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To gain a MAJORITY in the UK parliament, a party must win 322 seats.

The polls show Labour and Conservative neck and neck.

According to one recent poll, David Cameron's Conservative Party is expected to win 291 seats, and Ed Miliband's Labour Party is expected to win 265 seats.

The Conservatives have 31% of the vote.

Labour has 34% of the vote, but, their supporters are concentrated in certain areas, and are not evenly spread, which works to their disadvantage.

A Conservative coalition, or 'loose agreement', could include the Liberal Democrats (24 seats), UKIP (3 seats) and the Democratic Unionists (9 seats), giving a total of 327 seats.

A Labour coalition, or 'loose agreement', could include the Scottish National Party (44 seats), the Greens (1 seat), Plaid Cymru (3 seats), and various other small parties (5 seats), giving a total of 318 seats, which is not enough to provide a majority.


One possibility is a coalition of the Conservatives and Labour, partly to frustrate the Scottish National Party.

UKIP has 17% of the vote, but because of the 'first past the post' syetem, they are expected to win few seats.

The Scottish National Party's leader Nicola Sturgeon is said to have performed best during the election campaign.

Daily Mail

One reason for the popularity of the Scottish National Party may be that, as the Financial Times has pointed out, it has taken a 'Centrist' position while in government in Scotland.

It has avoided being either too Left-Wing or too Right Wing.

It has spent large sums on developing the economy of Scotland.

The SNP's record in power: less radical than you might think - Financial Times

It should be noted that a relatively large number of young people from England have recently emigrated to Scotland, to escape the woes of England.

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At 4 May 2015 at 05:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who you vote for;
The government will get in.

At 4 May 2015 at 07:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once in 4 years (or less, or more) sheeple choose a new slave master/executioner. Its what the English are doing again. Yep, UK is doomed, just like this whole planet.

At 4 May 2015 at 07:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4 May 2015 at 09:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Miliband comes from a a family of jewish marxists and Cameron come from a family of jewish bankers that worked with the Rothschilds, London is the Global ZOG headquarters with NYC, Washington, Tel Aviv.

At 4 May 2015 at 09:50 , Blogger Unknown said...

Aagirfan what happened to your ISIS post, I was on facebook, seen a link came here on it, got the message it does not exist, it was this link right here.....

At 4 May 2015 at 10:39 , Blogger Unknown said...
Never place a cross-x-on a ballot paper
Peter of England

At 4 May 2015 at 11:07 , Blogger Anon said...

The post is still there. Google: ISIS IS RUN BY SIMON ELLIOT, A MOSSAD AGENT

At 4 May 2015 at 12:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As good a place as any to put these incredible videos:



Just incredible. This gentleman details how the British Secret Services, the IRA and other organized crime had Clonard Monestary in Northern Ireland COMPLETELY bugged for audio/visual monitoring, having the intimate details of every single member of the church. Used as a breeding ground for IRA and Satanists that would serve the other agenda.

"Bugs were in the confession boxes, the altars, the priests and brother's room's, the corridor's - the church aisles, and that was only indoors"


At 4 May 2015 at 12:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those videos are absolutely incredible.

What an angle and feel like such a fool for not understanding this aspect from the outset was how satanism (really a mix of the christian ‘satan’ name and the masonic/cabalistic/crowleyist baphomet ie sumerian/egyptian/nibiruan pantheon of pagan ‘god’s’) got such a strong foothold within the catholic church, particularly in Northern Europe. Organized crime, the IRA and the British secret services HAD EVERYTHING WIRED FOR SOUND, and evidently video as well. That means the confessionals, prayer benches and vestibules, everything was monitored and recorded. No wonder having so many Irish-Catholics every sin on their hands they could exploit every christian notion they had in order to make them conform to the policy of the day. Just incredible. In all seriousness the reason most of these damn crimes are covered up by the courts and major media is for the simple fact that it would cause an all out breakdown of society because it would prove what has been going on for well over 150 years now is an oligarchal takeover of the world using the most nefarious and nasty deeds imaginable and that is extorting a persons base desire for the flesh, irreparably destroying and manipulating countless numbers of young and innocent human life, and blackmailing these people into voting or creating policy that will benefit particular, mainly criminal organizations. This is why most of them in on it or not do not want this information to become mainstream news is due to the fact that it would expose everything at some very high levels. That would mean that every policy, law, statute and provision would be NULL and VOID due to the fact that those who made it were criminals being extorted into making such policy, and given every golden key to do it too (well I guess if being a complete monster is a golden key well they can have that).


At 4 May 2015 at 22:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This gentleman starting at 43:00min who remains unnamed in this video, claims to have been cloning stem cells 40 years ago also claims that the stem cells he was working on changed, or adapted, to their environment, even though every stem cell he grew was an exact duplicate of the one before it, the genes he produced in a laboratory 'learned' to live in the petri dish it was placed in. He summized this was as life was too and declares that we can repair ourselves by simply realizing we can change the negative experience we are having into a positive one. How this ties into life as a human being this man explains that from the age you are born until around age 6 to 7 is when we are like a vast camcorder/supercomputer sucking up knowledge from a subconscious point of view which becomes the hardware we use to navigate life here by rote, things we do automatically, learned from the environment we grew up in (parents, family, school - beliefs and behaviors) as a basic means of survival that utilizes 95% of our day, 5% of our life is 'conscious' thought. 95% of the day we think about the future (what's for dinner?, what gonna happen to me?) You think about your past (I miss this person or what does that person think of me?) and 5% of our waking hours are spent PRESENT in consciousness, because you are always running the sub-conscious programming. By the constant repetition and practice of trying to be present we can transcend those pre-programmed beliefs and ideas that we dwell on that make us sick.

The stem cells reaction to their environment suggests self-destiny and control over one's own life instead of contemporary science's approach of pretty much the exact opposite that genes dictate life. The speaker also alludes to the fact that this reaction to environment also collaborates what is being learned in quantum physics that a reaction might or might not happen dependent on an observer or one to experience the reaction.

Having understood that most of our formative hardware is learned from newborn to 6 or 7 corroborates much of the what, how, and why the medical, education and entertainment industries get so involved in getting as much as they can into the minds of our children which is proving to be a very traumatizing experience for some echelons and groups of young people around the world. I mean, even circumcision is designed to show a young baby that he is about to be born into a very painful world.

Of course, it could all be the continuation of the planned dissemination of eastern mysticism the likes of Crowley and/or Blavatsky to help erode the Christian faith? Although, I happen to prefer Gurdjieff.


At 4 May 2015 at 22:52 , Blogger Anon said...

Most interesting.


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