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The Island of Jersey is part of the British Isles and is linked to the British Crown.

"Jersey police are investigating 13 prominent people as part of a new inquiry into child abuse."

New abuse inquiry into prominent people - BBC News, 3 May 2015

"This follows an increase in the number of people reporting historical abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal and the Jersey Care Inquiry."

New island of Jersey abuse inquiry into prominent people - BBC News, 3 May 2015

Princess Alexandra and 'the Fatman' Senator Wilfred Krichefski . Senator Wilfred Krichefski raped boys at the children's home known as Haut de la Garenne. Jersey care inquiry: Wilfred Krichefski raped boys.

A number of famous people have visited Jersey, and none of them are necessarily linked to child abuse on the island.

Famous people who have visited Jersey, or who have lived on Jersey, include:

1. Sir Jimmy Saville (BBC personality and supplier of boys and girls to the elite)

2. Wilfred Bramble (BBC actor)

Words scrawled on the walls of a torture chamber at Haut de la Garenne.

3. The Kray Twins (suppliers of boys to the elite)

4. Former Prime Minister Edward Heath (alleged Satanist)

Sir Cliff Richard on the island of Jersey.

5. Sir Cliff Richard

6. Royalty

People who have run Jersey. Clockwise from top left: Phil Mourant, John Rodhouse, John Le Marquand, Charles Smith, Reg Jeune, Jim Thompson

7. Various top politicians and officials.


David Cameron's late father, Ian Cameron, had assets in the tax haven of Jersey.

Ian Cameron had helped to run a multi-million pound investment fund on Jersey.

David Cameron's father.

Jersey child abuse bunker.

"Six witnesses have told police they were abused at the site, where there is a network of underground bunkers.

"Police excavated four secret underground chambers at the site, referred to as punishment rooms by some victims, and found shackles, a large bloodstained bath and children's teeth.

"The underground bunkers are less than a mile from the former children's home Haut de la Garenne."

Haut de la Garenne. "The expert in the UK who had examined the first bones we sent (which included a piece of child's tibia) said that they were very likely the bones of a juvenile human, they had been burnt shortly after death and buried shortly after burning."

Dianne Maloney

Dianne Maloney, 49, from London, may have been murdered, because of her connections to Jersey child abuse.

Her brother, Bill Maloney, 52, has presented evidence to an inquest that Dianne was murdered, as a result of his investigation into child abuse in children's homes.


Haut de la Garenne 1940

The Jersey child abuse scandal is reported to involve the Zandvoort network. 

THE ZANDVOORT NETWORK reportedly links to 'Coral', Dutroux, Satanism and the security services.

Eileen Fairweather at the The Mail on Sunday has an excellent news story entitled 'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist.

Eileen Fairweather describes the links between child abuse in Islington in London and child abuse on the islands of Jersey and Guernsey. 

She also suggests possible cover-ups by top police and politicians.

Liz Davies, a former Islington senior social worker, said:

'It is becoming clear that children at Haut de la Garenne (on Jersey) were sent on holiday to children's homes in England which were also notorious for abuse, while the children in the English homes they went to were sent to Haut de la Garenne. 

'They literally swapped beds...'


There have been allegations of a large child abuse ring, involving top people, in the Portsmouth area.


Police announced on 25 February 2008 that they were investigating claims that the Jersey case was linked to abuse at the Children’s Cottage Home in Portsmouth. 

Policed reopen Hampshire child home investigation

Fort Monckton, near Portsmouth is reportedly used for the training of MI6 recruits 

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At 3 June 2015 at 13:25 , Blogger James R said...

At 3 June 2015 at 13:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What truth can we say / reveal about the owners of Jersey ?

At 3 June 2015 at 23:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Maloney is awesome. I like it when working class people stand up to authority. They don't minced their words like the neoliberal Eton socialists do. I don't like it when they go right wing, though, that's just more fucking psychopaths going off their rockers. I talk like Bill Maloney with a South London accent, and I share his fucking anger.

Gordon Bowden is great too, here he talks about the massive crimes, money laundering, and paedophilia, of the aristocracy and the financial class.

Gordon Bowden: Speech & BBC Visit (with subtitles)

At 4 June 2015 at 01:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is just possible that the exposure of these high level pedophiles has an ulterior motive....that is to tip Britain into revolution.....this would enable the elite Jews to introduce harsh laws "to ensure safety".
So far they have not been able to pass laws forbidding contradictory opinion on the holocaust...BUT the crypto Jew Blair has just been appointed to a new job....Which infact is totally focussed on protecting Jewish interests while purporting to be a "concilliation" programme.
When you look at the number of morons in far right looks like the Jews will be able to repeat their success of WW2....get the mob incited then pit them against each other.
Think of the sheer idiocy of these quasi nazi websites you can find on the net.Talking about Hitler the great leader...HE LOST and led Germany to devastation.Then they talk about blond aryans etc...tens of thousands of whom died on the battlefields of Europe.....led by the very antithesis of an aryan Joseph Goebbels with his semitic looks and club foot.They never stop to address these "anomalies" would never occur to them as to why a top nazi had the renown jewish surname Rosenberg.
If europe is beset by another upheaval...this will work to the advantage of global jews ...if on the other hand their influence and control is gradually diminished via removal of key that would work.
Can't see that happening...however the jewish elite will not find it so easy to get another war off the ground in Europe...they had to back off with Syria....because that promised to unleash unplanned chaos on the streets of London....and they knew it.

At 4 June 2015 at 14:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just found out that the Sea Sun and Satan documentary is blocked in North America. Does anyone know if there is a version that can be viewed in North America and Canada? It's a shame because it is so powerful. I'm going get onto Pie n' Mash to find out.

At 21 June 2015 at 05:47 , Blogger said...

My own inside knowledge, about their Global 'Child Sex Slavery' Ring, may be seen here :

At 4 July 2017 at 03:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the children on Jersey who 'may still be at risk'. It is unthinkable that these children have not all been traced and that their proper care can be actively and openly monitored.


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