighbourhoods serve as supply line for jihadis.

There appear to be TWO Seifeddines.

Breivik's Double

Anders Breivik

Breivik's Double

A reader pointed out that there are two Anders Breiviks.

There were two Lee Harvie Oswalds.

In the Mumbai attacks of 2008, there were two Kasabs.

The intelligence services like to have one person to be the actual spy and one person to be the patsy who takes the blame.

Reportedly, there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and at the same time as there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Japan.

There was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico who looked nothing like the Lee Harvey Oswald who became famous in Dallas.

One or more imposter Oswalds may have been working for the security services. The Oswald who was murdered may have been the patsy.

(http://www.patshannan.bizland.com/assassinationsoswald.html /Http://www.jfkresearch.com/jfk_101.html)

The Moslem Mohamed Atta may not have wanted to kill anyone.

The imposter Mohamed Atta may not have been a Moslem and may have been an agent of the security services.

The job of the imposter was to leave behind evidence implicating Moslems for 9 11. The imposter may still be alive. The 9 11 planes may have been flown by remote control.

Xymphora explains about the two Attas:


The original...Mohamed Atta is the... architecture student born in Egypt and last seen in Hamburg, Germany. He had his passport stolen in Germany in 1999.

The imposter Mohamed Atta is the guy who played Mohamed Atta in the United States.

A Mohamed Atta attended International Officer's School in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Mohamed Atta in the USA reportedly spoke Hebrew and liked lap dancers and pork chops.

Mohamed Atta - Welcome to Terrorland.

Mohammad Sidique Khan's double

The Mohammad Sidique Khan who taught at Hillside primary School in the UK looks different from the Khan who appears in a fuzzy and jumpy video claiming to be one of the London Bombers of 7/7.

The Mohammad Sidique Khan who taught at Hillside was married and had a daughter. He appeared to have no strong religious or political beliefs.

The Mohammad Sidique Khan who went to Pakistan looks different from the Hillside Khan.

Was there a Khan who was linked to the security services and a Khan who was a patsy?

One child who was taught by Khan at Hillside said of Khan: "He seemed a really kind man, he taught the really bad kids and everyone seemed to like him. He was there about three years and then he went on holiday and never came back. We just knew him as Mr Khan."

Kasab the patsy, blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Kasab's double. (India's Dodgy Dossier on Mumbai)

Islam Yaken (above), 'a key figure in ISIS', is a wealthy Jew from Cairo.

Hilary Clinton at a synagogue in Maadi in Cairo.

Maadi is the suburb of Cairo where the richest Jews and crypto-Jews are to be found.

Ayman al-Zawahiry, the Jewish boss of al Qaeda, comes from Maadi in Cairo.

And Islam Yaken, 'a key Jewish figure in ISIS', comes from Maadi in Cairo.


Meyr Biton synagogue in Maadi in Cairo.

Islam Yaken was educated at Lycée la Liberté Héliopolis and studied law at Ain Shams University.

Islam Yaken in Blue and white, the colours of the Israeli flag.

Islam Yaken likes showing off his abs and having European girls as internet contacts.

Egyptian Chronicles.

Islam Yaken

As a crypto-Jew, Islam Yaken delights in seeing dead Moslems.

On Twitter, Islam Yaken posts pictures of Moslems decapitated by the Jewish led ISIS.

Islam Yaken glorifies Simon Elliot, the Mossad agent who runs ISIS.


Meyr Biton synagogue in Maadi in Cairo





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This is an extremely powerful video. Dr Michael Scheuer worked for the CIA running operations against Al Qaida when he realised that his efforts were being thwarted and he was fighting a phoney war. In the video
Michael Scheuer in in Congress and he really fights his corner against the pro Zionist US politicians. He exposes their propaganda, a childish view of the world to hoodwink ordinary Americans into supporting US Zionist wars. It's terrific stuff.

I'd Dump the Israelis Tomorrow --Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress


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This video is supposed to show the gunman. As he walks away he suddenly disappears into thin air. Between 2 frames then a few seconds later supposedly reappears but much fainter moving into the distance. He does not appear to drop down out of site he just disappears. Maybe he walked beyond the green screen.

This video supposedly shows the dead gun man with a big bleed off.
Then body’s on the beach covered with blankets no blood anywhere.
Some body’s in storage still on beach chairs no blood or obvious wounds.
Then at the end two covered bodies a lot of blood near one.
h tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfXS0y7KJqo
This video supposedly shows two bodies on beach not covered up. No Blood or obvious wounds

Some fake fake terror in London

Get ready for the full blast propaganda as the tenth anniversary of 7/7 one of there most successful false flags London's Gladio event on the 7th of July .

Somehow they will not mention how the survives and relatives have campaigned unsuccessfully for a government inquiry.
Normal casual use of the term suicide bombers. Despite the relatives of accused bombers being denied an inquest. So no verdict of suicide. But as they were not counted amongst the dead on the day. With some unbelievable undamaged documentation to identify them. Plus some very dodgy and changing DNA evidence in the following weeks. Plus the somewhat inconvenient evidence of multiple large holes in the train floors presented at victims inquest but then ignored.


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